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Okay, all you old it is, the day of my BIG AF PT TEST AND WEIGH IN!! This is the day that originally got me started on my Medifast journey...I am excited and REALLY SCARED at the same time. I'm UNDER the weight (thanks to all of your support) and am pretty sure I can pass the push ups and sit ups....BUT - as someone who has NEVER been confident of my physical abilities, I'm STILL not convinced in my mind that I am going to PASS!!.

Just had to freak out here a little bit before I go get my PT uniform on and head in to base. My poor DH and 6 year old DD are thouroughly SICK of hearing me wig out by nowm as you can imagine. I've done what I can do, right? I've lost weight, I've worked out and built myself up so that I KNOW I can do at LEAST 12-15 guy pushups (I need to do at least 11) and I KNOW I can do 30 situps (I need to do at least 24) so why am I worrying...? AH - that fear of failure we've all had, and those failures I KNOW I've had over the years with diets, etc., have me so scared that my stomach is in a knot! I am trying to choke down my shake/coffee, and can hardly manage!.

Okay, off into the breach, dear friends! <grin>..

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I'm not an old-timer here, but I wanted to say GOOD LUCK!! My fingers and toes are crossed for you, LOL!..

Comment #1

I know you'll be fine. Just breathe You've done so well here, you know you can do this too. Anything you put your mind to...Good Luck! Go show them what you're made of!.


Comment #2

Hey, the day has come huh?.

U lost what you needed. Congrats..

Comment #3

Good luck! I'm sure with all your preparation, everything will go well!..

Comment #4

You'll do fine! Let us know how it went as SOON as you get home...k?..

Comment #5

Good luck! You can do it and you WILL do it. Congratulations on making weight...

Comment #6

Go Sue! You'll do great. Please update us on how you do!..

Comment #7

You can do it, Sue! The hardest part of passing that test was getting your weight down, and you tackled that with flying colors. Can't wait to hear how you blew it away!..

Comment #8

Go get em', Girl! Let us know how it goes...

Comment #9


I'm rooting for you!.

From one true blue to another, I KNOW you can do it!.

Pleeeeeeeease let us know how it goes!..

Comment #10

Wow! I'm so impressed. You are going to feel so elated when you are all done with the process and have PASSED!!..

Comment #11

Based on what you posted you should go in there confident and proud of how far you have come and what you have accomplished. Post again later AFTER YOU'VE PASSED!.

Go get 'em girl...

Comment #12

Can't wait to hear the good report! Knock their socks off!..

Comment #13

You're gonna kick butt Sue!!! You KNOW you can do the requirements so stop wigging out. I expect to see that you passed with flying colors and that you don't understand why you were so freaked out about it..

Comment #14

Can't wait till she updates this. What an awesome moment that's going to be after having worked so hard...

Comment #15

You're going to do great!!!! I'm so thrilled you're under the weight!..

Comment #16

You're going to do like 50 push ups. They'll be yelling "you're done, you're done" and you'll just keep going lol! All that adrenaline! You got this in the bag, woohoo!..

Comment #17

Praying for your success! Can't wait to hear how you did!!..

Comment #18

THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR WONDERFUL THOUGHTS - I just got home and, I PASSED!!! THEY WEIGHED ME AT 149!!! (IN PT CLOTHES - I weigh myself nekkid, lol and haven't seen 149 yet) Holy SH*t batman, I don't think I've weighed that since I was 19! (I'm 42) The PT test test was hard, but I did 36 pushups and (only) 27 my final score was 83, but anything over 75 is passing. I am so relieved! I am the worst about psyching myself out; I have no confidence about physical stuff. Maybe I can keep on top of this now for a little while...but tonight, I GLOAT - and THANK YOU ALL...

Comment #19

Hooooooorrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaayyyyyy for you! We knew you'd kick some serious butt. Congrats on the 149 very cool!..

Comment #20

And thank you so much for sharing that! I got a real thrill out of your success...

Comment #21

Congratulation for passing your PT test. Being former USMC myself I know just how stressful those can be. Enjoy the moment, there are too few victories out there not to celebrate those we earn...

Comment #22

Wow! You get to stay in the AF, you got healthier, and you kicked butt. Yay for you!..

Comment #23

Congratulations! Can you tell me what PT is and what the test is for? What does it let you do? I am clueless, I know...

Comment #24

WooHoo!!! Congrats on kicking butt! I'm so impressed and inspired!..

Comment #25

That is FANTASTIC!!! Way to go Sue!!! You kicked PT butt today!!! Woohooooo!!!..

Comment #26

That is SO INCREDIBLY AWESOME. What more is there to say other than: GO you!!!!!!..

Comment #27

PT = Physical Training...basically, the AF changed their PT standards and made them MUCH more difficult in July of this year...what that means is that EVERYONE in the AF has to take a test to assess their physical fitness every six months now. Our command saw the change coming, and gave everyone from July of this year to YESTERDAY to be able to pass the new fitness standard. One of the new parameters of the test was what they call an abdominal circumference measurement - e.g., they measure everyone's waist and gives you points based on, for a woman, if your waist is less than 29", you get 20 points...but if your waist is over 35.5, you get 0 points. What's more, if your waist is that measurement, then you FAIL the WHOLE test! (you have to get a minimum score in each component as well as get a 75 or greater total.).

See why it is so stressful!?? That waist measurement is kinda subjective, based on whose doing it, etc., and there's no recourse if you can get kicked out of the AF if you fail 3 times...and, once you fail, you have 42 days then you have to test again!!....I DID NOT want to go through that.....

Crazy, huh??..

Comment #28

Congrats Sue! Way to go! I'm proud of you for beating your goals!.

So they don't even do a full tape test anymore if you are over the weight? Just the waist? Scary!..

Comment #29

Wow! That must have been extremely stressful for you to go through that for the last several months. But you passed and are healthier for it too! Congratulations again!..

Comment #30

My (un-officially adopted) daughter is in the army. She's a tiny Korean girl, and she FREAKS OUT every PT test! (She used to have no upper body strength.).

Again, I'm so inspired by you!..

Comment #31

That was me, too - and I was in the Army on active duty for 10 years...then got out and joined the AF...and although I can work up to doing push-ups, I'm not as young as I used to be...

Comment #32

Okay this is so random, but pittiekisses, I'm jealous of your unoffical adopted Korean daughter bc I'm Korean too and NOT tiny! :P I will be though! :P..

Comment #33

WAY TO GO, SUE!!!!!!!!.

With all you have accomplished and your preparation, there was no way that you could do anything but pass.


Comment #34

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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