Day 3 of Medifast and doing great!!?

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Hi guys!.

Just wanted to ck in and say hi...I finally got my box and started on Dec. 1st! Feeling ok, not hungry and when I have been, I just eat a Medifast meal and find I still have plenty left for the day, plus the L&G for dinner. I LOVE the convenience of grab some water a meal and go...I am often busy and running, so it's great!!.

I must say...What I am struggling with, is not going to the kitchen and just simply eating, cause I can...I keep asking myself when that feeling washes over me to eat, or snack, munch mindlessly, etc...Am I HUNGRY, or just wanna eat?.

So I am battling the emotional eating here by day 3, I KNOW it WILL pass and this is the tough part...I just need to get through one day at a time...It does feel good to be in control again and my tummy feels less bloated! I am excited to see the change begin.....

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Good for you mlmagic. You are doing well and asking the right questions of yourself. The emotional hunger does pass as do the reflexive food habits we have built up over the years. I am excited to see your ticker change over the next few weeks!..

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Thanks so much...I think where I would be had I decided to stick to the other millions of things I've tried....

It really is not about me "liking" it or not anymore, it's what I have to do, I need to get my health back! I am not gonna be old and sick...I still have time to make the change, really make the change... I too am excited just to get to onederland...not been there in about 12 years!..

Comment #2

Lysa, it sounds like you are off to a great start! I hear you about the health issue. I don't want to be old and sick either when there is so much of life to be lived.

Best of luck to you!..

Comment #3

Lysa, I'm so happy for you because 1) you FOUND Medifast and 2) you chose to do it.

Your post has reminded me of how long it took me to decide to do it. I discovered Medifast in January of this year...but didn't start until March 13th.

Yesterday I was looking at pictures of myself from last Christmas...and comparing them to myself today. I'm SO GLAD I talked myself into doing MF! Yikes!..

Comment #4

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Lao Tzu.

Way to go on starting your journey to a healthy life!..

Comment #5

Way to go! You can do this!! :-D Excited to see great things from ya in the weeks to come...

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Thanks everyone!.

The support and messages I have recieved is amazing! Such a great bunch of supportive online friends.

I am doing 4 here...I did have a major sweet attack last night...I craved sugar and food horribly and was just ravenous...BUT, I did NOT blow it!.

Having a family of 4 means there is FOOD everywhere! I shut the pantry and went right to my box...I made a double batch of Medifast shake cookies and ate them all...I figured I did go over in my 5 meals to equal 7, but it was way better than eating the other things that were around here! I was full and felt fine for the rest of the night. Hope it won't hurt anything that I did that, but for ME, that was success, because when those cravings hit, all I want is to eat and I stuck to Medifast food!.

Today seems better, I just have't to get through these first couple weeks.....

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The first week is tough! My advice is try not to have more than one of them! Stay OP and it gets easier and easier. One cheat sends many of us off the plan for days, weeks, even months..

You are doing a great job and congrats on not caving..

I still struggle with emotional hunger and probably always will. I'm learning I don't have to feed my inner child every time she cries! Eventually she shuts up and goes to sleep!..

Comment #8

Congrats on not giving in to your sweet tooth and choosing Medifast meals to quell the hunger! You made a wise choice, girl. Maybe you did go over your allotment of meals for one day, but so what. The alternative would have been disastrous. I commend you!!..

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