Do gym memberships help out alot with sticking to a Dukan Diet and loosing weight?

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My 1st question is: Do gym memberships help out alot with sticking to a Dukan Diet and loosing weight? Many thanks for any response. My 2nd question... I'm sorry if someone else has posted this before, but this is my new favorite dessert/drink....

Make the hot chocolate and add 1tsp instant coffee (more or less to taste) and add a bit of FF cool whip. YUM-O!!.

I found FF hot chocolate packets that are only 25 cal so it's a good sub if you're out of Dukan Diet hot chocolate...

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Dukan Diet as they probably could help you..

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Most store/brand name foods do not have the protein found in N.S. foods, but one can also work around that. I am sure jamieliz21 realized that. She was just sharing her idea. Thanks for that jamieliz21. I will try this tomorrow.

You may not have meant to come across as talking down to our friend with the great idea, but that is how your comment can be taken...

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I don't see how you can think I'm even saying that..

There are many new people here who don't understand the program and don't realize it's just not about the calories. I wrote "probably doesn't have the protein" because I don't have the product info. For all I know it could only be 2 g. short..

I was not talking down to our friend. Sorry, but I really think you're jumping to conclusions here...

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A tad touchy? SassynLV wrote absolutely nothing that came across as talking down, merely pointed out a fact...

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Maybe the comments should have been prefaced as "just a fact to keep in mind". Some people are on this program because they have tried other programs that did not work and N.S. is their last hope. They are desperate and need help and someone who won't judge them. We all need to keep that in mind when giving any response to a posting. I find it upsetting that some members have posted on the boards that because of comments made by others, that they will no longer come to the boards and one person actually said that they were dropping the program because of comments made.

The purpose of the boards is to get advice, help, have questions answered and to not feel that we are alone in this battle of losing weight. Some people are very sensitive and since this program has been such a life-changing experience for me, I hate to think of those that no longer come to the boards, because of comments made. I have read some blogs tonight that were so sad, people that feel so alone and are alone with no-one to turn to. If those people read a comment, and take it the wrong way, they too are liable to stop coming to this site and they will be more alone than ever. That would be a shame...

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The purpose of the boards is also for people to mention when they have not had success with something...

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Do a search for the thread "How do you delete yourself" and see what others have written...

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Thanks for the GREAT suggestion!!!!!! WOW, congrats on your success thus far...

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As I love a good iced mocha, I've been trying to figure out how to accomplish it on NS. Thank you for the suggestion!..

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I have one hot chocolate packet since beginning the program that I have yet to use. Think I'll try this! Also, if you plan on using the non Dukan Diet hot chocolate that you say is 25 cal, perhaps use it as a free food, not a snack if the protein isn't enough!..

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I read that "How do you delete yourself" thread, too, and I was sad about it. I don't know what you can do to keep someone once their feelings are hurt. But, the person in question was involved in a lot of political conversations on the off-topic board, and people were sending each other angry private messages. I went over there and read those threads, too. I was sad because I liked the person who wanted to delete herself, but I think the long-term members summed it up bestjust don't visit the off-topic boards and don't talk about sensitive subjects like politics on the weight loss boards...

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HOLY FRIGGIN COW!!! Didn't mean to start anything! I've been on Dukan Diet for 6 months and lost 48lbs...I know the program. I wasn't suggesting that the 25cal hot chocolate would replace your dessert, although it does look like that the way I typed it. I understand the protein in all the foods is important. Here are the stats....

NS hot cocoa....

90 cal, 1.5g fat, 10g carb, 3g sugar, 12g protein.

Swissmiss 'diet' hot chocolate.

25cal, 0g fat, 4g carbs, 2g sugar, 2g protein.

So yes the Dukan Diet has more protein, but it has more calories, fat, and carbs too! If you're on your own or maintianing or even on Dukan Diet and had a high protein day, you *could* use this...not like you're doing it everyday. IDK how good adding protein powder to something like this would be, but I guess it could be done..

As for a free food, it's 25 cal so it can be used as 2 free foods, I guess..

Either way, it's 25 cal and the REAL idea was posting about adding coffee to have a mocha 'latte'....not about a replacement for Dukan Diet hot cocoa..

I'm sure you could do this over ice or blend it in a blender with ice for a 'frap'..


I'm not leaving b/c of something someone says, we are all entitled to our opinion. I think we all need to be aware of what we type b/c tone is difficult to determine when you're reading someone else's words...

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Jamie, amen to you..

So sad that some people get their noses bent out of shape over little things...

All, remember this:.

Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty

Lighten up..

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Thanks! It realy was jsut to share 'add coffee to hot chocolate'. I'm mad starbucks discontinued SF mocha, thats why! They have 6 other SF flavors but somehow CHOCOLATE wasn't popular enough to keep around, but coconut was! MAKES NO SENSE!!..

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To Jamieliz21 who said "I think we all need to be aware of what we type b/c tone is difficult to determine when you're reading someone else's words." That is exactly what I meant. And it is a shame when that happens because those members are missing out on great ideas and 99.9% of the time - great help. And I am having your Mocha Latte, right now and it is a winner. Thanks for sharing...

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Glad you like it. I'm gonna try it tonight over ice!.

And ditto to what you said!..

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If you made this with part FF milk and coffee that would up the protein a bit without adding too much in calories..

Or you could add a half a scoop of AnyWhey (35 calories and 8.5g protein)..

I have a few Dukan Diet hot chocolate packets - I will have to try adding coffee to mine. I had saved mine for the cooler months - which are now coming - since drinking hot cocoa during the summer didn't sound all that appealing to me..

Thank you for the suggestion...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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