Diets make me have eating disorders. At least Nutrisystem helped me to?

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Got a question... Diets make me have eating disorders. At least Nutrisystem helped me to? Many thanks for any response. Another question I got... I just reached one year and definitely feel the need to celebrate. I started last year at the weight of 416 pounds and was wearing 4X shirts and size 54 pants.

I never went to the doctors, but these some health facts that I did know, my BMI was all the way up to 52, the upper number of my blood pressure was between 160 and 180, and according to the scale I bought, my body fat was around the mid 50s% and my body water was around mid 20s%..

Now here I am one year later, I have lost 186.4 pounds, my blood pressure was down to 116/74 with an pulse of 50 when I last gave blood, plus my clothing sizes have dropped to XL shirts, soon to be just L, and my pants size has dropped to size 38. Also, my BMI has dropped to 28.7, just overweight now, and my body fat has dropped to just 19.5% and my body water percentage has jumped up to 61%. My mental status has greatly improved as well ,I find myself smiling an heck of an lot more and I generally find an lot more enjoyment in life, and when I do get depressed I can find myself handling it an lot better than I use to..

Here are some pictures to show off my progress as well..

This is probably the best picture of me before NS, taken around 3 years ago. That is me standing with my grandma..

This was just taken today..

This is an side shot..

This is an shot of me in my old size 54 jeans, yes I am standing in just one pants leg but it was an little tight of an squeeze..

This is me in my old 4X shirt, fits more like an dress now..

This last shot is me in my computer chair, the same one I had when first starting NS. I just barely fit in the chair before, pretty much pressed from armrest to armrest, but now I have room to spare..

This program is definitely amazing and will do wonders, as long as you stick to it and trust it. I owe an lot to Nutrisystem for creating such an life changing program and the multitude of friends that have supported and helped me along the way. Thank you so very much. Crossposting this as well...

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

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Wow. What an awesome differencee one year of commitment to change can make...

Comment #2

Thank you very much, as for my height, I stand 6 feet 3 inches, rather tall for my family..

Thank you very much as well...

Comment #3

Congratulations. Seeing your transformation and the improvements in your BP is gr8 for newbie like myself...

Comment #4

Holy cow, Bartle, that's one heck of a transformation! Congratulations, you've really kicked ass on this program and you're almost to goal. Simply amazing!..

Comment #5

Man, Bartle! You look like a new man!!.

Question: Are you wearing the same glasses in your before and after pics? If so, you were really stretching 'em to their limits! They don't even fit on your face anymore ... they look HUGE!! Splurge on yourself, man ..... Time for a new pair!!.

Again, Great Job!!..

Comment #6

An amazing accomplishment. You are a great success story for all us new guys. I plan on making a similair post some day...

Comment #7

Absolutely amazing! A true testament to how well Nutrisystem can work!..

Comment #8

Just frickin' amazing dude. Congratulations!.

I'll never again whine to myself about how much more I have to lose..

Comment #9

You are awesome and amazing! What you accomplished is a lot of hard work and determination! Kudos to you...

Comment #10

Hey Bartle,.

I can identify with much of which you speak and can't wait till I'm standing in one leg of my old fat man pants too. Being fat is freaking depressing. The Fat Bastard character in Austin Powers was on the money when he said, "I eat because I'm sad and I'm sad because I eat." It's tough to break that cycle. And you've really accomplished quite an achievement to be proud of. When I first got here I saw your profile right away and it really gave me encouragement that this Nutrisystem thing was for real. Since then I've seen many more +100 lb profiles of people who've quit.

You're one of my Nutri-Heros. Congrats and keep up the great work!.

- Rob.

And yeah - go get some new glasses and get that first kiss..

I'll tell ya what I told my son back in the day; (He was real shy). If you want to meet a girl you gotta show yourself to be friendly. You've also got to be aggressive enough to initiate conversation and then an invitation to do something. You may fail over and over but eventually you'll be successful..

In the meantime you're gaining valuable experience..

About a week after I told him that - he swam over to a girl in the city pool and said "hi"..

