Diet drinks OK for Nutrisystem?

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I love a coke zero or diet coke (1 per day), but I've heard drinking them can affect your weight loss. Obviously, you are not taking in additonal calories, but something about what is in them. Anyone have thoughts on this?..

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Your question was: Diet drinks OK for Nutrisystem?.

Thank you, sorry I've been away from the boards with computer problems...

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There are various thoughts on diet sodas. My DIL has tried and tried to lose weight and has not succeeded. Her dr. told her she drank to much diet soda and it was causing her to crave sugary foods. Not sure he was right or not but she still has not lost weight...

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I read on a post on these message boards that you could drink the Diet Rite that has 0 calories, 0 sodium, and 0 caffeine. AND, they count as WATER. I've found them to be really goodthe cola, white grape, and tangerine...

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You can count it as water as it has no caffeine and no sodium. However, the dietitians recommend you get some plain water in as well...

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I drink a couple of cherry coke zeros every day. I also drink 32 ounces of water M-F in addition to it. Not so good about that on the weekends where I drink more like 4 or 5 with no water...

Comment #5

Most diet sodas have sodium. Only Diet Rite doesn't. It is the extra sodium that can cause you to retain water. I would figure 1 a day wouldn't have much affect but be sure you are drinking enough water...

Comment #6

Hmm. Well, I hope you read my answer in the spirit it's intended (gently and supportively)!.

What's the point?.

In all seriousness, what is the point of the diet drinks?.

They are not good for you, they have some not-so-pleasant additives in order to make them sweet, and they represent yet another "dietary item" that one can become dependent upon..

Most of them are simply providing a caffeine fixbut even if you "need" a diet drink that is not caffeine-laden, doesn't it still raise some questions for you?.

Rewind the tape a second, please. Many of us have issues with control of dietary intake (a nice way of saying we often made (make) not-so-healthy choices with food!)..

We spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on Nutrisystem and other approaches in order to (hopefully) learn that we can control food..

In the best outcomes, it works! We learn, we practice, we change and *poof* we get thinner.. in that best outcome scenario, why would anyone continue to "need" diet soda or convince themselves that the misunderstanding/misuse and over-reliance on diet soda is "just fine", while already agreeing that the misuse of foods and improper foods is not okay?.

So again, regarding diet drinks...what's the point? If a person can't control a "need" for a diet drink, they are going to be successful at controlling their issues with food? I'm not so sure I buy that one..

Of course it's your money and your body and you get to pick. Whatever you choose can be just fine for you. Many here have been very successful at weight/diet management and continue to have a lot of diet drinkssome are even somewhat addicted to those diet drinks and doing fine otherwise..

But my question is why not take control and demonstrate learning and make the whole change?.

If you can't say "no" to a diet drink every day, can you really say "no" to those donuts (or whatever)?.

Best of luck to you.


Comment #7

I drink a diet soda occasionally but not near as much as I have in the past. There are times though that those old cravings for cookies, candy, etc. creep back up and I find a diet A&W rootbeer is all I need to move beyond that sweet tooth. For me it's a better option than my old habits. Water is still my mainstay drink though...

Comment #8

You make a good point J. We're trying to take control of what we put in our mouth: how much we eat, how healthy our food is, etc. So yes, ideally that should transfer over to what we're drinking too..

I personally just can't choke down 8 glasses of water a day. Some days I OD on it and just can't handle anymore. In those situations, I sometimes (but very rarely) go for the diet Dr. Pepper if I'm still thirsty. I'm not going to force *anything* down my throat, not even water.

If the problem is that you don't like constantly drinking just plain, boring old water, you can try adding Crystal Light to your water. It will still count as one of your daily glasses, but keep in mind that they recommend the majority of your water intake is "plain" water..

If it's just that you absolutely need your diet soda, you might want to do some thinking on that. You're trying to take control of your life, not let your food rule you or your body. Don't let diet sodas do that either...

Comment #9

I won't completely drop soda. Last time I did I ended up coming back up in weight. I can't deny who I am or what I like, so instead I'll find a way to work off all the calories I am taking in as well as drink enough water to get rid of the water retention. Tryin my very first Cherry Coke 0. It's not terrible, but not my first choice for sures...

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