Defective Medifast Nacho Cheese puffs?

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I am not sure this is the right place to address this but I opened a package of Chili Nacho Chesse Puffs that had only about a third of the normal puffs but several huge clumps of the seasoning that probably made the weight accurate. The clumps were not round like the puffs and were different sizes but all were held together with something that seemed oily. They were extremely salty since it was pure seasonings. I was just curious if anyone else had a similar problem. It is no big deal to get an occasional bad bag but if a lot of people were getting just one bad bag and medifast didn't know it about it they could not address the problem. If medifast monitors this site the 2 numbers stamped on my package were 15909 and 060810...

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I just got mine and opened one. They were all right and I like them much better than the pretzels which were awful. I did have different code numbers. Hope this helps...

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Blondie - Call customer service and have your replaced. They should take car of the issue..

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I got pretzels that were burnt and had a ton of sugar on the bottom and they were super skinny. I called they replaced em...

Comment #3

I second the calling suggestion. I don't believe customer support regularly monitors the forums, so they won't know about the problem unless you call to let them know...

Comment #4

Call CS and tell them to send you out replacements. THey did this for me when I got a box of cheese puffs with barely any cheese on them!..

Comment #5

It sure seems like they are having a lot of problems with these new products this time around!..

Comment #6

I had the huge clumps in my honey pretzels. I still ate them tho..

Comment #7

My concern is not with getting them replaced. I did eat them although I probably didn't get exactly what I was supposed to nutritionally out of that particular package. My concern is that everyone needs to let them know when there is a problem even if it is just one package and not assume it is just a fluke. Unless everyone reports it they will not know the extent of any problem and therefore be unable to correct it. I also received a package of Honey Mustard pretzels that seemed over browned but it wasn't as bad as these cheese puffs. I am still thrilled with the new products....I just want to help them tweak any problems in production...

Comment #8

My cheese puffs in both flavors are fine from the order I just received...

Comment #9

I got a bag of burnt ones and rejoyced! I love that roasted taste... LOL It was the best bag I've had!..

Comment #10

Well looks like quality control still can't get these right!! Just opened two different boxes today and they either had little to no cheese coating, or all of it was at the bottom of the bag. Such a shame they can't fix this issue because they used to be my favorite meal!! I guess I just won't order them anymore, because I never know what I'm going to get!!..

Comment #11

That stinks Cheryl! the ones I ordered a few weeks ago seem to be okay. but I did get slightly over cooked, dry honey mustard pretzels.. I won't order them again, I had to choke them down with water. flavor was there, but they were like chewing on gravel. LOL..

Comment #12

My chili cheese puffs are missing the seasoning. They taste more like the Parmesan ones which I don't like. Maybe I should mail mine to you, have you toss them together in a bowl, repackage my portion and send it back!..

Comment #13

Definitely call, report the problem, and give the box number to the customer service rep. I had a problem a couple of weeks ago and the rep said that she wished that more people reported any problems. Granted not all reps are necessarily going to be like her, so insist that they take the box number. Really it's the only way to quality control quality control, in my opinion...

Comment #14

Yeah I had that issue before but not as bad though....if you call customer service they work with you if you get the right person if not hang up and recall back lol..

Comment #15

I ordered 3 boxes of both puffs at once. I noticed that the chili puffs are smaller and you get more. The parm ones are bigger and you get less I have found a chunk of seasoning in 2 bags from the same box and there was one bag that looked really low like I got jipped on puffs. Oh well..if I open another box like that I will def call...

Comment #16

I had a glob like that in my parmesan cheese puffs bag the other day. It was just one glob but I didn't realize that it wasn't a puff and I ate it. It was a glob of the seasoning and was really salty and kind of oily. But that is the first time that has happened...

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