Difference between men and women's Nutrisystem program?

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Can you eat the same things every day in terms of which vegetables/fruits/carbs/etc you choose or must you switch it up? I know that there are many pages instead of just one to write this down..

What are the differences between the men and women's programs? Why does it ask you how much weight you'd like to lose? I thought that would really depend on yourself..

Also I'd really like to know the average weight lost by someone after one month on the program..

Sorry for all the questions! Thanks!..

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Your question was: Difference between men and women's Nutrisystem program?.

Hope this helps...or maybe call a Counselor for more advice/suggestions...

Comment #1

Thank you for the help, Pam... Did you lose your weight? I am inspired!..

Comment #2

Yup...105 pounds...just following the NutriSystem plan 100%...drinking my water...moving my tush.....

Comment #3

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!! You are brilliant. I <3 you, Pam!.


Comment #4

Loss rate depends on size, age, gender, and activity level. It's really just a matter of bookkeeping between how many calories you're eating and how much you need to eat to stay at the same weight. I think it's common for very large (300#ers) people to lose much faster than 2#/week. Of course, as they become smaller, their loss rate drops, some...

Comment #5

How long were you on the plan just out of curiosity? I'm about to start for the first time! Any tips for a newbie? What are some good exercises to do other than walking/running? I have a treadmill and elliptical, but little else equipment..

Also you mentioned adding more food to lose more weight (if you have 100+ pounds to lose). How does this work? Wouldn't doing so speed up the process if I wanted to lose less weight than that?..

Comment #6

The extra food is added for very large people to LESSEN their loss rate, which will be high, to make the diet more sustainable...

Comment #7

"Also, other than not following the measurements to a T (usually a bit less than what it says) - I'm including everything in each meal that is recommended; however, my calories are usually just over (if not just under) 1,000. I don't feel like that is enough, but I don't know what else to do. HELP please!!!.

"...Can you list everything you are eating in a day so we can see if you are getting in all of the servings? One thing I always do is max out my Dairy/Protein (100 calories or less, 3g fat or less and 7g protein or more) instead of using the 1 oz. measurement from the ADA. That might be the difference. Also, the numbers on the website don't always match the actual label of the food. Check those carefully for the exact stats.".

Hi Pam, thank you again for your assistance. Here is an example of a daily meal plan:.


Berries & Multigrain flakes (NS meal) 1 package.

Turkey breast (protein) 1 oz.

Kiwi (fruit) 1 small.

Decaf brewed coffee w/tap water 1 8 oz cup.

Splenda 1 pack.

Int'l Delight French Vanilla Fat-free liquid 2 tblsp.


Choc PB Bar (NS meal) 1 bar.

Celery (veggie) 2 med stalks.

Grape tomatos (veggie) 1/2 cup.

Turkey breast (protein) 2 oz.


String cheese Lowfat (dairy) 1 stick, or 1 oz).

Strawberries, fresh (fruit) 1/2 cup whole.


Wedged potatoes w/sliced beef (NS meal).

Broccoli, cooked (veggie) 1/3 cup **.

Mushrooms, cooked (veggie) 1/3 cup **.

Zucchini, cooked (veggie) 1/2 cup **.

Olives, large green (fat) 3.


Fudge Brownie (NS meal).

Cream topping, Non-fat, Reddi-whip 3 tblsp.

**measured then cooked together.

TOTAL CALORIES: approx 1022 (I also drink approx 6-8 glasses of water a day +/-).

What might I be doing wrong???? I really am getting frustrated, and am thinking about quitting..

Kind regards,..

Comment #8

Other than not taking your Dairy/Proteins to 100 calories (not the small amounts), it looks fine. Make sure those olives are enough to get 45 calories and 5g fat..'ve lost at least EIGHT you know how hard that is to do? Are you feeling hungry? Are you feeling more energy?.

What in the world would be the reason to quit? My goodness...this is a process, not a quick fix! I lost 1.18 pounds per week (IF LUCKY) and got to my 125 pounds (thank you, god)...22 months of 100% on the plan, never one single solitary iota of complaint, just enjoying the journey...and here I am, almost 3 years later, still at 125 pounds, still enjoying the REST of the journey.

