Diet soda and Medifast

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So my family and I go to a restaurant to watch football/ and WWE wrestling (my boys are 7 and 9), and I ask for a diet coke. No biggy I thought as I get a refill. Take a big drink and it is regular sugar soda. I freak out and swallow it. I then get clarification from others that it is sugar soda, and it was even sticky!!!!! If I go out of ketosis because of that I am going to be angry! I should of spit it back, but I freaked out! I also know mistakes happen, but I have avoided sugar for 5 full weeks and that was just out of my control. Yes I could have had water, but I like to have a diet when I go out. Just bummed about the whole thing! OK done being a whiner.................resuming my day!..

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LOL, sorry to laugh, but things happen. At least you noticed it and didn't drink the whole thing. I wouldn't worry, one sip isn't going to do anything or shouldn't anyway...

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That is frustrating! I'm sure one sip won't do you any harm though. Twelve ounces of coke has 36 g carbs, so even if you took a relatively large sip you couldn't have taken in more than 5 g of carbs. I'm sure it won't take you out of ketosis...

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How annoying! I always worry about this when I eat out so much so that I hate to order fountain drinks...

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I feel your pain and frustration! Same sort of thing happened to me last week in the drive-thru at McD's. I was taking my son to a music lesson in another town and since he eats lunch at school at 10:15 a.m. (another rant for another day ) we always get him a couple of burgers before driving an hour to his lesson. I ordered a large unsweetened tea and was down the road almost out of town before I took my first sip. Yep! It was SWEET tea, and if you've ever had McD's sweet tea you know how it is almost like drinking tea-flavored corn syrup. I was so mad! Especially since I did not take a bottle of water to drink along the way because I had planned on drinking unsweetened tea.

This is definitely not the first time this has happened to me. Thanks for the opportunity to whine about it!.

I agree with mcover, it probably did not take you (or me) out of ketosis. Have an OP day!..

Comment #4

I also wonder about that when I eat out as well. Not necessarily the drinks but the food. I order them a certain way and wonder just exactly how they were cooked. Is it broiled, but basted with butter?? Is it salted, or steamed veggies with butter added in with all the spices. It is obvious to tell when a sauce or gravy has been added, but difficult sometimes to tell if it is sugar, salt, or butter being added to the food to enhance the flavor, and enlarge out waist bands. I really do prefer to eat at home since I know exactly what I am eating.

I want to stay OP !!.


Comment #5

Isn't it funny how we can really tell the sweet stuff now!! I was at my friends this weekend and she new I was doing medifast so she bought me two different Fat free coffee creamers..7 carbs per serving! Yikes.. I told her that sugar free is more important than fat free.. I think ff is what helped us all get fat! I ended up using fresh cream instead.. High in calories but no carbs!..

Comment #6

I think you'll be okay. About 2 weeks ago, I was making regular tapioca pudding for my son, and out of habit, I licked some that had fallen on my finger. It was such a small amount that it did not affect my ketosis or weight loss at all. From now on, you should have your sons or hubby taste the soda first...just to be sure! I think I'll do that, too...

Comment #7

I always take a very small taste of my drink to make sure it isn't loaded with sugar. I have had this happen to me many times at McD's drive thru. I just sit at the window and unwrap my straw, take a taste and then leave the drive thru. Nothing worse than a big gulp of sugar!..

Comment #8

I keep coke zero in my trunk. (unless the temp is going to drop below 30)...

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I do the same thing, no matter where I order the tea. I've been used to unsweetened tea since I was a child with high metabolism. One too many times I've driven off and gotten that HORRIBLE sweetened sip..

Don't get me wrong. My diet issues are definitely because I love sugar, but I don't want it in my iced tea! Something that is definitely suspect here in Virginia. Even northern Virginians like their tea southern styleblech...

Comment #10

I wait tables so I am sympathetic towards the server. But don't worry about it. It was just a sip and it is not going to throw you off. Did the server bring you a Diet Coke after that? Hopefully she did. Shrug it off...

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Maybe someone can clarify for me what the big fear of accidentally going out of ketosis is? Don't you just go right back in if you're on plan? Or is it that you're out of it forever if you get out of it?..

Comment #12

Weighty, My fear of going out of ketosis is the fact I will ahve to get back in. Right now I am not too hungry all the time and in a fat burning mode. The headaches and tiredness are gone from the start of the diet and some say it is harder to get back into ketosis once your out of it. I do not want to test the waters though. Some say it takes 3 or more days to get back in. I am not sure and I bet someone with more experience can clarify more! I have not stuck to any diet more than 5 weeks so this is amazing to me! I do not want to screw it up over sillyness!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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