Day 5 on Nutrisystem & I've gained weight!

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I've been doing the program the way it's been laid out for 5 days now but I've gained about 2.5 lbs. I hope it's only because my body is in "shock" due to the calorie reduction but was curious if anyone else experienced it?.

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Not exactly. Had a quick start and then got stuck - gain a lb, lose a lb. Still seem to be doing this, but finally after two weeks I can start to see it in a downward trend. Only 6 lbs so far after two weeks, but definitely starting to feel like this is actually working..

One thing a lot of members will tell you is to stop getting on the scale daily. Your weight will fluctuate. I have a hard time with this, but after my two week weigh-in tomorrow, knowing I am trending in the right direction, I kind of want to stay off it just to see the bigger picture in another week or so from now..

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I was actually worried about gaining after eating this much food today. I followed the book exactally as it said and have faith this is going to work. I think maybe the body does go into shock after actually eating food and will level out after a few days. I look at everyone elses post and it works for them so I am sure it will work for me. I didn't get to 203 over night so I guess this life style change will be the best for me. I am usually starving here at this time and right now couldn't eat a bite if I wanted to.

I measured everything pre prepped my food for tomorrow and going to keep the faith this is going to work. Could someone please tell me how to add the tickers? I gave up on uploading pictures because I have dial up and it times out before it finishes..

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This is form Barbara (our resident cheerleader!) ....

How to Make a Ticker in Your Signature.

1. Click on any of our tickers that are from Ticker Factory, or go to I would avoid the Nutrisystem tickers as they do not automatically update like the ones from Ticker Factory..

2. Under Weight Loss and Fitness, click the Weight Loss button and follow the instructions to create your ticker. At the end of their process, select (double click on it) and then copy the ENTIRE bbCode..

3. Go to the top of a Discussion Board page, and click User Preferences. It is in the left of the dark bar below the words Discussion Board..

4. Under Settings & Options, click Edit Signature..

5. Paste your bbCode from Ticker Factory..

6. Click the Save Signature button at the bottom..

7. To update the weight each week, click on your ticker in one of your posts, enter your password, and update your weight. You don't have to recopy the bbCode! Just go back to the boards and hit your keyboards refresh button (F5 key), and your ticker will be updated!.

After you change your change, come back to your post and just hit the <F5> key, and it will update automatically. You do not have to edit your signature.

Best wishes on your weight loss journey..

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I think one of the things we should remember is that in the days prior to NS, we likely had ups and downs of a pound or two in a couple of days. We just never paid that much attention to it. It is primarily the normal fluctuations that take place. Now that you are on NS, you are expecting an immediate drop and continued loss. How fast you lose is determined by your beginning weight and amount of water drunk before you began the program..

The number on the scale will always fluctuate; look for trends and if you have not already done so, take your measurements. Sometimes, you will be losing inches when the scale says you are not losing pounds. Look at other factors such as how the clothes are fitting..

Be patient with yourself!.

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Ok here goes. Let's see if I have actual ticker. Thanks so much for all the info..

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Oh my gosh it works!!! Now if I can just get a picture to upload in my advatar. I don't have it saved anywhere like snapfish or anything so I don't have a code. If someone can cheer me thru next phase it will be greatly appreciated!!1.

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Thanks for the ticker instructions. Now I just have to get my food and start losing weight.

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When you run into Barbara (barshoo) on the boards - thank her!.

As for a pic. I downloaded my pic from fb, saved it on my computer, then uploaded it to NS. Sorry, cannot be any more specific.

Found this:.

Go to your ''my page''.

Click ''edit my page''.

On the left, under the blue head, click change picture.

You can add any picture you have on your computer.

Good Luck!.

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