Now, if you aren't happy with this plan, don't want to follow it, don't think it is THE one for you, then find the one that is...Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Medifast...yes, they ALL work, as long as you work them. Find that fit...but don't stay heavy. Lose the weight, get healthy...YOU deserve it!..

Comment #9

Hi Sandy,.

It looks like you are short on your fruit serving size at snack time. For strawberries the serving size is 1 1/4 cup..

I know you say you are not eating the full measurements. This is why the lower calores..

Sometimes eating less than recommended can hinder the weight loss..

Stick with it and good luck with your weight loss journey...

Comment #10

I would also be eating a HUGE salad at lunch instead of the celery and tomatoes. There is also no salad dressing (up to 30 calories' worth). I can't get a feel if she is hungry and trying to get more or thinking eating less is better for weightloss (which it isn't). The 1/2 cup of whole strawberries I thought might be enough since they can be huge at this time of year..

I would call and talk to a Counselor and study the Mindset Makeover book...

Comment #11

Thank you Pam and Gonnadoit4good. I think I'm just frustrated because I feel like I'm eating sooo much, but not making the calories. I'm not hungry, and I know that eating less can actually cause weight gain.

That's one of the reasons why I'm heavy, I'm not a big eater, and I USED to skip lunch...also, my huge downfall WAS at night after hubby went to bed...I'm a night owl so I'm up til 2,3,4AM and I found myself bored and eating late at night (or early morning).

So, all of the food that I'm eating really fills me up, and it's hard fitting more in (like full veggie or fruit sizes)..

I am going to stick with it, and I will TRY very hard to fit everything in, because I know I have to..

Sooo many thanks for the guidance...

Comment #12

It is your brain/emotions telling you that you are dieting and you are "full" with minimal food. DON'T listen to this bad advice from yourself!!! You NEED, NEED, NEED to eat ALL of the is only 1100 - 1300 calories a day (unless you have over 100 pounds to lose, and then you will go up to 1500/day) and the minimum you need for good health and wellness.

PLEASE listen to me on this, it is a serious problem with a lot of well-meaning dieters and only gets you more and more into the dieting yo-yo. Your body could eventually go into starvation mode and hold on to each and every calorie for fear you are starving it to death...AND, you will get hungry at some point and blame the diet for making you tired, frustrated, not losing, etc.

The way this plan works is to eat ALL of your food, drink ALL of your water (and then some), and move your tush with at least a bit of exercise (i.e. walking).

If you are "full" and don't want bulk, then have 3 prunes instead of a whole apple for your fruit. Have one stick of string cheese instead of 8 oz. of yogurt. Have a cup of low-sodium V-8 juice instead of 2 veggie servings. Have 1/2 cup of low-sodium V-8 juice instead of a salad. Spread your meals out and eat a little every hour or so (not everything at once).

And, no, we didn't get fat because we didn't eat...we got fat because we grazed at night and ate the wrong foods when we DID eat...

Comment #13

Sandy, you didn't add in the calories for the milk with cereal, so that is another 40. Also as others pointed out celery is extremely low in calories and you shorted yourself with less than 1/2 serving of strawberries.

I would suggest getting an inexpensive food scale (Target, BB&B have ones for $5) so you can measure the fruit and veggie servings. In your case you want to make sure you are getting the minimum serving size as you are really low on calories..

There are ways to get the food in even if you are not hungry. 4 oz of OJ, 3 dried apricots or prunes or 2 Tbsp of raisins as a fruit serving. 2 Tbsp of parmesan cheese tossed into an entree for a dairy/protein or 8 oz of skim milk or non fat latte are all less filling ideas. Low sodium V-8 for a veggie serving, etc. Get the calories in line and train yourself to eat all of the foods to eliminate the late night cravings...

Comment #14

OMGosh, Pam, Losingw8now...those are excellent ideas that I never thought of. I need to start thinking outside of the box, rather than having a one track mindset. Ok, I've got it now, and I know I'll do better..

