GoDaddy testimonials : Recommend I order GoDaddy?? Do i have the right to sell this thing ???

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I recently bought the domain thinking it was a goldmine. I sent an email to the administraitor of oferring to sell the domain for 20,000 pounds on sedo. the next day I get a post from sedo.

"We are writing to inform you that Sedo has received a complaint of potential trademark infringement regarding the use of the following domain names in conjunction with Sedo services:.

Due to the famous nature of the trademark contained in the domain at issue, Sedo is forced to remove your domain from the domain marketplace and parking program at this time. This action in no way affects your registration or control of the domain, your Sedo user account or the other domains you have listed for sale or parked with Sedo. However, due to the potential of infringement of a famous mark Sedo must do the following:.

- Suspend the domain name from our domain marketplace.

- Suspend the domain name from our parking program.

Sedo takes great pains to strike a balance between the legitimate rights of domain /img/avatar9.jpgs and third party intellectual property /img/avatar9.jpgs and require verification of legal complaints before taking any action against a domain listed for sale or parked with Sedo.

If you believe that this action was taken in error or have questions, please contact .".

From my reasearch niketick is not patented or registered so dont I have the right to sell it???????..

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Delete the domain, basically you are trying to blackmail nike into buying something they already own, their lawyers are probably drafting a letter to you right now. You do not own the right to the NIKE mark.

You are asking for a 20,000 legal bill if anything...

Comment #1

I deleted it from sedo but what am I sopposed to do with the domain now?..

Comment #2

Email your registrar (godaddy etc) and ask them to delete it...

Comment #3

Ok the domain will be relinquished in from me soon. jheeze so it will be up 4 grabs if someone wants it..

Comment #4

Cybersquatting carries a $100,000 fine in the USA. What you did was immoral and illegal here...

Comment #5

NO, you have no right to sell the Nike trademark. Did you actually think when you emailed Nike asking for money for this domain, they were going to put up with this blatant extortion? Now IF you have not done this yet, take my advice and do this- Go onto the Go Daddy main panel and delete the domain directly from your account. Keep a copy of your email from go daddy showing that the domain has been deleted BY YOU. This will show good-faith on your part and it is what the Nike lawyers will need to see when they contact you. And they will. They will probably ask you to send them a copy of the proof of deletion when they do.

Good luck. Be careful, with obvious trademarks like this. This is all my opinion and speaking from past experience.


Comment #6

Distance yourself from it as far as you can..

NIKE can afford bigger, better and smarter lawyers than you ever could..

Next time regging TM'ed names you may not be so lucky..

Emailing NIKE to inform them you owned it was just plain STUPID..

Please read up on Cyber-Squatting Laws before having any more Brain-Farts and regging TM'ed NAMES.

Personally I would recommend you give up buying names as you are the type of loser that give domainers a BAD Name.

Disclaimer:- This is the edited and cleaned-up NP friendly version. What I really wanted to say will be posted on my Domaining BLOG...

Comment #7

Go ahead and delete it and hope nike doesn't try to take you further. Chalk it up to a learning experience. Most of us have fallen into the trademark trap when we first started it. Most domainers won't touch it with a 10 foot pole though...

Comment #8

Yes I expect another noob will rock on in here with it early next year...

Comment #9

Checkout The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)Trademark FAQs.



Comment #10

Omg sorry but this is the funniest thing ive ever read we all know you wernt trying to blackmail anything but once you do look at it that way does sound like it best of luck hope you dont get in to trouble..

Comment #11

Since all it takes is $10 and a credit card or paypal account, a lot of people who get into domaining start out totally clueless about the legal issues until some big company's lawyers "educate" them.

If you're lucky, this incident will end here. But do yourself a favor - start reading up domains and trademark law before you register another domain...

Comment #12

Couldn't you just build an informational page on a the ancient Greek Goddess Nike?.

Not that it matters now since you have already made your real intent obvious to the companies legal team...

Comment #13

I had done the same mistake and had a similar thread like this .....

I am glad tat I was not caught...

Best of luck to you....

Delete the domain as fast as you can.....

Comment #14

Well, you were planning to sell it to nike? was it a joke?.

Well, I think you have to give it to nike...

Comment #15

Tsk, Tsk, Tsk...

Correction to what someone else wrote on this thread: NO, not all of us have tried our hands at cybersquatting when we were still starting out. It has always screamed "unethical" from my perspective...

Comment #16

As above, but really this year has been full of some crazy TM'ed regged doamin's and this is well up on th elist.

How do you expect to get away with it? Every person must have an understanding that what they are doing is illegal, did you not get this vibe when you regged the domain name?..

Comment #17

I am sure this could be consider extortion. Or at least blackmail..

Comment #18

Ok it's been while and I have no reply from nike and come to think of it I never did only from sedo I'm starting to think that it wasnt nike who complained to sedo. after some research nike have absolutly no ownership over the word niketick or nike tick or they do over the nike image but as some of you pointed out they have bigger loyers so I was better of getting ride it I soppose..

Comment #19

You seriously do not understand any of this do you?.

To think you could reg this and turn around and extort a pot of gold from Nike was absolutely the wrong thing to do. Trying to somehow justify this by ridiculous comments like the one you have just made is even more absurd.

Understand this one thing... just by your actions thus far, Nike Corporation could sue you in Federal Court for cybersquatting under the Lanham act and have a solid case against you. Did I mention the usual penalty is $100k ?

Starting to "get it" now?..

Comment #20

Doesn't mean you're out of the woods. I wouldn't be surprised if you end in court for cybersquatting..

Comment #21

Nike has experience with both UDRP and ACPA (just google it)..

What you did truly was an invitation for them to sue you.

Large corporations have lawyers on a retainer, that need to justify their fees. So I'm sure they would be happy to make an example out of you..

Comment #22

Besides the obviously TM issues you are 10 years too late... Registering a domain Monday and expect a high return Tuesday is not happening these days. Domaining is hard work!..

Comment #23

I think (or maybe hope) the OP got the point, folks. Carry on.

Next? He he...

Comment #24

This is tragic. I hope you manage to escape legal proceedings. Apart from immediately deleting the domain (as suggested) I would send a begging letter to Nike asking them to let you off the hook and promising never to do it again. They already have your details, so you won't be announcing yourself.

If it was me I would be really worried. I might even tell them I have a history of mental illness and that this was an "episode".

Good luck!..

Comment #25

Most of us know about cybersquatting laws and infringeing domains, but more and more blatant Tm domains are being posted on the forum mainly in the appraisal section. What really surprises me, is the number of members who are sympathetic and offering ways to avoid having to give up the domain. The reason for registering the names in the first place is because they are famous brands and ignorance is no defence in law. So anyone encouraging domain speculators to work in grey areas is not helping them but placing them in a bad situation. What also perplexes me, is that most domainers would condemn 'niketick' type domains but not domains like 'fwcebook' which currently has a $1500 bid on it at a well known auction platform. It seems to be an attitude in domaining that if you don't get caught it is ok. How many large portfolio holders can truthfully say that they don't have any Tm and typo Tm domains in their parking accounts, bearing in mind that around 80% of parking revenue is generated with these type of domains ?

Comment #26

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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