They've been married 2 years now..

- Dear Abby..

Comment #11

Thank you very much everyone, I greatly appreciate youe words, and yea I agree my glasses look huge now, though I have to wait until either I hit goal or can get vision insurance, my lens are a thick prescription so that raises the costs. Thanks again!..

Comment #12

Imagine what you would have said this time last year if someone would have told you that you would be almost 200lbs lighter today. Congrats on the one year anniversary and keep working toward goal...

Comment #13

One of my idols..

Started 3 weeks ago at 370. I am at 354 now. I WILL do this and you and others like you give me hope I can...

Comment #14

Bartman!!!!!!! dudududd bartman!!!!!! you're the man and an inspiration! congrats! keep on going!..

Comment #15

I definitely would have never believed that I could be this far along in just one year, it's quite amazing. Thanks!.

Thanks and I can't wait to see you around goal, you will doit! Keep kickin butt!.

Hah, thanks an ton!..

Comment #16

Happy Anniversary, Bartles!! You're doing an amazing thing and your story is inspiring a lot of folks! May you have many more to come. Just think, next year at this time, you'll have accomplished your goal and have months of Maintenance under your belt. I hope you continue to hang around here to show us all how it's done!.


Comment #17

Thank you very much Gordon, you've been an huge source of motivation for me. Right now, though, I'm shooting to be on Maintenance before Christmas...

Comment #18

Great progress, man. Excercise you are doing is cool as well. Stay tough!..

Comment #19


Looking good Bartle, keep up the great work..

You've lost more than me, and I know I feel great now..

I applaud you sir...

Comment #20

Amazing work there for just one year. Well done..

Comment #21

Great job Bartle! Keep up the motivational attitude and by Christmas the world will be your oyster!..

Comment #22

Thank you very much everyone, it feels awesome to celebrate my victories with all of your others, I love seeing us all take back our lives and our healths...

Comment #23

Bartle: You rock! It's just that simple. Thanks for the inspiration... glad you're happier and healthier...

Comment #24

Thanks! I'm definitely glad I can provide inspiration to anyone...

Comment #25

Hey Bartle -.

Other than 100% on the plan - did you do anything you'd consider "special" to lose 200 lbs in a year?.

Did you eat all the extra food allowed for the +100 lb group?.

Did you exercise regularly?.

How much water do you drink a day?.


Comment #26

All I can say is WOW! Looks like you found a happier, healthier you in the past year. Congratulations on your continued success. My money's on you to be one of the next Nutrisystem success stories. Keep up the great work, ya big loser!..

Comment #27


Not sure if I did anything special, but I did stick close to the plan and nevr went out to eat until my birthday this past May. I ate the extra food for +100 and kept eatting them after I had less than 100 to lose until I felt comfy giving them up. I drank enough fluids to keep myself hydrated, but it wasn't until I had 100 left that I got serious about drinking pure water..

Also, I didn't exercise until after I lost 100 pounds but I was rather activewirh taking care of my father. I do try to get some exercise in every week, but I don't exercise on days I work right now. I do try, however, to get in 6,000 steps or around 3 miles every day. There are days at work, like last night, where I can get in 7 to 8 miles of walking though. As for my water, I get in at least 10 cups an day now, but usually I get in 12.5 cups, that on top of 2 cans of diet soda and 20 ozs of diet tea..

Hope that is helpful to your questions..

Thanks an ton..

It would certainly be interesting if Iwas selected as an success story. I ended up applying to that 50% off thing, but don't think they will select me this time since still 20 pounds away from that point, just gives me greater incentive to keep the weight off till next year. lol..

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Just catching up on threads and saw this. Fantastic job! The pictures are amazing! I can't even imagine how much better you feel and how much more confidence you probably have in yourself... Keep going... I bet you hit goal before Christmas. You are young and burning this program up..

Comment #29

Thank you very much Mike, I greatly appreciate it. Definitely feeling better, just have to work on the confidence part. Heh. I'll be quitw surprisedif I haven't hit 200 by Christmas but I haven't hit any plateaus yet either...

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