Dessert suggestions for Nutrisystem?

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Hi , I am running out of my desserts and breakfasts- I know I can use Special K with extra protein in place of a breakfast entree but I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for what I could use for a dessert. Are there any store brand cookies that match Nutrisystem stats?..

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Your question was: Dessert suggestions for Nutrisystem?.

I thought it was a dairy and a carb..either way I was hoping for a cooki e..

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You can use South Beach high protein cereal bars for either breakfast or dessert...

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Thank you-now that sounds much closer to a cookie!..

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Or a Luna bar. They are very good and high in protein...

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Some stores have Chef Jay's cookies in the health food section. Mine does. Or you can order from here. They have a variety of kinds. Some like the lite bites but I get the ones two to pack and only eat one. They have a sugar free now also.


Dessert is a protein/dairy and fruit or Carb and fruit..

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Thanks everyone for the info. Do you think the Atkins Day break bars fit?.

Calories 150.

Fat 7g.

Sodium 160mg.

Carb 14g.

Fiber 8g.

Protein 10g..

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Dietary services said the dessert is 1 dairy and a carb, can it also be a dairy and a fruit, or a carb and a fruit?..

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One dairy and one carb would be a bit to many calories. I think you better double check on that again cause I have never heard that before...

Comment #8

Counseling told me that a protein and fruit was o.k. instead of dairy and fruit. Both give protein. I like the Wonderslim protein shake with unsweetened fruit, or the Wonderslim microwavable chocolate cake with the unsweetened fruit...

Comment #9

There are a few Snickers Marathon bars that fit the stats. One is chocolate...I've only been able to find them in WalMart..

Comment #10

I think it's OK to just find something, anything, that is 150 calories or less and 10g of protein or more. Easy when you simplify it like that...

Comment #11

Birdie - Which stores do you have that carry the Chef Jay cookies? I love those things and would love to be able to buy them at a local store instead of ordering from netrition..


Comment #12

From Chef Jay's website:.

All Vitamin Shoppes, some GNCs, Ballys, Nutrition Express, most gyms and Health and Fitness stores, sell our products...

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We have a store called Hy Vee here in the midwest. It carries a couple of kinds but rather expensive. I order them from Netrition but if you need them in a pinch, it is good to check the store...

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That is Eric Northman (aka Alexander Skaarsgard) of the HBO series True Blood..

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We have Vitamin Shoppe in a nearby town (about an hour away), so next time I am that way, I will check it out. Thanks!.

No Hy Vees in our area, but maybe I can find some at the Vitamin Shoppe to tide me over until I order from netrition again. Thanks Birdie!..

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That's great to know. I order from the website but always end up ordering too much and they get a bit stale if I don't eat them quick enough. So, I freeze them.

I've ordered the LITE bites and the regular Tri-O-Plex cookies that come two servings in a pack and only eat one. I've also ordered their Carb Counters Granola cereals (Apple Berry is my favorite). Most granola cereals are very high in calories. This is a great snack... 1/3c is 84 calories & 9g protein and very filling and crunchy. Add in 1/2 cup skim milk and you have a 124 calorie snack...

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Yep, Eric is now on my hotty list. Thanks for the info on the protein/dairy and fruit as a stand-in for dessert. But I'm curious about why you are running out of desserts and breakfasts. See, when I just started and hadn't read the meal planner yet, I made the mistake of eating too many desserts in one day for a couple of days. OOOOOPS. That's a real fantasy, right? Anyway, I haven't run out of them since I corrected that...

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I run out of desserts and breakfasts b/c if I go out to eat it is usually for dinner and also we are on vacation so I try to stay on program all day and then for dinner do a dinner on my own following the Nutrisystem guidelines-so I end up with all these xtra dinners and keep pushing back my order until I use them up...

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