Diet Pop/Soda Make You Hungry during Medifast ?

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I wondered about that! I was thinking if I drank that If I would crave anything I'm not sure!!!..

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My friend who is studying to be a doctor told me that the sweetener tricks your body into thinking it's real sugar and you get hungry and crave more. I've found it does just that sometimes..

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Nope, it doesn't. But my body has been on Medifast long enough to learn that a sweet taste does not signal any sugar coming in. It's no longer fooled...

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There is at least one other thread on these boards about this subject. Most agree, drinking soda makes you hungry. Just another reason to get all your water in first and saving the soda as a treat... you'll be less hungry.

I have to admit I don't drink the stuff... or anything carbonated. I always feel so bloated when I do and I'm salt sensitive, so it tends to make me retain water, not hungry. Either way, yuck. LOL..

Comment #3

It's true for me. Lucky you if you don't get hungry...

Comment #4

Does not seem to be the case for me...

Comment #5

I actually feel like pop fills me up a bit. I started drinking a couple a day after my last bout of being HUNGRY HUNGRY and haven't experienced that degree of stomach grumbling since then...

Comment #6

I agree with Freya on the fact that my body is onto my tricks.

Everyone is different, for me pop works as a great way to switch up my shakes (try Diet AW Rootbeer with Vanilla for a rootbeer float shake) and as a way to keep hunger at bay. I also use it as my Friday night treat, what used to be chips and a glass of wine is now a fresca and cheese puffs. Whatever it takes...

Comment #7

Opposite for me - I use diet soda as a treat when I'm feeling hungry. I usually feel better and it never makes me crave sugar...

Comment #8

I don't have any problems with it. I have one a day as a treat after I've finished my 100+ ounces of water or occasionally if I'm really hungry. It tends to make me feel quite full.

I tend to think that any issues with it are more likely to be psychological rather than physical...

Comment #9

It makes me very hungry and I have severe cravings after drinking them. I learned this about myself a long time ago (20+ years ago). So just don't drink them water, tea, and coffee...

Comment #10

I am one of those that if I get REALLY hungry a diet soda fills me up. But then caffeine also makes me sleepy too. I used to drink a diet soda at night cause it would put me to sleep. I am weird. Sleeping pills keep me awake diet soda puts me to sleep. Go figure!..

Comment #11

Same here...actually fills me up so I make sure that I drink all my water first..

Comment #12

I've started backsliding into drinking more diet (caffeine-free) coke - but I"m still getting at least my minimum in water in as well. I"m a caffeine-free diet coke addict - have been for years..

I occasionally do think it makes me hungry - but most of the time it does not. I try to notice when it does and switch back to water...

Comment #13

We do gift bags at my house virtually every year. Usually we have candy in them but that isn't necessary. Go to a party store and pick-up some Halloween stickers, tattoo, balloons, pencils, crayons, noise makers, key chains... ect. Then buy cute little seasonal gift bags to put them in. Ziploc generally makes them if you are having trouble finding them at a party store. It's a surprise and kids love it...

Comment #14

Titania, I think your post above got into the wrong thread but oh well, I've yet to figure out how to delete.

Now on to diet soda and making you hungry??? How many "thin" people do you see drinking diet soda? NOT MANY! Just an observation, maybe diet soda contributes to hunger/cravings/overeating?? I just think the fact that carbonated drinks can blow up a bottle is reason enough to stay away from them unless you want your belly blown up like that. Never even thought about that till I read it here on this forum someplace...

Comment #15

The sodas and foods with the aspartame trigger cravings for me. The soda and foods with the Splenda or Stevia don't seem to have the same effect...

Comment #16

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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