GoDaddy customer service : Suggest I buy GoDaddy?? Do I own this domain?

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Hi there,.

Not sure if this is the best place on this site for this dilema I'm having, if not please advise, thanks... My fiancee has been working for her company for approx 3 yrs, she started from entry-level all the way to a 20% partnership, which was great in such a short amount of time, during this process I've used what few computer/design/programming skills I've picked up since college to help boost her company forward through brochures, networking comps, logo design, domain registry, web hosting, etc. What my dilema is, is this; we found out in October that we're going to have a baby, she knew not to let her other partners(/img/avatar4.jpgs) know, or there would be consequences, we sought advice from other professionals that we're networked with and they said to go ahead and let them know, it's a miracle, it's a great thing, not something to hide... So, she did... A woman's intuition is superb... She was right...

Since then (2 months ago), she has had to face impossible odds, but she doesn't want to let them "WIN", she has been uninvited to business group meetings, brought from salary, company credit card, and stipends, to hourly pay. She used to be graced with a Starbucks coffee almost every morning, that definitely stopped. And a whole bunch of other just mean stuff, pidley, childish, passive-aggresive stuff. So, we both know, because she keeps interviewing for her job, that they will be letting her go, which is OK, because she has 3 investors as well as our savings to start her own company. Which is where we both are mentally now, but, the big question here is from me?.

I took it upon myself to buy their domain domain name, web space, and set them up on Google's business apps for their email accounts, which to me was a minimal investment for me in my honey-baby... Now, they're realizing I have it, and they are asking for it. I'm going to wait about 2 weeks to reply to their email, unless I recieve some sound advice from this forum post.

Here is the email I recieved:.

Afiance directed me to contact you regarding the web address and the emails that are being used. I am requesting the management//img/avatar4.jpgship of that site and the email addresses to given to me so I can direct/maintain their management. I understand that she paid for the address and acompany will reimburse her for that cost. I thought her intention was for that site and emails to under the management of acompany. Please address this with me today. I may be reached by cell phone @ 555-555-5555.

I guess the only reason I'm asking, is because I kinda wanted to maintain control of that until we had successfully passed all of our personal business inspections from fire marshalls, etc.

Any and all comments & advice are appreciated...


An update...

I just recieved this email, I didn't disable this account, but I'm wondering how I should proceed?.

I have attempted several times to log on to my email at () and the emails that are being used on that site be transferred to ACOMPANY for /img/avatar4.jpgship, management, use and maintenance. Again, the intention and the use of the emails and of the registered web address was and is for the sole purpose of ACOMPANY and it's business transactions.

Disregarding any of these stated requests, not correcting the disabled email account today, not responding to this email today and not contacting me by phone at the requested time in the morning, will consider a hostile act.

Again, thanks for any advice..

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Well, first...discrimination against a woman for being pregnant is against US law, assuming your are in the US. It sounds like she has a powerful discrimination suit if you want to throw some weight around. From the sounds of things, they are risking their whole company by discriminating against her. Talk to a lawyer about that.

As for domain ownership, there are other questions:.

1. Who is and has been listed as the registrant? You or the company? If you were, then you may have some claim. If you registered it as an "agent" for them, then you probably have no claim except for your fee in doing so.

2. Who paid for the registration. It sounds like you or she did and have not yet been reimbursed. If so, you may have a claim unless you were doing it under contract.

3. Is there a Trademark on the domain. If they have a TM, you still could lose it even if found that you are the legal registrant then and now.

4. What records exist relating to the domain. (invoices, receipts, hosting contract, etc.).

5. If your finance is a 20% partner, then she owns 20% of it unless a partnership agreement says otherwise. However, if you are not a partner, you may not have a claim to it.

This is just friendly advice. I really think you need to get a lawyer involved before you do something that could negatively effect your claims.

Good luck...

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You should sell it to me for symbolic amount. And I will make their business beaten to death. :-)..

