Do you have to buy hosting and web design from GoDaddy ??

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My first question is: Do you have to buy hosting and web design from GoDaddy ??.

My next question is: This has been discussed before but a couple of domains I ran past estibot last week or so - have now - surprisingly - been regged & parked.

One of them was.


I had planned a mini site about safety in umm triathlon for kids.

So, as has been said before, be very careful - someone is always watching.....

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Your question was: Do you have to buy hosting and web design from GoDaddy ??.

Just register the name immediately if you're planning on developing it. You don't want to take the risk of plugging it to any whois or website because it will most like get registered by someone else. I've learned that lesson long time ago just to let you know...

Comment #1

There is a chance a name could be registered without someone sniffing it. Regardless, if you want the HostGator register it then. You snooze you lose...

Comment #2

Wait five days and try it again. Mostly they are testing for traffic and will dump the HostGator before they have to pay for it.

Aren't the new ICANN rules preventing tasting about to take effect?..

Comment #3

I often hear this advice in relation to sniffing suspicions. However it isn't always practical. With some of the domains I register, I might analyse lists of 5 figures using up to 5 or 6 different metrics and perhaps only 5% of the domains are available anyway. Searching by availability first is by far the most efficient way of approaching the list.

Use a trusted registrar would be my best advice.....

Comment #4

While I can't say i've ever had such a problem with Estibot - I HAVE had this problem with godiddy on more than 1 occassion.

This is why I now always use the "bulk check" feature on godaddy. I check quickly and buy quickly - no messin' around anymore!..

Comment #5

I have never had this problem on Moniker or Dotster which I use both for whois, sometimes I use my own script if I feel paranoid. Just register as soon as possible after you search...

Comment #6

Esa (Estibot creator) has repeatedly insisted that he does not do this to names that are searched. Are there any other tools you ran the HostGator through? A whois lookup, perhaps? Did you come up with the names, or were they on a publicly-posted list?..

Comment #7

There have been thoughts that the registry itself is selling data based on lookups. Jay Westerthal suggested this last year I believe it was when DomainTools was accused of monitoring searches. Quite honestly, I think he may be right.


Comment #8

Esa is a great guy, and I can't imagine he would sell search data. Either the registrar he checks availability with is selling the info, the registry itself is selling it as Spade suggested, or it is just a coincidence...

Comment #9

A names availability is searched Overture and wordtracker as well ....?.

Another entity could be tracking (selling) the searches via estibot but not by estibot ..... ?

Buy when you pry ....................

Comment #10

I exchanged emails with Jay about an incedent I had on DT, he also suggested the data captured by the ISP is being monitored/sold.....

Comment #11

Exactly.. in fact, that's usually my first thought, that someone else just had the same thought and beat me to it...

Comment #12

It has happened to me a lot. I looked up and and the next day they were gone. Most of the names I search for have been registered. I normally use DomainMonster's look up tool...

Comment #13

It happed to be before in the same sequence, just not at that site. Now I just do the old address bar type in...

Comment #14

I'm actually not too surprised that this has happened. This used to happen to me all the time at domainsite and godaddy...they probably just release their info to people who taste domains..

Comment #15

Op did not accuse the Esa, he just said that it's being sniffed out. Follow the link and you will that Google contains a cache of Estibot lookups, as recent as 2-3 hours ago.

It would be nice if Esa mod_rewrites the script and denies bots via robots.txt file to that folder...

Comment #16

Even if doesn't sell lists, when you search a HostGator there his scripts presumably rely on other services to determine the appraisal (whois, alexa, google, wordtracker, overture, etc). That's probably just people who have linked directly to an appraisal from elsewhere...

Comment #17

Within a 30 minute time span, out of thousands of searches, I'v never had a HostGator reg'd out from under me after an Estibot search of any sort. When it comes to losing names after hours or days have passed, that's inevitable. However, there are certain registrars like network solutions that have been proven beyond a doubt to automatically keep searched names that aren't reg'd at the time of the search, usually for five days of traffic tasting...

Comment #18

Holy crap that's a pretty major issue. Thanks for pointing that out...

Comment #19

But where would Googlebot get this info? doesn't post a "recently searched" list anywhere (as far as I know), the links have to be coming from people linking directly to the appraisal, for instance in for sale threads here and on other forums. And if that's the case, there's not really anything wrong with it.

Besides, I really doubt esa wants to get rid of those 18,000+ backlinks from topically related websites.....

Comment #20

Nope, the "site:" command in Google only shows results within that domain, not a single one of the results when you click that link above is a backlink. How is Googlebot finding that? You'd have to ask Esa. I'm guessing he might be caching pages so that when you link to an appraisal it doesn't recalculate everything on the fly every time. That is a pretty major design flaw though...

Comment #21

Wow! How on earth does Google index such temporary data which isn't a permanent page?..

Comment #22

I've never seen that. Wow, talk about indexing. Dang. I guess someone could write somesort of script that got the domains from thos search results and checked for registration and stats. Good find man.. reps..

I don't typically use Estibot but now I surely wont when looking to reg names. I'll stick with my normal domaining hole.. lol..

Comment #23


This is huge.

So should we assume registrar searches can be or are cached like this?..

Comment #24

This pops up every once in a while. Please read my posts in a previous thread to get answers: Exactly. These are all domains the appraisal of which has been linked to from other sites, like eBay, savespell, namedistributor etc.

Estibot has no cache and does not save the searches or results in any way at all.

If you don't link to your appraisal, Google won't find it...

Comment #25

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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