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I just received a $35 off coupon for New Lifestyle diet program. It seems very similar to Medifast and I was wondering if anyone tried it or knows anything about it? Thanks for any help!..

Comments (36)

Never heard of it. Sounds like a knock off of MF. Why mess with the real thing?..

Comment #1

Much cheaper and could be an alternative for those that have to stop Medifast becuase of financial reasons...

Comment #2

The food is not NEAR as good as MF..

You get what you pay for. JMHO...

Comment #3

Also you don't get the vitamins and minerals like you do in Medifast. Medifast has been around for a high number of years and is proven to work. Doctors recommend it. All the knock-offs that pop up are just that...

Comment #4

I knew there was something else I had forgotten! Thank you, tatianna!.

Never did the plan, just alot of samples to try them out. No way Jose!..

Comment #5

I used the diet and lost weight. It is less expensive if you buy the biggest pkg. There are differences in the diet as they add fruit in the mix. The food was pretty good too..

I chose medifast again even if it costs more cause I feel I get better results with this plan...

Comment #6

Medifast is the ONLY weight-loss program with medically forumlated meal replacements available directly to consumers. That's why is it more expensive (and better IMO)...

Comment #7

Thanks - I bookmarked this just in case I can't afford Medifast in the future...

Comment #8

I was wondering that also why I have not found physician supervised weight loss clinics using medifast, but rather a different program. My local hospital has a program but it is something other than medifast. Just curious.


Comment #9

There are several clinics in our area that offer a variety of weight loss products and Medifast is one of them. I actually used to purchase my food (without signing up for their program which is very unusual) from one clinic until they closed. I discussed Medifast while I was on 5&1 with all of my doctors and all were familiar with the program and very supportive of it. It may just depend on where you live...

Comment #10

We can by Medifast direct from the company, which is what it means to be "available directly to consumers". Going to a weight loss center or doctor would mean it's medically-supervised, and not available directly to consumers..

I am not familiar with R-Kane and was unable to find more info on it through Google...

Comment #11

Out of curiosity, I googles R-Kane and got lots of hits for their products. Not that I'm interested, LOL! Medifast is the only way for me right now, and I am endorsing Medifast to everyne I know! My doctor looked over the 5&1 plan and loved it...

Comment #12

And you are promoting a different plan on a Medifast board because....??????.

Totally wrong.

Sorry, that's just how it is...

Comment #13

Google "New Lifestyle Diet reviews" & I am sure you will find the info you are looking for from people using it & posting on websites pertaining to it...

Comment #14

That's what I found, but I couldn't find any info on the program itself, but I'll admit, I didn't look that hard...

Comment #15

Medifast provides this site to us at no cost as users of THEIR product. The least we can do is respect that this is THEIR home and discuss their "competitor's" products off this site, or via PM. Members may use other products, but that should not be discussed here...

Comment #16

Perhaps these "companies" can make more money selling you their food than they make when selling MF. Johns Hopkins Hospital, as well as the Mayo Clinic use MF, so that's good enough for me. True, you get what you pay for. How many of these other plans have been around for over 25 years and endorsed by 25,000 medical doctors? I wonder..



Comment #17

No one is saying there is this type of restriction so put your claws back in. It is the discussion of competitor's products that is against TOS...

Comment #18

A totally reasonable response. It's simply rude to use resources provided by one company to tout a different one...

Comment #19

Hello! I'm a lurker who has never posted b/c I'm not doing medifast (doing something similar though, but won't say what it is as I don't want to look like I'm "advertising" another plan), but I enjoy reading here because my plan is similar and there is a lot of good info here. Only reason I'm not doing medifast is b/c I found the other plan first, you know?.

I post on New Lifestyle's message board (not doing New Lifestyle either!), b/c that board specifically says that it's geared for any plan and there are a lot of people over there doing medifast, and other non-New Lifestyle plans as well. Quite frankly, I'd like to post here also, as this board gets a lot more action than that board does! LOL!!.

Anyway, if anyone wants to compare plans, you can always google and see all the other plans that are out there. Personally, I think they all work, but you just have to find the one that works best for you!.

Hope my post isn't intrusive, but I've been wanting to post here for a while, and this seemed like a good place to start!..

Comment #20

Wow I did not believe you itt was less expensive. It is!.

This info was very interesting:.


It compares each diet feature of these diets, including mediast.

I am so surprised. I had no idea anything THIS similar to Medifast existed..

I am staying on MFs, however..

Comment #21

The NLD plan is very iffy, in my opinion. From what I've been told (and I've not verified it but it came from someone that researched this), it's just some guy that buys the mixes from a manufacturer that sells them in bulk to a lot of different places. There's not a medical team behind NLD to back it up. They get their products from Robard, who will do private labeling of their products for anyone. You can buy them from other online sources as well, often cheaper than NLD..

