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I'm in the process of getting a dedicated server from and I am planning to get a single processor-single core box to start off with..

The specs are:.

Celeron 2.0+ processor.

512mb ram.

80gb hard disk.

750 gb bandwidth.


I have an option to double either the ram, hard disk or bandwidth at no charge. OR I can get a processor upgrade to a P4 from the celeron..

As I'm thinking the bandwidth and hard disk is sufficient, it boils down to either:.

1) Ram upgrade.

2) processor upgrade (celeron -> p4).

Anyone have specific advice on how upgrading each of these options will enhance the performance?.

I will have static HTML pages and some flash video streaming running on these servers.


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I run a website that had around 100,000 page views a day and a shitload of image hotlinking (part of the business model) at it's peak. I would suggest definately upgrading the ram... that will allow the server to cache commonly accessed data so it doesn't have to read it from the hdd every time. I have a dual xeon cpu and mysql alone is currently using 50% of it, my site is heavily php\mysql oriented.. so if you have static html mostly then I wouldn't worry about the cpu, apache is only using a few percent of the cpu. My advice is to just up the ram.....

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Tks for the advice. I figured the RAM would be the way to go...

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Andrew -.

Any particular reason using The Planet/EV1?.



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Yes. Get more ram..

I've got an Accelerator from Joyent with the whopping amount of 256mb ram. I can run a couple of Wordpresses on there, *maybe* a Rails-app. But then the limits kick in, and WP starts giving me blank pages when running out of memory. Oh, well... Its a free server...

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I had another VPS provider, but wasn't really thrilled by their post-sales tech support..

I asked for non-sequential IPs and they said "no, it couldn't be done"..


After asking around, one of my contacts is running pretty heavy duty stuff over at theplanet and he's happy with them..

I have done the rounds at webhostingtalk too..


The other major factor is that my india tech team works very closely with techs over at theplanet, so it seems the best now..


Incidentally if anyone needs a server admin, shoot me a PM..

My india partners do system admin too..

They also do app dev on php, asp and vb for a number of internet marketers, and i'm helping them get the word out...

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I hope the ticket on that server is like $49.99/month. Because that's a shitty rig... if you're moving to dedicated from vps, in most cases you want something in the $150-$250 range, which normally would be single processor, quadcore, 2gb ram, 80+gb (7200rpm) hdd, and 500gb-1tb bw..

I use softlayer exclusively...

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Yea, I'd recommend Softlayer over The Planet. Softlayer is much better.

Def go with double the RAM. Check out Softlayers prices before you signup w/ the Planet.

Also, don't purchase any of the Planet's managed services. If you want your server managed, pm me...

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If you need something in Europe, check out these guys: Hetzner Online AG: Root Server..

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Http:/// <- check daily. They have a similar system each week, for like $29.95 or $34.95..

All unmanaged, so that's something to think about. Also, NO CONTRACTS. Monthly!..

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If your looking for a server around or above $150/month softlayer dominates...

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Tks for the suggestions all..

I've been using shared hosting till now, so this is the first dedicated box i'm getting..

Probably gonna get a lower grade box to start off with, and do a major campaign in mar/apr when i'll get another one..


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Go with they are a subsidiary of (who I think are like THE best hosts in the world!).

But VPSLink offer no software support.

So if you are like an expert with linux, and the prompt, it's just like having your own box!.

You even have to install the OS yourself!.

Rates start from $7.95 a month for a dedicated box!.

For those who know their technical side of things this is the go!!!!! essentially your not paying for every other person that rings up and goes "how do I install a domain" or "what is root access" or "this script says I need to change php.ini" or "whos melissa?".

If you just understood what I was on about, go with you have the technical knowledge to keep a box running on the software side of things (the trick is to not do anything stupid!)..

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If you're running a celeron processor, you might as well go save yourself some money and just get a graphing calculator; they have roughly the same limitations..

If you want a decent dedi, PM me...

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To serve html and flash files you don't need a faster CPU, nor more ram probably, but if I had to get one of them free I'd go for double ram..

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With india tech team it doesn't matter what you got :-)).

And when they are close to thePlanet - so you're on instant india hook, so to speak..

The Planet sucks. Somehow it is not what it used to be.

Btw, why do you have to rent dedic offshore S'pore ? There're plenty great offers, nice uplink and less communication problems. Also - TimeZone, much more indians around, you can buy your own server at Dell or HP and shove it into the rack.

That's what I did and happy..

And, if somebody needs hardcore admins (not wannabee, but serious folks) PM me. I had my admin farm of choice...

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A good outsourcer with a large enough team can cater to your time zone so that isn't an issue..

I don't think hosting in singapore is smart because with the taiwan earthquake, the submarine cables were taken out and internet was majorly screwed for 2 weeks after..

There was another earthquake more recently, and the outage was a couple of days too..

IMO it only makes sense to host in the US...

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Couldn't agree more - Softlayer rules. ThePlanet has a decent network but you'll find SoftLayer far better even if you buy their cheapo, $179 a month server (which if I remember correctly blows your specs in the OP out of the water)...

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I've heard softlayer is realll good..from A LOT of people.. go with the RAM upgrade over the CPU upgrade...

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I'd go with the RAM upgrade too. Heard lots of good stuff about Softlayer, or for the more budget-concious I can recommend DediCentral (who I'm with) - Sempron 2600, 2Gb RAM, Cpanel - $110/month, very helpful too and it's nice to support a small business that values their individual customers more than a big corporation could. (Please put me as referrer if you use 'em!)..

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Honestly, I'd say it depends what kind of apps will get the most runtime. For example, any PHP app getting hammered will use a lot of CPU. And more important than server stats is configuring Apache, PHP, and your database properly. A nicely tuned but inferior machine can outperform something that's put together with default options..

Also, traffic is important. All the RAM in the world won't help if your CPU can't keep up with the packets. Your network port is important as well: 10mbit vs 100mbit..

If you can afford the extra $100+/month, get a beefy machine, you'll appreciate it when you grow, and so will your viewers. The difference between "adequate" response time, and "lightning fast" is a powerful psychological tool. Also, don't forget your backup options get a 2nd hard disk and do your own backups to it, or use your provider's backup services. Do NOT ignore backups!..

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Yes, indeed. tune up the server (better by your hands), install correct mods, don't forget to get rid of that African, SE Asian and Arctic traffic, again, do some PHP research and you might have your self nice device.

Also - about backups. I think mirror-RAID is ok with Tape strimmer. Can you get it - then get it installed.

And instant updates for your *nix, apache and whatever you run. If indians can do, so you too ;-)..

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If anyone's looking for some good european servers i'd recommend

They give out 2,5 tb bandwidth and a Dualcore Pentium 2,8 for 95 eur ($150). I have never had any downtime in the 4 months i've been with them and it's always been fast..

If you need a bandwidth eating machine you should check out , I haven't tried them myself but they're really cheap for unmetered 100 mbits.....

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If your site is too big for shared hosting, then getting a celeron will make your pages take forever to load. If your budget is that small get a nice VPS; at least they have decent speeds..

If it's not a P4 or above it's not even worth the trouble..

I use ResellersPanel's 8 Core server for a free hosting site, and it does a great job. I'd recommend them..

If not, then use SoftLayer. They are much better than ThePlanet...

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This machine would run super sluggishly!.

I'd suggest you get your self a higher CPU too .... you'll have to shell out a few $$$ more /mo...

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