Day 2 of Nutrisystem and I am so hungry

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Help!! Need advise on getting over the hunger curve - will it subside as I get further into the program??..

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Your question was: Day 2 of Nutrisystem and I am so hungry.

Sweetie don't eat your fist. Nutrisystem was designed to help you be less hungry or not hungry at all. Post your day let's see what we can do to help...

Comment #1

Kimberly is right, post what you ate yesterday & we can help.

In general, try picking the food items w/ higher protein #s when you are hungry. Drink fluids every time you eat (helps keep the "full" feeling longer). Go for a walk- even a short one will suppress your appetite for a while..

This program is designed to keep you full, but the first few days can still be rough. Keep coming here for help & before you know it you will be fine!!.


Comment #2

If you're used to eating an "American portion" of food, your body may still think you're hungry. We tend to train our bodies to consume more calories. Your body, however, will adjust. Your body likes consistency, even if the consistency isn't very healthy for it.

Some people are used to not eating to lose weight, and complain that it's too much food! They adjust..

Some people say they can't snack all day, they're full! They adjust..

Some people say that they can't eat breakfast, it's too early! They adjust..

You'll be fine...

Comment #3

I can SO relate! If you want proof, check out a thread I started last week called "really struggling here." I was following the plan to a T, drinking all of my water, eating so many unlimited vegetables that the cost-effectiveness of this plan was tanking, and yet so hungry (and depressed from now obsessing about food and my weight) that I actually cried about it...twice. I even lost three pounds in two days and wasn't even happy about it because I was so miserable. And then, magically, a week passed and the hunger went away. So did the depression. I think my stomach shrunk. My sister has been on it for a month and told me this would happen, but I didn't believe her.

What you do have to look forward to is the first week is generally a big weight drop for people. I hit my first whole week weigh-in and found I had lost five pounds. Then I picked up a pair of jeans that I could barely zip up the week before...and they fit great. AND my hunger went away. Hang in there, and keep posting for support. I couldn't believe I was doing it, but it was amazingly helpful. You can do it!..

Comment #4

The first time around I was hungry all the time. I was just used to eating sooo much. I learned to be satisfied on less if you are spacing your meals appropriately and filling in with lots of fresh fruits and veggies that usually helps, but the best tip I can give you is drink lots of water. We often mistake thirst for hunger. I have found that if I drink a big glass of water when I find myself feeling hungry that usually does the trick. Then I can go into my next meal with much more control.

Like munching on raw veggies or finding some free foods. Hot drinks also work - like herbal tea or coffee...

Comment #5

It took me almost a month on the program to realize that I stay a lot more full if I break up my meals into two parts. For example, I have 2 lunches: the first one is protein + veggies and the second one is the Nutrisystem entree. That way you don't have to go as long without eating...

Comment #6

Heck I cried the 2nd day because I did not think I could handle the hunger pains... your body is used to alot more, but you will get over it in a few days to a week... I do eat all day with breakfast, am snack, lunch, pm snack, dinner and dessert... (sometimes I swap my dessert to the snack time because I am not usually that hungry at night as much as during the day) I always have lots of celery and carrot sticks cut up just in case I feel the need to feed... good luck and hang in there. I am making it and I am weak weak weak!..

Comment #7

Wow, everyone was so helpful! I'm running to get a more well rounded selectoin of add-ons to help. Its great to hear that I'm not alone in my experience - so thank you to everyone for a great first time posting, the community aspect is incredibly endearing...

Comment #8

Look for add ins with high protein and lots of bulk to them. And the unlimited veggies are definitely your friends right now.

Another thing to think about is that during this first week your body is de-toxing from sugar, carbs and too much fat. This can make you feel out of sorts and/or hungry. It helps when you realize that it's your body's way of trying to get you to eat what it was used to you putting into it. It's protesting. If you push through it, you will get to the point that it gives up and then you may find yourself having to push yourself to eat everything that you need to each day.

The hungry feeling will go away, if you stay on program, eat your add ins, and drink your water.

You might also want to check out this thread for more ideas:

Wishing you great success with your weight loss journey...

Comment #9

I do this too. You can do the same for breakfast. Not usually as hungry in the am so I have my Nutrisystem breakfast then save the fruit/ protien for later either for a bigger lunch or a before lunch snack so I am not too hungry going into lunch...

Comment #10

I was so hungry the 1st few days I kept looking at my pet rabbits and thinking "you're a protein right?" Ugh. It was rough. I don't have a magic bullet for you. I just kept telling myself to suck it up; that if I hadn't been eating like such a cow, I wouldn't be so hungry. The hunger went away a few days though...

Comment #11

I understand the hunger... day 1 here and all I can think of is the cruel joke on the packaging that says to refridgerate leftovers..... leftovers???.. I want to know if I can eat the

Comment #12

If I can distract myself, I stay less hungry. On days when I am home with nothing to do, I think about food more & am more hungry. I do the same as suggested above, I try to divide up the meals more on those days. I eat the veggies or salad an hour before the keeps me more motivated.

After the first couple of days, most of my hunger has subsided. I have been on almost a month, and less than once a week I am hungry..

I also try to kick up the water on days when I am hungry. Good luck!..

Comment #13

You ladies are so awesome!!! I just placed my order a couple of hours ago and I'm already reved up by reading these posts..... It's what we all need to hear - someone else's experience! I can't wait for my food to get here! I am expecting it to be a little rough at first, but I'm willing to hang in there and reap the benefit eventually!.


This is what I hope to look like!!..

Comment #14

This cracked me up too when I first read it!..

Comment #15

I struggle with hunger off and on..

