Day 1 of Medifast: Still Hungry!

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Ugh! I am so hungry I have a headache.....and just thinking about food is making me salivate. I am on day 7....and I am more hungry today than any other day! I think I need a celery stick.........that is even making me salivate (celery has never made me salivate before! sad!)...

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Hang in there, I know everyone says this but it DOES get better. Have a snack, that always made me feel better and water water water. Good luck..

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Chew gum! You can do this! It really does feel good to lose the weight and you will be so proud of yourself!..

Comment #2

Do something to keep yourself busy. when I start to feel hungry I drink a tall cold glass of water and go clean out a closet, pay the bills, organize drawers...something to keep me busy until my next Medifast meal. hang in will get through it!..

Comment #3

You can do it! Also, try splitting up your lg! Oh and you will have your hungry days too!..

Comment #4

I still have days where I am hungry! I'll have a string cheese and that usually helps. Just have to subtract it from the L&G later..

Comment #5

Good suggestions........

I'll ate one of my "greens", and it did help.


Comment #6

Oops....I mean "I ate one of my greens".

...I really should check my grammar and spelling before I hit reply !!!!!!!!..

Comment #7

Hi Mel, I also found a cup of tea to really help whenever I'm really hungry...

Comment #8

Is this what I have to look forward too? Hang in there Mel. Tomorrow will be my entire 1st day. I am mailing my bank card to a relative tomorrow so I won't be tempted to use it over these next few days. Wish me luck...

Comment #9

No Jermit.. I think everyone is different... I have been on Medifast end of 4th week yesterday and I have never once been "starving". I space my meals out 2 - 2 1/2 hours apart. My family eats early (dinner) so it works out well. The first week if I felt hungry in between I would have a few Medifast soy crisp snacks...

And I mean a few, not the whole bag. One bag lasted 3 days for me before..

I was mentally ready for it.... I ate like total crap the week before, so I gained 3 lbs and felt horrible. I have been ready for a long time to take off the baby weight, as we are done having kids and my little one is 18 mo old.

Hang in there.... I lost 12 lbs and 1 1/2 pant sizes in a month and even though I am not where I want to be at the moment, I am moving forward. I am getting kinda discouraged, as my scale has not moved in 5 days ;(.

Started 6/28 - 171 lbs.

Weeks 1 - 4 = 12 lbs lost..

Comment #10

I have been hungry off and on. I find the closer I stick to the plan(watch the condiments and snacks) and drink lots of water, the less hungry I am. My husband started Medifast a week after I did and he complains every day about being hungry. Last night we were watching a movie and I was eating a bar. He asked me what I eating and why. I told him it was my final Medifast meal for the day.

I'm pretty sure that he ate a bar right after dinner. Didn't wait 5 minutes, never mind 2-3 hours. I try to make sure I keep them spaced out as close to 3 hours as possible. I don't always make it that far, but I do try...

Comment #11

Hello -.

I have had this issue and I doubled up on Medifast meals at one time. It really did the trick and I didn't have a problem with missing the meals that week. Also, Medifast states that if you need an extra Medifast meal during your first week to do it... It is better to do that than be hungry which gives you a higher likelihood of cheating....

Great work and keep it up!..

Comment #12

I am closing in on 7 months, not to scare a soul but I still am "hungry" more days than not. I don't know why. The feeling is controllable now though.

Hot tea and dill pickles have been my constant companions. They really do take the edge off...

Comment #13

I still get hungry too, at times. I do find that chugging some extra ice water fills my tummy up and running to the bathroom so much keeps me busy and my mind off of it!!!.

You got some really great suggestions tho, good luck to you!.


Comment #14

I find my self starving in the morning. I always have my L&G for lunch then I usually have to remind myself to eat. Thought I would throw that out there since I know alot of people do L&G for dinner...

Comment #15

I am on day 7 now and I feel the same way. I was wondering if most people see a big drop after having a day when they feel especially hungry...