By the way, my late night binges (usually cookies and milk) have stopped, and I am getting to bed earlier...two reasons: one so I stop binging, and two, so I can get a better night sleep, which I need, since I do get up at 7 am.

You guys really are fantastic. So patient, and helpful. And thank you Pam for 'reading me the riot act', I needed that, I honestly did!!!.


Comment #15

Is it ok to drink decaf teas? I heard green tea is good for your metabolism too...

Comment #16

These are various questions answered in the e-classes by Mary Gregg, the NutriSystem head dietitian, regarding beverage consumption. I collected these by reviewing many e-class archives:.

Question: Can we drink Crystal Light and count as water?.

MARY: Yes, but I would try to get some pure water in addition..

Question: I drink the 8 glasses, but some times add in a flavored water like dasani lemon, can I count that?.

Mary: Yes, you can count the Dasani as part of your water..

Question: Why is it that diet soda is not as good as water for your body? They both have no calories, fat, etc.?.

Mary: Diet sodas contain phosphoric acid which can remove calcium from your bones..

Question: How does tea and coffee work into the 8 glasses of water we're supposed to drink?.

Mary: If they are decaf, they can be used as part of the water...but try to get most of your fluid requirement as pure water..

Question: Does tea and diet sodas count as water???.

Mary: Diet soda is not the healthiest choice...I suggest that you limit diet soda to about 1 a day (that is my personal recommendation, not the program's guideline). Caffeine-free tea could be counted for part of your water..

Question: Is diet snapple ok?.

Mary: Diet Snapple (if it is sodium free and caffeine free) could be counted as part of your water..

Question: What about green tea?.

Mary: Green tea is very healthful and has been linked to better fat loss and there are health benefits to both green and black tea.

Question: Can you drink tea with caffeine?.

Mary: Yes, we do not restrict beverages with caffeine...but we do not count them as part of the water recommendation..

Question: Can a can of diet coke or glass of crystal lite be substituted for a glass of water?.

Mary: We recommend that water substitutes be sodium-free and caffeine-free. Diet-Rite is one soda that is caffeine free and sodium free.

Many of the members do use Crystal Light. You may want to dilute it...

Comment #17

So the tea can count towards the water? I did not know that!!..

Comment #18

I have been on Nutrisystem & maintaining since early 2007. This has been one of the best most helpful threads I've read. Thank you everyone..

And Never give up. Good health to you all...

Comment #19

Sandy - I cannot offer you great advice like some others on these boards, but I can tell you that I've lost 45 pounds since September 1st and today wearing my size 8 non-stretch jeans, I jumped in and out of the back of our pickup truck with absolutely no difficulty whatsoever. I could NOT have done that last September 1st. Stick with it and learn from all the terrific people on these boards - you'll be so happy you did!..

Comment #20

Thank you Sabrina and CONGRATULATIONS on the weight loss, that is fantastic; and, it's very encouraging..

I'm sticking with it, and doing much better than I was several days ago - even my calories are up were they should be - YAY!! All due to the advice that I rec'd about substitutions - it's nice having maybe 3 dried apricots, or a 1/2 cup of V8 every once in a while..

I had SO many opportunities this weekend to 'cheat' but I didn't eat so much as a crumb of anything that I wasn't supposed to; and, although I was craving a HUGE meatball sandwich for dinner tonight, I stuck with it and ate my Nutrisystem meal, along with my add-ons...when I was done eating, I was extremely thankful that I didn't go with my craving, but listened to my head/heart instead..

EVERYONE on these boards are so supportive, it's wonderful. You ALL ROCK!!!..

Comment #21

I'm a night owl too (it's 2am now!) and find that it is very important to space your meals to account for your schedule so you don't get hungry at night. If you do get hungry anyway, eat a cucumber! They are filling and very low in calories..

Keep up the great work!!..

Comment #22

Sandy - That a girl! I probably should have mentioned that I lose weigh more steadily if I keep my calories right up around 1200 and if I am consistant with exercise - walking...

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