DMC-FZ18....DMC-FZ50....S5 IS....or other?
Great site!.

I'm looking for some help with purchasing a new digital camera. The DMC-FZ18, DMC-FZ-50 and the Canon S5 IS seem to be the cameras I have latched on to..

(I would include Fuji in a heartbeat if I thought their IS actually worked. I think I would kick myself for buying a camera that didn't have it, knowing I could have bought one that did, especially after I blurred a bunch of pics).

My trouble is, as is with everyone probably, coming to a decision that I think will work best for me..

Criteria: (I think).

*Picture/image quality is number one.*Image Stabilization*High Zoom*Quick/fast (Needs to ba able to let me get candid shots quickly)*Ease of use*Best Auto mode to accomplish best picture quality*Manually flexible enough to grow with me the more I learn and better I become.*Good choice of Accessories available without costing an arm and leg.*Software I can use with Windows ME, a Pentium III and not a ton of ram.*Ability to print directly from camera or card*Probably other things I'm forgetting.

I will use it mostly for:.

Wildlife (still and moving)Kids (indoors and out)SceneryObjects (very close and far away).

It seems to me, and maybe I am generalizing this too much, that all these bridge camera's are very close to the same. Great pictures at 4x6 or 5x7 but noisy at higher ISO's regardless of brand or model. The remainder is basically features. I would like to zero in on the better one but don't really know if what I decide would actually be what I want..

Oh yea, the Lumix TZ3 looks like a heck of a little P&S. I'm afraid though that if spent that much money I would end up thinking I should have have purchased something along the lines of what I'm looking at presently. And I think the shutter lag would pizz me off..

Anyway, the more help I can get from those of you with more experience than I, the better off I will be. I appreciate any help and advise you can provide..


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You will have to decide which of your criteria is the most important..

The IS is about the same on all three and should not be a factor..

The FZ18 clearly has the best zoom range of the three..

The S5 IS does not have raw output..

As to image quality, the FZ50 has a larger sensor than either of the other two, and tends to have better IQ. It aslo has the sharpest lens of the three..

A few other advantages of the FZ50 are the zoom and focus rings on the lens and the ability to screw filters and aux. lenses directly onto the lens, without the need for an adapter..

Visit the Canon and Panasonic forums. Look at the photos that people are posting. Concentrate on the typ of photos that you want to do. Some of the people also have links to their galleries. Visit them too..

IMHO the FZ50 is the best choice. Others will have other opinions..

Joel Orlinsky.

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Well teh FZ-50 would be the obvious choice, despite a lower ISO performance. Because it's features are better than the other two cameras. Panasonic has great Leica lens, but Canon's lens are not ehind at all. Still FZ-50 has larger sensor that can improve over time with Depth of field and so on. After that the Fz-18 is a more compact camera, and has wide angle lens, but has same size sensor with S5 which is not very sharp. I vote for the Fz-50:1.

IS3. Leica Lens4. Manual Rings (Focus,Zoom)5. Larger size6. Perfect Video...

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In that selection nothing is going to beat the Pansonic Fz50 on features (except Fuji 9100 but you're apparently afraid to go there due to lack of IS)..

Hand held shots from eye level can be really boring and the same as everyone else's, so I'm quite happy to use a tripod or rest a camera on something suitable. This includes my DSLR with anti-shake turned off. IS is a helpul feature, but not a necessity..

No IS here:.

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John.Please visit me at:

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Thank you all..

Glad I'm asking the questions. I couldn't tell that much difference in the FZ50 over the FZ18. I figured it had to be better somewhere because of the price..

How does it compare stacked up to the Fuji 9100?.

And how does the Fuji 9100 really do without IS? Yea, I know pictures can be taken with no blur, but how much trouble is it to make that happen? I can't carry around a tripod everywhere I go...

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I don't know what others would say but fuji's white balance is not good at all. You would need a ccustom setting for any situation. Take note of that....

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Personally I would go budget DSLR as for a bit more cash you get a lot more camera. If you do go for a superzoom there is not much between Panasonic, Canon , Sony etc just make sure you try before you buy. I have seen excellent results from the earlier series Canon S2is and Panasonic FZ5 and used to get great results in good conditions from my Sony DSC H1 picture enclosed. However use them at over 200 iso and above and you run into big noise issues. In fact iso 200 can be noisy on some. Reputably Panasonic is the worst for this although I wouldn't say that was fact , that is just me reading too many reviews.Good Luck with your choice!!.


Tim Hughes

Goldfinch Sony H1 iso 100 1.7 teleconverter f3.7 @730mm.

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Well I looked at all but the DMC-FZ50, I haven't run across anyone with one yet..

Out of the ones I have seen so far, the Canon S5 IS is my favorite. Actually, I liked the Olympus, I had not considered it, but the shutter lag was just too long..

I'll have to find an FZ50..

The D40x is calling my name though. Damn. I knew this would happen...

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