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First, meander over to TDNAM or other similar market and find a domain name for sale that probably had a C&D sent and was therefore deleted from their account, only to reappear on the aftermarket.

Take said domain name and buy it for $5 + Registration fee (Don't forget your coupon for 10% off! Thanks, Bob!).

Parks said domain name at Sedo, or just leave it pointing to GoDaddy's default parked nameservers.

Then wait...

In a few short weeks, you should have your very own UDRP!.


I still can't believe TDNAM and others don't police their listings at all... It's like throwing chum in the water around a bunch of sharks... All the newer-folk (So much nicer sounding than "newbs") are drawn to the promise of fast-cash by getting a great name that slipped by the old pros! I almost can't blame them... (I take that back; yes I can.).



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And this is why there needs to be class-actions suits against the drop companies, parking companies, and even registrars. They are not regulated in the slightest bit.

It's like gun-control without watching the gun retailers...

Comment #1

I would liken this to Kazaa, the company just provided the vehicle to share copyrighted materials (Just like SEDO provides the vehicle for listing domains). Kazza got slapped around good for providing the opportunity, I think SEDO should too. Accountibility should be key.

Derrrr.... it isn't my fault the TM domain was listed.... Der.

Disclaimer, using SEDO as an example, not out of dislike for them.. I actually sold domains there. But you could go Derrrrr.... Buydomains, Derrrr.... AfterNIC, Derrrrr Snapnames, Derrrr Godaddy... ( I could go on for a while)..

Comment #2

How are drop companies meant to know that a domain owner received a c&d before letting it drop? Last time I checked they were not psychic. Also consider how many domains they actually deal with on a daily basis, it would be extremely difficult to catch all domains that had a valid trademark violation. Also remember trademarks are usually reliant on the usage for the domain and not a blanket covering on all types of usage...

Comment #3

There are ways to check for TM's peter .... It doesn't really matter about the possibility of a C&D when it comes down to it. Several parking companies are starting to block them pretty well from what I've heard .... I think it's about time too. Too many Leeches in this industry still who have never built anything - They just profit off of others Work/Brands/ and Investments...

Comment #4

Yes it is fairly easy for a human to check several domains for trademarks (although time consuming) but drop companies are dealing with thousands on a daily basis. As can be seen from some sites that have automated systems recently, when using an automated system they flag up something because it contains a certain word, now that word can be a part of a bigger word and have a complete different meaning which should not be a part of the trademark.

Now for example say they did create an automated system and did it this way, what for example would happen if were to drop. The chances are an automated system would flag and block this as a trademark violation because of Apple inc. Now last time I checked apple inc. do not hold any trademarks with regards to fruit and veg. This is certainly not a potentially isolated incident.

Also now how would these companies block domains that would be classed as a trademark violation when the trademark is not actually a registered trademark (trademarks do not actually have to be registered it just strengthens them, a trademark can be binding through normal usage of the term).

I'm all for making the consumer aware of the potential problems but the onus does at the end of the day have to lie with the consumer on what domains they register...

Comment #5

Recently I suggested namecheap to a friend of mine and he tried to transfer his domain to namecheap. Unfortunately he wasn't able to do it. I tried the name myself with my namecheap account. During checkout it gives an erroy. Namecheap must have installed a robot check. This is the reply I got from namecheap: The reason you can not register/transfer the domain as it is banned is because it might contains a trademark within the spelling of the name you want to register.

I think this is the type of automated banning process you are suggesting. The program assumed there is no chance this letter combination might occur anywhere in any language at the end or at the beginning of a domain, but it does...

Comment #6

This is a money machine for the likes of godaddy.

Sell a domain for $9.99.

Charge registrant $30 service fee to put on hold status if and when UDRP filed..

Registrant cancels domain..

Godaddy gets parking revenue while in drop auction..

Godaddy gets auction revenue when sold, plus another $9.99 registration fee..

Restart the process over and over.

By parking for revenue or selling a domain in an auction, a registrar should be just as guilty of making revenue by profiting from the sale of a TM, especially if they have any way of knowing as in notification of the process. I'm guessing it's just a matter of time before an aftermarket registrar/auctioner gets sued for this.

Maybe a blacklist of exact contested domains should be created, somewhat like a TM search, but for registered or unregistered marks that have been contested by an owner. It wouldn't mean the domain couldn't be registered, since there are good reasons to allow multiple users of a mark in different industry or accepted use, but more of a warning that there could be a problem since it was release previously based on a TM holder request...

Comment #7

And that's why I refuse to consider Godaddy a serious registrar for domainers...

Comment #8

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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