Did Kirstie Alley really use Nutrisystem?

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First of all Did Kirstie Alley really use Nutrisystem? Looking forward for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. Wanna know what I think of weigh-in's? Good! Read on:.

It's true that us guys can expect to see a 6-12+ pound loss in each of our first 1-4 weeks on plan .... much more if you have over 75-100+ lbs to lose. After that everything will level off and you'll lose 2-5 lbs per week - which it STILL a TON of weight so don't b*tch about it!.

Now that that's outta the way .... Don't put too much emphasis on the scale after the first 3-4 weeks. I know it's fun to see the weight melting off of you right now but things are going to level off sooner than you think -.

This is when you really have to stick to your guns!!!.

You're body will be changing, sh*t's just shifting around that's all. You'll notice that the scale may not move as much but your clothes will literally be falling off of your body. It's just what happens so deal with it. If you're following the plan 100% but the scale's not budging and it's bothering you DITCH THE SCALE!! Don't let those little numbers get inside your head and start f*cking with you! Remember what I've said: If you don't cheat, and if you follow the plan 100%.


If you hit a plateau just ride it out. Could take a few days ... could take a few weeks but it'll pass..

NOTE: If you're lifting weights or doing some other types of exercise you'll really notice this. You'll hit a pretty hard plateau and stick there even longer ..... but no worries! Good things are happening. You're going to be holding water in your muscles finally!! It's OK!! You're looking better and you're feeling better. F*CK the scale! Keep with the program (man I've had a TON of coffee today!!).


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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1

Let me add on:.

Guy-weight also just fluctuates a lot. Personally, I think the scale deserves attention maybe once a week and then it's just sort of keeping "general info" on progress..

I can go up or down 2-3 lbs in 24 hours even when I'm doing things 100% over the course of days. Doesn't matter..

I've gotten to the point where I sort of take an average every week or so and don't sweat it too much. The weight is generally trending down and the individual trip to the scale just doesn't mean much..

Give you an example! This is the past 2-3 weeks..

Day 1: Monday 9:00am 211.1#.

Day 3: Wednesday 8:00am 209.3#.

Day 5: Friday 8:45am 208.5#.

Following week......

Day 1: Monday 8:30am 208.00#.

Day 3: Wednesday 9:00am 209.8#.

Day 4: Thursday 10:00am 210.2#.

Following week.....

Day 1: Monday 8:40am 208.2#.

Day 3: Wednesday 8:25am 207.9#.

Day 5: Friday 9:30am 208.3#.

So what is my actual weight? Who cares? I started at 252.0# in February so it's "better" (lol)..

Down 2 lbs, up 2 lbs..the trend is mostly in the right direction and I'm working on it..

The scale (to me) is a tool. It's not accomplishing a damn thing. It just measures..

I accomplish things. I eat right (or don't), I drink the water, I exercise, limit foods, measure, deny myself, applaud myselfso I accomplish..

Screw the scale. It's not that valuable at the end of the day in some ways..

My 2 cents.


Comment #2

Points well taken but for some of us fat forkers strict adherence to a consistent use of the scale is an absolute necessity. Using the mirror test won't get it because most of us tubbies have warped vison when it comes to seeing our healthy size. I know what happened last time I stopped the daily weigh ins, I started letting little cheats become big cheats and gained approx 100lbs. Your Mileage May Vary (I hope it does) but I will probably be a slave to the scale for a long long time, maybe forever. I was ok with the plateaus last time but looked forward to seeing when the dam would break and the scale would move...

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That, my man .... is why we.


Comment #4

As my Grandfather used to say,.

That is No..

Comment #5

My wife is On Program too, with similar results. It's tough for those who are slow losers..


Comment #6

Has she called a Nutrisystem counselor? Sometimes you think you doing everything right and found out something small you are doing is wrong or the counselor might give some ideas of how to change things up, worth a call...

Comment #7

Well, we're following all the rules... I will ask her to make the call. Thanks!.

(she's not fat like me.)..

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