GoDaddy customer service : Should I buy GoDaddy?? Craiglist Sends C&D To (Unofficial) Craiglist Blog

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First got this in Ars:

Actual source:


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No matter how it's worded..If it's verified to be true and he isn't making tons of money off it, I would suggest he get the domain to them

Comment #1

Pretty clear case here. the guy should just comply unless he rather have his 10 minutes of fame and pretend to be some martyr for the "little people"...

Comment #2

Agreed - - none of their business; not generic in my opinion...

Comment #3

Just my opinion, but I think craigslist will change their mind and not push the legal avenue, although I freely admit I may be wrong. The site looks more like a fan club of a website (as opposed to a person). It doesn't look like they are trying to make money, either. More like the opposite of a craigslistsucks type of site...

Comment #4

They had adsense ads up they removed before taking this public to the media. I went and looked at the cheezy craigslist real blog and they posted the pictures of the adsense on the site which shows ads to craigslist and craigslist tools etc. That will drive a big one up this dudes a$$ if he dosent give it up..

Comment #5

Just because you have ads on it doesn't mean he instantly loses if he can show that he merely was recouping costs (would have to show costs of running site versus revenue)... it's a tricky one imho in that they are going after a fan site, which in and of itself is alright, I think it will boil down to was he really trying to profit from craigslist.....

Comment #6

Ads show a commercial gain and the "recouping costs" arguement is a very weak one at best. It will be present, the domain owner is bringing in money based on the M, and that would be a true argument...

Comment #7

I think it's perfectly fine what dude is doing, I mean, if he was making CHA ching and I mean CHA CHING!!! then maybe it could cause an issue. But it does look like a fan site....

I think it's just a big boy (CL) tryin to get his off by bulling around the little guy....

Example, if I were to make a site (which there are many of) like - And made money from sold templates & widgets for myspace profiles, I am then making money off of MySpace's rep... so what, I get sued and shut down?.

I had a serious point when I started, but I think I got stray'd... But I hope you see my point.....

Comment #8

It doesn't matter how much money you are making off someone elses TM... making profit off anyone elses TM is a big no-no when it comes to domain disputes... I agree this one is shady though...

Comment #9

Here's a copy of the official C&D:


Comment #10

It seems Craigslist is willing to work with the guy and give him pointers even after using the site in a commercial manner...

Comment #11

So they are "talking" now? Not just being threatened with legal action? If so, that is excellent news. That is a win for the small guy.

I'm sure all the media didn't make any difference in the change in tone :wink:..

Comment #12

It seems Craigslist was willing to work with them even before the media picked up on the story, but the unofficial site screwed up by going to the media after making changes to all the infringing materials and then crying like little babies. Sorry, if they lose the domain, it would not bother me. They did use it in a commercial manner and did improperly use the TM. The fact they omitted mention of the wrongful usage shows me they may not be above board (see, this is where perception can sway a person's opinion... just imagine if I was in a position where what I said matters?)...

Comment #13

Sounds like CL has a case and aren't exactly being bullies. They do have a responsibility to defend their TM after all...

Comment #14

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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