Do you ever treat yourself during Nutrisystem?

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I've had pizza on the brain for about 10 days. I am working through the craving but am wondering at what point do I allow myself a treat dinner? I'm 3 weeks today, 100%. I've had worries that I wouldn't get back on track, but I don't feel that way now. I have accepted that I am in this for the long haul and will see my goal. I'm just wondering if people treat themselves every now and again. If so, can you get right back on track? Do you think treating yourself was good in the longrun?..

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Your question was: Do you ever treat yourself during Nutrisystem?.

I think it's different for everyone...I went three months being 100% before a "treat"...I remember it well, a steak dinner that I could only eat about half of..

I would probably advise you to go at least 30 days...maybe 60, but only you know how goal oriented you are and how it may or may not affect you...

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Why don't you have a Nutrisystem pizza? The whole reason they give us so many meal choices is to avoid giving in to cravings..

To answer your question, absolutely I treat myself. To a glass of wine each evening. And to restaurant dinners every week or so. But I order good, low fat food that works with the plan. Never fried, no cream sauce and no cheese.

If a piece of pizza will help you avoid a binge, have it. With a huge salad. Once, not every week. But you are better off if it is a Nutrisystem piece of pizza. Either way - enjoy it!!..

Comment #2

Have you tried the Nutrisystem pizza? I LOVE the Italian Flatbread pizza. It is a good serving, ie what may look a bit small when you are used to eating alot of pizza. Just make sure to cook it in the oven. You can add all sorts of veggies, even pineapple for fruit serving, and/or 5 olives for your fat..

One day I ate half a biscuit off plan, I got the worst stomach ache! Not used to 'regular' food any longer. The glycemic index is working well for me..

NS has a huge variety of foods, I try to work those type of cravings into my Nutrisystem diet. It has helped me find many of my triggers, things that make me want to eat things just because (usually chocolate cravings.) I eat chocolate for breakfast and dessert. It keeps those cravings a bit more managable...

Comment #3

I should mention that my husband and I were on plan 100% for about a month and a half before we allowed our weekly free meals. I don't like to call them cheats because we do limit ourselves to keep our calorie intakes well below our BMR requirements.

Also, you need to feel confident in yourself you won't go overboard and eat an entire pizza. Although our stomachs have changed so much, I usually can only finish 1 and a half slices and he's full at two now when we used to be able to handle an entire large between the two of us!..

Comment #4

I do occasionally treat myself, but I keep in mind that "treating" myself is what got me to 316 pounds, I do treat myself but I keep it to a minimum and try to do extra exercising when I do, we are trying to make a lifestyle change and I think that includes not "treating" myself with food-I simply can't find a way to stop once I do, but everybody is different, and you need to find a happy medium for you!..

Comment #5

I haven't treated myself yet...I've been on the plan for a month now..

I had a hormonal binge last week which I could just kick myself for but what is one to do?.

My 'treats' are going to be non-food hitting landmark losses I get to 'treat' myself to a new pair of shoes or something like that...

Comment #6

I am currently on week 4 and the only treat I've allowed myself is 1 beer per week on Saturday night. But, I stop myself at just the 1.

I'm going to wait a lot longer before I do pizza or a chocolate chip cookie or something like that.


Comment #7

Honestly, I'[m an "all or nothing" kind of person when it comes to this. If I start to bend the rules a little I fear that temptation will start to get the best of me more often, so it's Nutrisystem all the way for me! And please hold me to that if you see me post about bending the rules!..

Comment #8

I agree with Cindy. I know how I am and I'm afraid if I even stray once or twice from the plan it's going to be a very slippery slope for me and that's not a risk I'm willing to take yet. Granted I'm only on day 3 lol but I'm really focused...

Comment #9

I have been on Nutrisystem since July 13, 2009, and the only treats I have allowed myself have been eating Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners with the family. And even then I was careful with my choices and did not eat dessert. I do eat out from time to time (I am required to for business) but I make good, low calorie choices. I have a lot to lose and do not want to do anything to slow the process...

Comment #10

Just do it! But first spend some extra time on the elliptical! Thats what I do once a week. I have an extra long work-out BEFORE I treat myself. This makes sure the w/o gets done, plus reminds you not to go overboard and undo all your hard work...

Comment #11

When someone has pizza I have one too, but it's my Nutrisystem or pizza free pizza. I put everything on it I want only Nutrisystem style and I'm a happy camper, Nancy..

Comment #12

The thing that I keep reminding myself, is that I am not in this to loose weight (though that is an awesome side effect) but to learn life long healthy eating habbits. I am the kind of person who used to do all or nothing, which is why I am so heavy! Life isn't all or nothing. We should eat healthy most of the time, and good portions all of the time. When I stop nutrisystem, there are going to be times when we order pizza for the family. I am not just going to sit there and watch everyone eat pizza. I am going to want one.

That kind of portion control and learning to enjoy the foods I love without going over board is why I am doing nutrisystem..

Long story short : If you are looking to cultivate good habits for healthy eating the rest of your life, do it. Get the pizza, don't get extra cheese, take 1-2 slices, grab lots of veggies, and go for a walk around the neighborhood after. You will feel like you had your treat, you will feel proud that you did it properly instead of eating a ton of pizza in a sitting, and you will reinforce it in your mind.. you CAN keep doing this the rest of your life...

Comment #13

When I see people nervous about 'cheating' just once, it makes me REALLY nervous about the time when I've hit my goal and have to live in the real world again. I won't be on Nutrisystem forever. Then what?..

Comment #14

Glad I posted this today - you've all been great and I need ya today apparently. This must be hormonal! So far so good but I'm cranky. Fresh out of Nutrisystem pizzas this month, will order a few more next month. Will have ravioli tonight that may take care of the italian fix. I should wait. I always get off plan (previous diet attempts not ns) around this timeframe of 2-3 weeks. I will prevail! Thanks everyone...

Comment #15

Exactly. I think it's important to test the waters out a little before that day happens....

Comment #16

I did not stray from the plan for at least 1 yr on NS. I know that is long and sounds like impossible but if you REALLY want to lose weight you will do it..

However, with Nutrisystem you shouldn't feel like you can't have some of your favorite things. You just have to adjust portions and find healthier verisons of them.

For example you mention Pizza..

Well of course you can order pizza from NS!!!.

Also, you can order other kinds that fit the plan. I have used (and many others here) Fit N Free pizza (link below my photo). They are under 300 calories for 1 pizza which is a serving, they are Fat free too! I order a bunch, store in freezer and bake one up when I want pizza. This 1 pizza would replace a Nutrisystem dinner, just top it with your favorite diet friend options, make a salad and veggies with it and you have an awesome pizza dinner..

You will find after a while, if you go off plan and "treat" yourself your tummy will not be happy, and you'll feel sick. You will start treating yourself with a healthy snack instead..

Good luck!..

Comment #17

I do it weekly! Every Saturday night, hubby and I allow ourselves one free meal. It's our happy hour. Usually it's two slices of cheese pizza with a huge salad. Sometimes it's sushi (no fried stuff though). We don't want to feel like we're imprisioned by NS. Gotta live a little.

Hasn't really hindered our weightloss. Could we be losing faster if we didn't? Probably, but I don't care. I gotta have my fix! LOL!.

We have no problem getting back on track...

Comment #18

I think it's different for everyone...I went three months being 100% before a "treat"...I remember it well, a steak dinner that I could only eat about half of..

I would probably advise you to go at least 30 days...maybe 60, but only you know how goal oriented you are and how it may or may not affect you...

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