Medifast does cost more, but it's not the same product. There's a lot more research behind it, and you get support from a staff of nutritionists...

Comment #22

Stealing the concept is not the same as having a similar product. Did you note that they've got you taking a multi-vitamin? It's an acknowledgment that their product is not nutritionally complete. That is not similar to MF...

Comment #23

I might be new around here... but really? Seriously? Do people really come on here and promote other diet programs? I assume they are trolls. Between this and the other thread from a supposed MF'er who is just looking for info, this is a bit much and an obvious troll drive by.

I can understand just looking for information, but going on to promote other products is ridiculous. And tacky. And, as Norilee put it, just not right.

And I'm done. Soapbox put away. Back to my tastey Medifast chicken and wild rice soup.

Viva la MF!!..

Comment #24

I hope I'm not one the people you think is a troll..

I apologize for my post! I tried to go back and edit/delete it, but I don't see an "edit" button???.

Again, please accept my apologies!!..

Comment #25

Jennifer, you aren't a troll. We do have some people that post here that aren't on Medifast any more because they can't afford it. They like it because the support and friendship helps them. I hope you can feel the same way...

Comment #26

Im curious... what were people eating previously in order to get to a point needing to lose weight that is less expensive than Medifast itself?.

You can get fat on $9 a day?..

Comment #27

No, I actually can't STAND EAS shakes. We do discuss other options on the T&M board, which is appropriate as once you enter maintenance you wean yourself off Medifast and incorporate outside foods. Never here on the main forum. I prefer Lean Body, which is NOT appropriate for 5&1 and is NOT an adequate replacement for an Medifast meal for those in weight loss...

Comment #28

Wow, Ask one question and everyone thinks you are a troll. I think that is sad. Sorry to be curious and I never told anyone it was better or to buy it. I am sorry your feathers are so easily ruffled and I am sorry for posting a question that upset you! I regret it now!..

Comment #29

I'm sorry you didn't get the answer or the response that you expected. There was a troll reference, but I don't think it was intended towards you...

Comment #30

I'm not sure why people think it's cheaper ... sure the boxes are a couple bucks less, BUT you need to have 7 meals a day to our 5.

I'm loving Medifast so far even if i'm not dropping as quickly as others...

Comment #31

Wow come on people waht happen to freedom of speech!! It was just a simple question people did not need to call names and make such a big deal out of it. This is what scares people away and to you really feel good about that?? You know maybe you could have just said how much Medifast has done for you and why you believe in it, and not bashed her. Oh and really a Medifast coach being so nasty that was a wake up call!! We should all be kind to one another and give help and support..

Best of luck to you on what ever you decide to do, and I sure hope you will not be afraid to post again!.


Comment #32

Maybe that answers the questions for people needing a health coach. Very supportive.

It justs annoys me that asking a question that may help other Medifast people that may have to go off plan is not wrong. I want people to succeed on their weight loss and if changing plans is what makes it happen then so be it. Snarky comments don't bother me I just feel bad that helping others is not what this board is about. I have a block button and I use it. I am sure people will now use it for me. Good luck on your journey everyone!..

Comment #33

Okay, listen up. I did both Medifast and New Lifestyle Diet (NLD). NLD has 0-1g of fiber in each meal. their stuff tastes ok, but you can't mix it with syrups, etc, as it is just gross. They have a much wider variety of shakes/ puddings, etc. They are also sold under the brand Wonderslim from the website

There is also a website / board posting for all liquid diets called - liquid diet discussion board, just google it. It has Medifast posting also, but this Medifast boards are way better. I did Medifast for 2 months last year and lost 40 lbs. then I went off to make sure I could maintain my 40 lbs. WHen I was ready to return to liquid diets, I tried NLD/wonderslim.

Their plan requires you to eat 7 meals and 1 L&G a day, or 9 meals with no L&G - called a full fast. so, it may be a bit cheaper, but you have to eat more meals per day. Again, there have been some people on the boards who have lost a lot, just like MF, but myself and 2 other friends I know did not lose anything at all. if anyone has any questions about NLD, send me a message and I can share more with you.....I personally am going back to Medifast on Monday to get the last 30 lbs off...

Comment #34

Isnt it hilarious when a poster ( who gives no one a break on here) speaks out of both sides of their mouth and gets caught with their OWN posts. They come out from the bridge to tell you not do do something they do? Brilliant.

Laughing so hard...

Comment #35

This looks like a legitimate question to me and not a promotion of another program. This poster was asking for information from others who may have used or know something about this program. That is different than promoting something. People need to be able to ask questions here and be treated with kindness and respect. Maybe we could cut each other a little slack...

Comment #36

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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