Do blackheads get better with Murad Resurgence?

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Hey everyone! I'm new here and I'm not even sure how bad my acne is.It's up and down, here and there. I just want to be done with it. I'm 21 and tired of this!I want CLEAR skin again.I'm going to be honest. I had moderate acne around 13-14. Just a few pimples here and there. Most were on my back at one point.

I didn't realize it until I stopped taking it years later (I'm glad I was on it then because I would've never gone to prom otherwise!). But my skin became clear once again later on. Hormones, diet, who knows...I was off birth control for over 2 years and took some pills I shouldn't have taken, which have screwed my hormones and thus my FACE ever since.I am really pale, and I have oily skin.I get acne on my face, back and sometimes neck, chest and shoulders.Plus, I'm OCD and pick at my white heads. They're obnoxious.My pores are rather large and my blackheads are visible. Especially on the nose and surrounding area to the cheeks.I hear a lot about cystic acne and red bumps going away due to 'tane regimens, but I must know...DO THE BLACKHEADS GET BETTER, TOO?!I was told that the Vitamin A pushes the crap out of your pores/skin.

And even if the acne gets better and I'm stuck with massive blackheads I'll just end up hating them, too.Also...Murad Resurgence v. Generic brands...? Comments?..

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Your question was: Do blackheads get better with Murad Resurgence?.

Yes, blackheads do get pushed out. I just finished my first month and in the last week or so the blackheads on my nose and chin have been coming to the surface. It actually itches really bad but it's AWESOME to see them coming out!!!!!!!!!!! Kinda gross but awesome I'm using a generic brand and it works fine. Sotret. Go with that! It really doesn't matter either way and MUCH cheaper!!!..

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YESSSSSS! blackheads get better!!!!I wondered the same thing as my nose was covered in them and they get pushed out!! yayayyy!:)..

Comment #2

Indeed they do. when I first started.. I had a million blackheads on my nose... if I passed my fingers through my skin I literally felt every single one, felt gross. I shouldnt of done this but I used a pore strip on my nose to get the army out; I was glad I did...

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They are horrible! I think I hate blackheads more than zits sometimes.And I've wasted so much money on pore-cleansing/clearing/diminishing crap.I just wanted to make sure 'tane and generics took care of this, too.After you've finished the regimen, is your skin LESS oily?God, I hope so...

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Hi,I've been on 'tane for over 5months now. I had pretty mild acne, but most of it was on my back and chest, my face was oily, and my nose was the oiliest part of my face.The first month of 'tane my face got oilier, but my body acne cleared up completely, it was amazing. By the end of the 3rd month my face was a thousand times better. I started 'tane at 27, before that I was unaware there was anything that could be done about what seemed to be a mild problem. Personally, Murad Resurgence has been the single best thing I have done for my appearance and self confidence. But yeah, blackheads get better, everyday they get smaller and fewer, it's a fantastic journey, you just have to wait out the first few months of treatment.Good luck with whatever you decide...

Comment #5

I'm in my fifth week now and in the past couple of days my blackheads have just disappeared. It's amazing!!!..

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