Disappointing week 2 and 3 on Medifast ?

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I had a HUGE first week on Medifast and lost 10 lbs. So maybe that set me up to be disappointed by my loss of 1lb the second and third weeks.

I know that is 12lbs overall for three weeks and I should be happy about that. However, I wonder if something is wrong. I have not strayed off plan at all. I need to lose more than a pound a week for this level of sacrifice...

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I am not sure how much help it will be, but I did read that if you lose weight too fast that the sudden loss will leave you with the "extra skin" effect. So that being said I think it's better in that one small respect to lose it slowly. Not to mention that often times we are losing inches not necessarily lbs. In any case you are doing stellar and don't that dumb scale are not just a number! Keep up the good work, it will pay off..

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You have done nothing wrong! 12 lbs. is awesome!!!.

That being said... remember that the first week is always a big loss for people because it is mainly water weight that you are losing. Also, weeks 2-4 are usually slow losses for most everyone (for some they lose nothing!!!) So don't get discouraged! Stay OP and the losses will continue. They go up and down... just remember to look at the average weight loss! Medifast says you can lose up to an average of 2-5 lbs a week. Your first 3 weeks have an average of 4 lbs... that is awesome!!!..

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Ya that... Think, when was the last time you lost 12 lbs in 3 weeks? Hummm?.

Keep up the great work!!..

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If you had lost 6 pounds the first week, and then 3 each of the following two, would you be upset?.

Just remember to keep an eye on the big picture. Your body probably needed some time to adjust to the first huge drop.

The plan works, even for those of us who thought we'd never find something that would!.

Keep it up! 12 pounds in 3 weeks is awesome..

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THat is NOT uncommon to have lower weeks 2,3,4 ESPECIALLY when you have HUGE first weeks. Weight loss is NOT linear. BUT, as others posted, 12 pounds in 3 weeks???.

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is a great average!.

So, may I ask, what is such a "sacrifice"? You need to give yourself (mind and body) to adjust to this new plan. Dont over think it, especially at this point in the beginning. Focus on staying on plan, each day and your loss each week. That is how you get to goal.

You can totally do this. If I did, Lord knows ANYONE CAN!..

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Ok, went back and re-read your post. Yes, 10 pounds IS OFF THE CHART HUGE loss for first week. SO I understand your feelings about 1 pound each of the following weeks..

However, that said, you STILL need to look at your average. I will BET that next week is a bigger loss. You will probably be one of the people that do BIG, SMALL, SMALL, BIG, SMALL,SMALL. I have seen quite a few people like that here. Just look at their weekly losses..

Focus on the bigger picture. Just put your head in it and take one week at a time. Then, evaluate at the end of the month-after you have measured yourself. I will bet, again, that your right on track with the 2-5 pounds AVERAGE per week..

Hang in there! You will get there!!!..

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Level of sacrifice? What exactly are you sacrificing other than crappy non nutritious foods that got you here in the first place? IMO, you need to stop looking at this as a sacrifice and rather as a tool that will teach you to lose weight and be healthy for the rest of your life. You list no stats so it's hard to give you advice not knowing how much you have to lose..

1 lb lost is still a loss and rather than feel disappointed, you should be thrilled. Keep up the good work. You'll find it was definitely worth ANY sacrifice you may feel you've made when your thin and healthy again...

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What everybody else said. 4 pounds a week is nothing to sniff at. Keep at it and you'll see. It does feel like a sacrifice at first because we have worshiped at the alter of crappy food for so long. The only thing you are really sacrificing is fat. Offer it up to the the "lipid gods".

You are going to do great. Just hang in there...

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Have you ever lost 12 lbs in 3 weeks before? The first week is always a bigger loss than the following weeks. A loss is a loss. It's better than a gain! You have to look at the big are sacrificing food that makes you fat and unhealthy for a plan that is going to make you healthy and thin. De is right, Medifast is a tool to lose weight. You are the only one that can use this tool and make it work for you..

Keep focused and stay OP and you will not be disappointed...

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In my opinion, it is a sacrifice, at least for the first month, you have given up lots of bad foods, but also many good foods. It doens'tr seem natural at first and it's easy to question things. If I hadn't felt so much better each week I wouldn't have kept going. The first week was awful, the second week I got through it easier, the third week easier still...but to keep that focus for two weeks and only get a would be hard. But OTOH, you didn't put back any of that initial ten pounds, much of which was water which means that your fat losses are probably going on like they should and your water levels are stabililzing. Give it a full six weeks.

I commited to not quitting or questioning the diet for that long. At that point I knew it was helping me a lot and it wasn't hard anymore...

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I've been there. I've had a few weeks with SUPER week losses. Just keep plugging along. Don't do it just for the weight loss, do it for overall health. It's hard. But any weight loss is hard. Keep at it! It will work!..

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What I've noticed from other's signatures is that people who are on Medifast long term and have a lot to lose tend to average about 10 pounds a month. There are slow losers that average a lot less but I've noticed the 10 pound thing a lot, and that's what I'm on track to do. Your body needs breaks after losing so much-celebrate that 12 pounds and keep on trecking!..

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I'm exactly where you average looks great, but my recents feel very small. Reading everyone's encouragment helped me and I hope it inspired you as well!..

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Thanks so much for the encouragement, it helps. You guys are absolutely right that I've not lost 12 lbs in 3 weeks ever.

By sacrifice I meant that this is extremely drastic. I don't know about the rest of you, but this is extremely drastic from how I ate previously!! Mostly in a good way. I cut out the crappy foods but I also very much miss fruit, yogurt, whole grains, etc. Foods that are healthy but not conducive to the fat-burning state. Overall it is a good sacrifice...

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Hang in there! Hey, I actually "gained" 2 lbs one week, LOL! It wasn't a true gain, but still. I do agree that we are sacrificing some foods that are good, our fruits, beans, whole grains, etc. But these foods will be reintroduced in T&M, so the sacrifice is short. Twelve pounds is awesome! You're doing great...

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I know. I have really missed fruit. But it gets a lot easier...

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I have had frustrating weeks, definitely..

I've found that the weeks I drink over 100 oz of water I tend to see bigger losses. Though I'm going to the bathroom a couple times a night in the process. Fortunately, I'm a lucky sleeper: I can get right back to sleep nearly before I get my covers back on!.

I've said this before on other threads, but one thing I try really hard to do is refocus my attitude when I start to feel like I'm missing out. I look to the plan to see how it can help with cravings so I don't feel deprived. There's even potatoes and carrots in the beef stew! Haven't yet found the perfect popcorn substitute, but the soy chips are close..

Adventures, looking forward to seeing how you progress!..

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I understand. I missed fruit at first as well. BUT, I got to goal in 16 weeks and that was SO WORTH NOT EATING FRUIT!!!.

Now I can have it, and you will too again. Just take one day at a time. One weigh in at a time.

When I first started, I thought, "When I get to goal, I will have a slice of pizza and some frozen yougurt". Guess what? I am in maintenance now, and STILL HAVE NOT HAD pizza! And guess what? I dont want any!!!!! No frozen yougurt yet either. Will I have it again? Yeah, someday. Its just SO NOT IMPORTANT ANYMORE! Not on the radar!.

ANd, I was a DAILY ICE CREAM EATER!!! D-A-I-L-Y! Sometimes, 1/4 to a 1/2 gallon!.

Who knew?..

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All of your posts have encouraged me so much! Thank you.

I do feel like many of my cravings are reduced, not gone, but certainly not ruling my life. I find it most difficult to be driving and passing my favorite fast food restaurants. Ironically I think, even though Medifast is expensive, I'm actually saving money. We were eating out A LOT...

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