Comment #16

Yeah, thought that I would add in here that it is just weird how our bodies go through these "hunger" spells like one day you can be starving marvin then the next you are full! LOL. wELL, I have been both and Im on week 10 and although it does get frustrating at times, but I can tough it out like I have been!.

I find that it's not worth to screw this all up over going off plan...especially with the costs and the economy the way it is, since I have a chance to lose this weight now, I'm definitely going to grab it this time!.

Hang in there you all you can all do this!..

Comment #17

I have 2 secret weapons against the hungries. I find the lean portion of dinner to be a lot of protein, so I often eat a half cup of eggbeaters scrambled up for a lunch or brunch snack and then reduce my dinner protein by 25%. Protein is a big appetite satisfier, and eggwhite is almost pure protein. Another good satisfier is good fats. You can have an oz (about 14) almonds. Eat them one by one slowly.

Another good trick is to split your L&G into a lunch and a dinner portion and when you add 5 medi-meals to that you really are eating every 2 hours all day. With 7 meals and all that water I find it hard to find time to be hungry...

Comment #18

I personally do this and I think it helps:.

I have soup for lunch during the week...I add to the soup, 1 serving of a green (now I am using asparagus) and 2 oz. of chicken breast. For dinner, I still have 2 servings of Green and 4 oz. of chicken left which for me is plenty. I find my soup is very filling. In fact it has been just about 3 hours since I ate it and I am eating a Medifast crunch bar just because it is time...not because I am hungry.

I also get a diet tea blend from Teavana which is awesome.

You can do this!..

Comment #19

Everyone is different but I usually get hungry on weeks that I lose more..

Some suggestions:.

I also eat soup for lunch a lot. It's more filling b/c it takes longer to eat..

Hot tea is your friend. So is a butt load of water. I try for 100 oz every day..

When I am really hungry, I go for higher quanity L & G b/c you can split them. For instance. Egg beaters for breakfast and then egg beaters for dinner. 2 cups is a ton..

Also I make shrimp salad sandwiches often. Take 1 Medifast oatmeal and make an oatmeal "bun" - add 2 oz of shrimp w/ 1 tsp of lite mayo and 1 shake of old bay. Hugely filling!.

Hope this helps...

Comment #20

I, unfortunately, agree with Lynne. I am starting my 8th month on MF, and I have been "hungry" probably more times than not over the course of that time. I have found that I am especially hungry now that I am hovering around goal. Don't know if there is any corelation. Also, in the last few weeks, I KNOW I am not getting enough sleep - 4 kids'll kill you! Anyway, it's beyond my control no matter what I try, but I have a 15 month old that just does not sleep through the night probably 3/4 of the week despite my best efforts. So many, many nights I am awake (not getting her though) listening to her play for hours.

As I lay there, my belly growls and by the time I start my morning at 6:30-7am, I am starving and having a very, very hard time making it to my first meal time which is usually around 8am, give or take. Sorry to digress - my point - there IS a study out there somewhere linking lack of sleep and obesity. Make sure you are getting the proper amount of shut eye..

And stick with it...I also find that after the days that I am hungriest I have a big weight loss. So there can always be positive!..

Comment #21

Tammy - I've taken your suggestion of having 1/2 c egg beaters and done it for the last two days. Yesterday I had the whole 1/2 c. at lunch w/ oatmeal made as waffles. Today, I had 1/4 c at breakfast with Medifast plain pancakes made as a "muffin", cut it in half, put eggs in the middle and had myself a little "egg McMuffin"!!! Had the other 1/4 c at lunch with my oatmeal waffles again. Yummy and filling, and it's easy for me to decrease my lean at dinner by 1/4 of a portion. Can't believe I didn't think of doing this before! I've been running as exercise and found that as I increased my time my hunger sometimes got out of control. I toughed it out, but see now I didn't have to do that at all! This is a perfect solution for me! Thanks!!!..

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