Do you have to use all your points on Nutrisystem program?

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My question is Do you have to use all your points on Nutrisystem program? Thanks in advance for any response. Another question I got... Chocolate Milk drink. Help! It tastes like mud. I won't order it every again, but I've to two more pouches to choke down this month. Any ideas?? Can it be frozen successfully?..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably know..

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Make it in the blender with ice cubes and 1/2 banana with Walden Farms 0 calorie chocolate syrup. I only had it once, but it was a great "milk shake" made that way...

Comment #2

OMG! Yesterday I mixed mine with cold coffee instead of water then blended it with a little ice in the blender! If you like Starbucks Frappacinnos or Dairy Queen's Moolatte, you will LOVE THIS!! I'm sad now because I didn't order more on my next shipment which has already been shipped!! Waaaahhh..

Comment #3

I just add mine to a blender with ice and it makes a YUMMY chocolate milk shake!..

Comment #4

I kinda like the chocolate drink. definatly better in the blender with ice though.



Comment #5

I like the chocolate shake as it is but this sounds really good. I will have to try it when I get more in my next order..

Comment #6

I usually throw the drink and some vanilla yogurt into the blender, add a few ice cubes, and then put in the freezer for a bit. Comes out more like a slushie...

Comment #7

Thank you so much! I'll try some of these ideas. I never though of the blender and ice which is silly, because I like SlimFast shakes! Maybe I'll like it more done this way and I'll be able to keep it around as an option...

Comment #8


That's really all I have to say to this idea.... Speechless...

Comment #9

I only had one in my first order and tried to get several more in the second and they were out and substituted. Grrrrrrrrr!.

I did the ice, blender and banana trick. Great on a hot day..

Comment #10

Wow! I just discovered the discussion boards and I'm so grateful for the choc drink ideas ... I was about to return 3 of them!..

Comment #11

Blending it with ice and cold coffee is GREAT!..

Comment #12

LOL, this is actually my FAVORITE lunch! All our tastes are different.

It is definitely best in the blender to make sure all the powder gets mixed in. I like to make it with coffee and have it frappuccino style...

Comment #13

I love the chocolate drink the way it is - we are all so different in our tastes...

Comment #14

I actually had my first chocolate craving yesterday and drank the chocolate milk and ate a chocolate cookie..

Killed two entrees with one sitting..

Only problem, I woke up with a zit the size of Texas...

Comment #15

Apricot Scrub + Oxy Cool Factor Wash + 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Cream.

It'll be gone in.



Used to have trouble with the little buggers on my chin and cheeks. Tried all the expensive crap - proactive, prescription stuff, etc... nothing works like the combo above with a little Clinique Light Moisture Gel as needed...

Comment #16

I just had the chocolate milk drink and I LOVE IT!! I added 2 splenda packets and about 10 ice cubes with the ff milk and just blended in the blender of course lol. I am a chocolate lover so this soooo hit the spot. I am going into my order so I get more of these next month..

Comment #17

I always add unsweetened cocoa powder to all the chocolate beverages or puddings - 1 Tablespoon has 12 calories. Makes a HUGE flavor improvement!! And using frozen banana or frozen strawberries blended into the chocolate drink is pretty good too...

Comment #18

Thanks for all the great ideas! I blended mine with 1/2 a frozen banana (breakfast fruit serving), 8 oz skim milk (breakfast serving) and ice cubes. I also added a sprinkle of unsweetened cocoa and a splenda packet..

It was so good, and so rich, I couldn't finish it! My boyfriend (who was not terribly fond of the veggie fajitas I shared with him the other night) thought it was fantastic, and was more than happy to finish the last little bit!..

Comment #19

I was less than enthused when I got a chocolate drink as part of my free week, but the coffee idea was great! Thanks!..

Comment #20

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Comment #21

Wow!!! that's such a great idea! I have been craving frappacinnos and have been tempted more than once to just cross the street from where I live to go buy one. I will definitely try this one tomorrow. Thanks!!!..

Comment #22

You and me both! I've got one drink mix and I picked up a rum cream coffee on my recent trip to Grand Cayman. I can't WAIT to try this...

Comment #23

Add a little more water and after heating choc drink, add a dollup of fat free cool whip and a dash of cinnamon...

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