Do I really have to exercise for 1 hour with Nutrisystem?

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First question I have is Do I really have to exercise for 1 hour with Nutrisystem? Hoping for any answer or 2. 2nd question I got is.. Haven't posted in a while. Not a lot to say, I suppose. But I'm definitely reading and enjoying the conversations..

Life has been really full these past couple of weeks. Plenty of stress, too. Looks like my wife will be laid off at the end of the year, and my own salary is facing a 35% reduction during the first half of 2011. So we're kind of scrambling to figure out budgets, find work, etc..

The good thing is that I'm not letting the stress trigger old "munchy" habits. Still sticking with Nutrisystem pretty closely (though, I admit, it's been a bit tougher during this season with all the work-related eating out, holiday events, etc. I can still choose wisely, which is good, but not the same as a pure Nutrisystem diet)..

The weight loss has slowed dramatically as far as the scale goes, but I'm certainly feeling different. It would be nice to see the numbers dropping, but I've learned that's not the best indicator of the constant change. I had to buy some new jeans a few weeks ago because I was swimming in my old ones. Now I'm starting to swim in the new ones. Nifty! One more size down and I'll be wearing the same as I did in college..

However, there is one HUGE challenge lurking in our kitchen right now. We received a package from our friends in Texas. I knew it was coming. It comes every year. It's been an annual Christmas tradition since we were married 23 years ago. One of my wife's best friends makes this absolutely AWESOME English Toffee, and she sends our family a big batch.

It's amazing. (She oughta be selling the stuff; everyone who tastes it raves.).

Well, the box arrived a couple of days ago, and we tucked it away in the cupboards until all of our kids are home from college. That'll be tomorrow. Then that box will come down, open up, and fill the house with that unbelievable smell..

I'm giving myself permission to have a piece. One. (Probably a big one, but still...) And it will absolutely kill me to stop there..

No problems skipping out on all the other holiday goodies that surround me this season. (Of course, I haven't come face-to-face with the temptation of eggnog yet, but I don't think that will trip me up.) Gingerbread? Cookies? Cakes? Pies? Nope. Not having any. Loving how I'm feeling too much..

But that toffee...? Argh. This one's gonna be tough. Here's hoping our college students will devour the whole batch pretty quickly..

(And, no, I have absolutely no intention of turning my favorite holiday traditional goodie into one of our Nutrisystem "finger foods" for you guys. Ha ha!)..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

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Hang in there Doc! Sorry about the job situations and try to stay positive!.

As far as the toffee, Don't DO IT! You can't stop at just one!..

Comment #2

Sorry to hear about the bad news, Doc. The talking heads keep saying the economy is recovering, but yet I keep hearing and talking to folks who have either just lost their job or are in the phase as you and your bride are. I'm just glad I am out of the workforce, as I would probably be there also. Lucky the wife is still working as the CFO of the medical group, but that is coming to an end, as she's thinking of hanging it up too..... Best of luck for the new year...

Comment #3

Hey a piece of toffee won't kill 'ya! Enjoy it. If that's the worst you do this season, you'll be way ahead of most!.


Comment #4

Well, yeah. You know. I can hardly offer a "digital explitive" to something that's been a much-loved family tradition for a couple of decades. Hey, it wasn't the toffee that made me fat that only came once a year. It's all the other garbage I kept stuffing in my face throughout the rest of the year..

Love the toffee. Respect the toffee. (And LIMIT the toffee!.


Comment #5

Yeah, that's just it, you can still enjoy things you used to - on occassion - in moderation. Mega amounts of the good, and limit the bad!.

Just one piece though!..

Comment #6

Following up for accountability. The family broke into the box of toffee. An extra large one this year..

Enjoyed one piece. Then turned the rest over to the college students home from school..

Yay for self-discipline...

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