Comment #2

Given that your situation appears to be becoming increasingly contentious, consult legal counsel immediately. You probably have a general feel for your ethical obligations or rights to the domain, but any actions now will likely expose you to either liability or exploitation...

Comment #3

And how does this help with this thread what-so-ever? If anything, it can really ruin the OP financially since he is still liable for teh purchase of the domain.

But at this point, get a lawyer, and a good one. And document everything, save emails, memo, jot down dates and times of conversations. Keep a timeline of events.... the more info you have, the better it helps you...

Comment #4

If I were you I would sell the domain for 5 bucks to someone else. Lol. JK...

Comment #5

The WIPO UDRP reference this type activity, so you may want to review it. If you sold the domain to a third party, you almost certainly would be sued, and depending on the details, you might be criminally prosecuted...

Comment #6

Again, this would not releasee the OP from liability if it was determined that it was bad faith registration and/or usage on the part of the OP. Read up on the penalties...

Again, this is not the place to get any sound advise on this matter. This is beyond 99% of the people here. Get a lawyer so they may know all the details and help you accordingly. This could come down to oral contracts and understandings. This could be viewed many different ways. Did you have anything in wrting about your relation to the company and to the domain? Did you register the domain on thier behalf (act like an agent for the company)? Did you have any rights to register the domain? Did they give you permision? Anything in writting? Were yuo acting as a Webmaster for the company? Did you receive any benefits? Did you have of the company information on the whois at any point? What is your plan with the domain now?.. I am sure there are more that can be asked, get a lawyer...

Comment #7

He isn't the only one, your domain is pretty incriminating in itself......

Comment #8

Is it me or does the op seem to be a spam?..

Comment #9

I would give them domain but I would definetly talk to lawyer about pregnant women discrimination. I think after lawsuit you will not need a 3 investors to start you own business, you will have enouth in your own pocket. This is ridiculus how pregnants are being threated...

Comment #10

I had exactly the same thought.


Edit: After some detective work, this does seem legit...

Comment #11

Eww..Wow..I agree that sounds like some Serious discrimination suit..I would contact a lawyer..I know I would take the case if I was a lawyer...

Comment #12

Agree with other posters, do not sell/give away the domain to third party and talk to a lawyer if they want to get heavy about this.

The boss seems very anxious about the emails. If you can unblock his email by all means do so, you probably have no right to restrict his commerce by an accustomed means, and no benefit to you can come from his email being blocked. Considering how anxious he is you should send him a reply to his email unless you are seeing a lawyer within a few hours, but keep it very short and completely neutral:.

"I have received your email(s) and am looking into the situation.".

That may not be lawyer-perfect, but you gotta do something to calm the guy down...

Comment #13

Kind of off topic, but have you considered a sex discrimination or FMLA case against them? Sounds to me as if you would have a great chance at winning...

Also, you should change ownership of the domain like 20+ times, just to piss them off Sounds like they are first class jerks.....

Comment #14

I agree seek legal counsel.

You need to be objective in my opinion. Taking a stand to win the battle on the discrimination should not be involved in the web issue unless articulated with a lawyer for sure. The information you are sharing here may also become disclosed to your case. Be careful.

I agree with documenting everything. DETAIL DETAIL DETAIL. The details will save your ass more often than not.

Your intention with the name needs to be equally agreed upon. Maybe you can leverage 20% of it's use as it started out. Keep control until you seek counsel on the issue.

The other option is to get rid of it. Enjoy Your Life. And Move on as a couple there really is too much opportunity out there in the world. Deal with the discrimination issue immediately...

Comment #15

Link it to a tubgirl site or something, that story you told me sickens me. I am sorry to hear what has happened to your wife. Does she still have the 20% partnership?..

Comment #16

Not only find a lawyer, but do a search and I bet you'll find organizations who help women in that situation. They might be able to offer a great deal of help to you and your lawyer.

Good luck...

Comment #17

There's a really nice lady I've heard of whose office might be interested in cases such as yours. But to her opponents, she's not so nice. Her name is Gloria:

Comment #18

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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