Digestive problems with Medifast program?

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I'm 14 days on Medifast now, and have just started to experience something... Lets' just say that it would be like the "treatment effects" that were posted with Alli. You know.. the one where you should carry extra pants, not get too far from a bathroom, wear dark clothes... Is this something others have gone through? Is this perhaps a sign of something positive in a way?.

I'm not ill, btw. I feel pretty darn fine...

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I have an issue with this occasionally. I talked to Nutrisystem about it, I was told that it could be soy intolerance or lactose intolerance. They told me which foods to avoid but I can't remmeber what they were. They also told me Immodium is fine. I found that after a while it just stopped. My normal thought when this stuff happens is that my body is trying to convince me to give up the fight, but those pesky fat cells don't know how stubborn I can be...

Comment #1

I had somewhat the same problem the first couple of weeks, luckly I was able to make it to the restroom in time, thanks goodness!.

My problem cleared up on it's own and I have not had a problem since...

Comment #2

I started having this issue after several weeks on the program. I did use Imodium however it became necessary to take it numerous times a day. I was chatting with another memeber in the chat room and she mentioned trying Beano. that took care of the pain and bloating but not the other "issue". Another member said her coach said it was likely a lactose intolerance. AT first I thought that impossible as I was tested years ago and was told I did NOT have one.

I bought some and voila! No more problems! I take one with every product EXCEPT the bars which do not seem to have this effect on me. All I can figure is that the concentration of lactose must be more intense than in typical milk products. Bottom line (no pun intended) it works. I dont' care why and I can finally make it through a day without running of constantly and what's more it finally doen't hurt to sit down!..

Comment #3

This is only my third day on Medifast and the last two days about an hour after my lean and green meal I've had this problem. Will this continue??..

Comment #4

Probably not. Eventually you'll be constipated like the rest of us...

Comment #5

I have this issue a lot. Its strange because for about 3 weeks I was constipated. But other than that spell I have mainly had the runs on a regular basis. I will sometimes need to run to the bathroom and them it is all liquid. Its concerning indeed...

Comment #6

I wonder if it has anything to do with actually eating something with a little higher fat, etc.? Often, when people have had a cholecystectomy, they find the same issue, with anything they eat, until their body adjusts. Not that our L&G is high fat, just that our bodies are getting less and less accustomed to much fat at all, throughout the other meals?..

Comment #7

Going through it myself right now and I"m in my 4th week. Sure hoping it will stop soon...kinda...well nerve wracking LOL..

Comment #8

I had this quite a bit my first couple of weeks, but it did clear up on it's own. To look on the bright side, I figure it probably helped tone up my butt with all the cheek squeezing and speed walking to the bathroom..

Comment #9

Ive been OP for 4 months and mine has not went away except for the 3 weeks that I was constipated...

Comment #10

I have irritable bowel syndrome and I was expecting this program to make it worse (everything makes it worse, normal bm's are not a part of my life) but it really hasn't. a little more gas than usual but thats all really. I do however take extra fiber everyday as prescribed by my doctor. I use sugar free Fiber Plus, won't hurt to try...

Comment #11

I had that happen to me for the first month. I actually had an extra set of scrubs in my car when I was at work...just in case. thankfully I never needed them. then in the 3rd month it all I have the opposite problem...

Comment #12

This has happened to me when I've over-indulged in the sugarless gum.....

Comment #13

I am 5 weeks in, and I'm glad to know it's not just me...

Comment #14

So far I haven't had this problem but I was having the other problem! I corrected this with some probiotic sugar substitute... one a night and all of a sudden I am able to go once a day!..

Comment #15

Ok, you guys. Reading this make me nervous.....I just ordered my first product and am getting ready to start...

Comment #16

You shouldn't be too nervous, txgirl. Not everyone's body reacts to Medifast in the same way. Some people just roll on by without any of these symptoms..

I've been on Medifast for over 6 months and I don't really have a problem in either area..

Maybe you will have the same experience...

Comment #17

I WISH I had this problem! I fight constipation all the time! Uggg :-/..

Comment #18

It could be the sugar alcohols in the bars. I have bad reactions to sugar free candy, so I try to limit the amount of bars I have in a day to one or two...

Comment #19

I'm on day 4 and have had the same problem since day 1. It seems to be getting progressively better, so let's hope it goes away....SOON!..

Comment #20

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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