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Got a quick question: Did you see Kirstey Alley on her new Nutrisystem comercial? Thanks for any response. Second question of mine... Okay, no excuses, no legitimate reasons, and no lies! I am simply a lazy man, I am ashamed, and took the easy road yet again in my life! I feel like crap and honestly was afraid to show my face in this room again! I figure I need to suck it up and take my much deserved medicine like man! Im back and am ready to get the ball rolling again. Go ahead and give me what I deserve! Feel free to speak your mind!.

Sean, I need your great motivational PUNCH in the face right about now!..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

Comment #1

I need to see some plan, some actions, before I really think you have your head in the game. I want you to lose weight because I think it will be good for you. And it is motivational when I see other people do that for themselves. But I gotta see more than an "I screwed up, beat me" thread to see that you are really humping it and trying to make it work..

Write a plan for what you will do to avoid the same problems that happened before. "I sinned and will try to be good in the future" is not sufficient. You need to make some effort to analyze your tendancies and set up changes that pre-empt offplannedness..

To start, update that profile with current weight...that's reality. Write it down and look at it and make it public. You own it...

Comment #2

Welcome back, Scott! We all wondered what happened to you. No more's time to git r done...

Comment #3

Welcome back Scott. I hoped you'd be back. Now man up and get back the business of losing that weight. Thats why we're here...

Comment #4

I seemed to sneak in while you were away, write the plan and do it...

Comment #5

Glad to are ya back around, was wondering about that. Definitely update that graph with your current weight, that spike up should definitely serve as motivation to avoid another. It's an true shame that we keep losing men back to their old ways...

Comment #6

Scott! Welcome back man. Do update the graph. Ya, you may be hanging your head in shame, but it will keep you honest, and hey, the truth is the truth..

Good to have the courage to come back and do something about it though. FAR too many people screw up and then hide from that forever, so afraid to face that that they never even try to get in shape again. Glad to see you're willing to face the music and get it done. /salute..

Comment #7

Hey Scott, I too was wondering where you got off to, and feared that you slipped back into the cold clutches of Twinkies and beer. It's great to see you, although it's disappointing that it's because you fell off the wagon..

I agree with Poly, you need a plan, not for us but for yourself. Every one of us will backslide from time to time. The key is to catch it in a few days or weeks, rather than several months. The plan should address what happens when you have a set back. This helps you to control the amount of damage that you do. This sounds like planning to fail, but I prefer to think about it as being realistic..

Good luck!..

Comment #8

Welcome back..

Now get off your big butt & get with the program! Update that ticker; take a look at mine, I've been honest & the upward spikes really pissed me off, but they also served to motivate me...

Comment #9

Self honesty is vitally important to us guys in most things (okay, okay, we tend to not appreciate too much honesty in ONE area, but what are you gonna do?!)..

I agree with Poly. Admitting & confronting take some personal courage, are important, and are good starting points....but they don't accomplish anything other than some self-esteem account deposits..

If we were talking about being known as a liar, or a thief, or failing to pay billswe'd all agree that admitting those things is imporant..

But at the end of the day we're guys. If the person goes back to lying, stealing, or being a shlep about paying debtsthen nothing has really changed..

Too, I'm not a fan of long, drawn out and grandiose plans. They always seem overwhelming and they get hard for me to focus on..

"I'm going to be thinner for my daughter's wedding next Summer" just wouldn't work for me..

"I'm going to have a 100% day starting tomorrow morning" is something I can focus on..

"I'm going to go for that 2 mile walk after work today no matter what" is a goal I can see and work on..

So what about today and tomorrow?.

Just a thought or two, man. Keep it simple and dive in and push yourself. As I always say, "you deserve your best effort"..


Comment #10

Hey Scott. I'm glad you checked back in. Thought we killed you a few months back. We were all kinda nervous I think cause you were just starting out in the gym after never stepping foot in one..

Good to know that the only reason you dropped out was because you were a total dumbass. Not thinking about yourself or your daughters just about filling your pie-hole with crap. Nice job!.

Listen get your sh*t together man. This is easy. It's all up to you. We can't keep you from sabotaging your health. That's all you man. Keep this up and your daughters are going to be missing their Big Daddy a lot sooner than you think...

Comment #11

~ The truest characters of ignorance are vanity, and pride and arrogance. ~..

Comment #12

~ The need to be right is the sign of a vulgar mind. ~..

Comment #13

My appologies to the other teachers in here. This one is beginning to annoy me with her preaching..

I get it. It's summer break. You're bored. No worries ... Soon you'll be able to brainwash more 11 year olds with your dribble..

Understand this: These men need motivation to lose weight. Period. This is how men motivate each other..

Clear on this? Good..

Back to the ladies section please...

Comment #14

Welcome back, Scott! Hit it hard and you'll make up for the lost time..


Comment #15

You rock, Sean!.

Scott, get your butt back in here.....

Comment #16

Welcome Back Scott! We all go through times that are tough. I have had a miserable month and a half (not weight, but socially). I still check in here and still keep myself accountable to the SCALE! You are not doing this for anyone but yourself. Look in the mirror and decide whether that is ther real you. Since we already know the answer, we are expecting you to stick to it this time! This is a LIFE journey, not a Weekly or Monthly journey. These couple of months off will not kill you in the long run, but you have to get back on the band wagon!..

Comment #17

This has nothing to do with motivation for men Brightboy. Just think about how you have spread your cheer over in the "ladies" section and maybe you'll get it.....then again, maybe not......

Comment #18

I'll break this down for you - into terms you may be able to relate to: What you're doing is the equivalent of, say ... Sandra taking Michaels crayons without asking. Dig?.

This is Scott's thread. Not yours - don't hijack it to attack me..

If you have a problem with me that you need to vent about - start a.

"Sean Lowry is an A$$hole".

Thread. Hell, I'll even pop in from time to grace you with my presents (and yes .... I did that on porpoise). Damn! I'm just dieing to know what I did to get you to start stalking me in a nutritional webboard??!! This is funny as hell!.

Back to you, Scott!..

Comment #19

Right on, Robert. Hey - look at your ticker! You're doing a GREAT job maintaining, man!! Good to see you..


Comment #20

1. Looks like Bigdaddy bailed again..

2. I think that girl likes you, Sean...

Comment #21

Seems like everyone who has said they're back has bailed...

Comment #22

Maybe he's been on an elliptical? With no time for updates?.

I'm trying to be more positive...

Comment #23

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