Do I have to pay to transfer a domain name if I bought it with and am hosting with goda?

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My first question is: Do I have to pay to transfer a domain name if I bought it with and am hosting with goda?.

My next question is: I keep hearing fellow Domainers talk about the slowing economy and higher reg fees so I'm curious. Where do you see your portfolio in the next year?.

Please vote above...

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Your question was: Do I have to pay to transfer a domain name if I bought it with and am hosting with goda?.

Generally speaking, I should have less domains - from sales, charitable giving, and even a few drops (or "Quick Sales") - but the quality will improve and more developments and strategic SEO will definitely occur, IMHO.

My motto has been Lean And Mean by 2009.

Best of Luck..


Comment #1

Lean and Mean by 2009.

Going with Jeff here and trimming my collection from a peak of about 4000 domains to hopefully 200 or so by 2009...

Comment #2

I have about 200 now. I will probably be up to 300+ in a year, but I am developing loads of them. I already have 60+ developed websites of my 200 domains, so there is plenty of work still to do!..

Comment #3

Although I don't have any where close to 4k names (only about 100 ) I plan to do the same.

I want to slim down to about 20 top quality 2-3 word generics, that I can develop, and maybe sell...

Comment #4

Let's start a Lean And Mean by 2009 Club ... I''m sure the registrars (and registries) will love us!.

Have a great night!.


Comment #5

Haha Im sure they would.

I bet GoDaddy would actually be relieved that I would stop calling so much.

I think they've blocked my number!.


Comment #6

Same here, going from about 2k to 400, these I have on multi-year registration...

Comment #7

Lean and Wine 'til 2009.



Comment #8

Quite a few saying aloud that they plan to shore up their holdings, but in the poll (at this point) it's 6 adding on and 7 "going lean and and mean".

Will having smaller portfolio's mean higher prices for better names and lower prices for ~not so good names?..

Comment #9

I'll be taking advantage of the soft market by buying up as many premiums as I can...

Comment #10

Fewer names, especially ones with low PPC revenue in comparison to what the name can be sold for. Trim the fat!..

Comment #11

I reckon I'll have more domains in 2009. so my slogan is mean and mine in 2009..

Comment #12

At the current rate? I will have more HostGator names next year then now. I buy more then I sell....Gotta build up one of those portfolios...

Comment #13

I have over 500 now.

Over the next 2 years I plan to get down to about 250. At least 100 of these will be developed or in the planning stage.

I am in the process of developing a marketing plan and website to target and sell to end users. I have spent the last 7 years collecting quality names that can be used to build a business without actively marketing them. This year I will begin marketing them.

My 20 mobies I will keep for 5+ years...

Comment #14

I think as Traffic emerges on IDN at a credibly commercially viable level and most IDNers cash flows go positive there is going to be a break out from the registration of mainly simple one and two word commericial generic terms, and the market will start to resemble the ASCII market where everyone is chasing the Long Tail and every conceivable gimmick you can think of...

Comment #15

I can see it will be a good time to buy, but am focusing on developing certain interest/idea sites, and I have good names for most of them now...

A question for the US folks, we have heard a little about economic problems in the US over here - sub prime and all that - but not sure how true those reports are. what's the current (and future) outlook there, do you think? are there problems or just not growing very fast?..

Comment #16

Don't know. Probably will have around the same. Will get rid of a few & probably acquire some more..

Comment #17

I think economists expect the economy to start rebounding in the third or fourth quarter of this year...

Comment #18

More! Now is a great time to buy better names and shed the not-so-great ones...

Comment #19

I will most likely have the same amount of domains as always. I dont have to many. I try not to go overboard with registering or buying domains I know I wont be able to sell. I will normally get a few domains. Maybe up to 10 and then id try seeing how they sell over a year or so. If they sell, thats great. If they dont, ill just let them expire or let them go for peanuts...

Comment #20

I'll be going for more .com and trying to find good tpyos..

Comment #21

I've got about 75 names now, but my budget can accomodate for 90-100, so i'm looking to aggrandize my portfolio gradually. why not? I love buying names, and parking names, so i'll keep doing what I enjoy, as long as i'm within a reasonable budget...

Comment #22

Probably the same, I don't really have a lot of domains...

Comment #23

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