There is a free food list, SF jello, boullion, popcorn, eat a little of those things and drink some water. It's on a thread.

It is good to get out of the kitchen, but that is hard for me as I am a stay at home mom and have to cook dinner for my family and do dishes. UGH!.

In a real pinch I have 3/4 of a Special K protein drink. It's something you add to water. One serving is 30 calories and has 5 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber. All that protein and all that fiber with lots of water helps..

We're all in this together. You can do it. I can too...

Comment #16

You girls are totally awesome...I just ordered mine Friday....I can't wait to start losing weight!!!..

Comment #17

I just saw this thread and started to laugh at your posts as I read them. To stave off hunger you need to spread things out so that you are eating something every two hours until you get over your detox period. Eat your breakfast item as it has some protien and fiber then your protein and then your fruit and then start on lunch and so and so on. Make your salads ginormous. Make your fruit selections and veggie selections with as much fiber as possible. DRINK DRINK DRINK YOUR WATER SO THAT YOU ARE LIVING IN THE BATHROOM until your body adjusts to the water and you will be fine after that.

Refrigerate the leftovers is just comical as I have NEVER EVER had a leftover..

If you are hungry you need to eat the unlimited veggies and do not deviate and eat off Nutrisystem as you will just continue to struggle with hunger because you are not detoxing( whoever said eat Special K or popcorn). THE KEY IS ONLY EAT WHAT Nutrisystem ALLOWS!!!..

Comment #18

There is a lot that Nutrisystem allows, though.

The popcorn and 3/4 of a special K protein water would be considered "free foods." A free food IS ok by Nutrisystem standards. It's 20 calories or less. You can have up to 3 free foods a day, no more than 2 at once. Some people like to use a bit of ketchup or mustard or other condiments as their free foods, but if you're really hungry, a handful of airpopped popcorn (no butter/oil) or something with a lot of protein would be a lot better for keeping a person full. For the record, I am on maintenance, have maintained for 2 years, and love the Special K protein water (pink lemonade is my fave!) and the 100 calorie bags of popcorn, which are big for a single serving..

Detoxing has nothing to do with feeling full. It's all about the amount of calories your body is accustomed to eating before feeling full. Detoxing has to do with "toxins" that are in your body, overworking your liver, escaping, and supposedly attracting fat to them. But all that is going on outside of your stomach..

I have no problems eating "processed" foods, fast foods on occasion, plenty of chemicals. None of my foods are organic. I drink green tea every morning and insane amounts of water, and that's as close as I come to trying to "detox." Last summer I was on a cruise and went to some seminar about toxins. They blah blahed about toxins in our food, make-up, lotions, etc. They measured the toxins in my body, hoping to make a big sale on their detoxing vitamins and supplements. But I was really low in toxins. They couldn't sell me their expensive detox procedure!..

Comment #19

I actually just did a search of the boards for "hungry" because I'm feeling the same way! I'm on Day 3 and it feels like the walls of my stomach are caving in on each other. I'm actually having a hard time focusing on work (hence, searching the Nutrisystem boards). It's really good to hear that it will pass. I've done Nutrisystem before, but I don't ever remember feeling like this. I'm also working out this time around, so that might be the reason. The only good thing I can say is that it is a "true hunger" and not just a drop in blood sugar.

With this, there's the definite desire to eat more, but I don't NEED to. I still don't like it. I know I can do this though, just gotta keep on trucking...

Comment #20


I am new (3 days in) and was wondering how flexible we are allowed to be with meal times and items. Can we break up breakfast and lunch into multiple meals and spread them throughout the day?..

Comment #21

I was one who felt really hungry the entire first week. But the reality was my body was suddenly adjusting to a big cut in calories, and the elimination of junk carbs, candy, ice cream, you name it! I had previously equated feeling 'stuffed' to feeling 'full.' So when I began eating normal portion sizes of healthy food, just enough to feel 'satisfied,' I thought I was still hungry..

It gets a lot easier!..

Comment #22

I must consider myself lucky. I am on Day 3 and I had to force myself to finish my dinner. And before this, I was hungry all the time. I hope this feeling continues throughout this process...

Comment #23

Well, this has been a fun read! I had a huge problem eating all the veggies and fruit at first. Some things that were not big on my previous list. I was not hungry, but wondered if I HAD to eat all those fruits and vegetables if I really didn't feel hungry-the answer is yes. And that feeling passed too. Now I eat EVERYTHING on my plan-and I have been 100% since I started. This is the last time I am doing this lose weight thing.

Mix up your foods throughout the day, eat your portions whenever, spread everything out, eat dinner for a snack, dessert for breakfast; it doesn't matter as long as you stick with the portions in your plan book. Eat it all by the end of the day; drink at least the recommended water spread out over the day. I have my plan book on the counter and check off the boxes and write everything down before I leave the kitchen. I don't want to even think about what is next or if I still have a fruit to go. I write it down and check the list often. At the end of the day, I log everything in the Overview on Nutrisystem and write down the total calories in the plan book-just for my own information..

This is the easiest 'diet' I have ever been on and I will be on it forever. health issues are disappearing, I am losing a 'results not typical' amount and feeling better all the time. The support at Nutrisystem will help you tremendously if you make up your mind that you are worth it and it is worth doing. It's no different than giving up anything bad for you. we have to give up bad eating choices. you will do this and be proud of yourself. pat yourself on the back for beginning the journey...

Comment #24

I was the other way around. I was so full I thought I couldn't eat it all, but I did and I got used to eating so much only the right things and not the wrong things. I have been on this over a year and still haven't been hungry. Everyone is different, just keep at it, it will work for you, Nancy..

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