Coupon codes for GoDaddy for 2011?

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My question is: Coupon codes for GoDaddy for 2011?.

My 2nd question is: I have contacted several times in my years as a Domainer.

They ask us to send them our list of domains... and here they are again offering pennies for domains worth more!.

Im offered low $xx for QUAD PREMIUM LLLL's, LOL - even a ROOKIE DOMAINER will offer mid $xxx.

The list goes one, majority of the LLLL's that would sell for high $xxx to mid $xxxx... they think they can buy it for low $xx.

Im offended, but it's nothing new... they have offended me before and I bet all my NP $ that they have done the same with others... Agents, we are no IDIOTS and I like to politely ask you to consider changing your old school method. Domainers may be your competition, but we deserve some respect!.

I'm very dissapointed with your attitude toward us Domainers.

I wish all the best, and hope this message teaches them something. Take your old school offers elesewere... Let me kindly remind you, the year is 2008, not 1999...

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Your question was: Coupon codes for GoDaddy for 2011?.


The term validity (also called logical truth, analytic truth, or necessary truth) Honesty is the human quality of communicating and acting truthfully related to truth as a value.

If you have integrity, nothing else matters. If you don't have integrity, nothing else matters..

Alan K. Simpson..

Comment #1

What is the point contacting them then complaining about the offer being low, isn't that obviously the likely outcome? What were you hoping for?.

Isn't it funny how we pat each other on the back when we buy names cheap, but if anyany makes a low offer on out own lord...that is offensive...

Comment #2

An agent here posted " DOMAINS WANTED" I made the wrong assumption... thinking their agents would know Domainers on NP are not idiots! I was 1000% wrong.

Name me one Domainer that would sell Quad Premium LLLLs for 30-40 dollars?.

I aqquired 5 Quad Premium LLLLs last week at 300-500 a piece.....

Comment #3


I was interested in a 5L .com, and so I contacted the person on the whois..

He replied saying he doesn't know much about HostGator name values and so ask me to make an offer..

I made a very low $XXX offer to start off the negotiation, even preparing to offer up to a low $X,XXX. But that fella gets abusive and started calling me nasty names and saying my offer is a joke for a premium HostGator name. He ended his sentence,"Get a life you ****. Check out to see how much HostGator names are being sold!".

Of course I ended the negotiation straight away...

Comment #4

In the end, any HostGator is worth only what someone else will pay for it. Low-ballers must fill some need...

Comment #5

Funny, especially the bit where he tells you to check out dnjournal after claiming he doesn't know much about HostGator values...

Comment #6

I disagree, with this statement... You have a lot to learn...

Lets all sell our condos, cars, homes, assets... HostGator is no different! A member for 1 month, and you assume wrong! I suggest you either do more reading on Virtual Real Estate or look for another hobby!..

Comment #7

Actually, MIR, it is you who I would have to disagree with here (nothing personal). Member guarddragon makes a good point. I have domains that fellow domainers (many some of the best known and respected) have valued at alot more than anyone has come near to offering (regfee offers for names I won't take under $x,xxx for), and sold domains that fellow domainers thought as regfee to end-users for thousands of dollars. In the end, it is what you can sell it for (end user or fellow domainer) or what you make from it (PPC, parking, whatever) that determines it's value. Experience in picking the right end-user and domain, or in parking-related marketing help you, but a domain's value for sales based off the name only is just that - buyer's calling the end value.

Short domains like your mentioned's are valuable only to the extent fellow domainers buy them (the majority of current sales). You know how fast fads in this business last? How long will the boom go? Not long, as they all get eaten and the even rare now end-user gets harder to find. Its a matter of time....

As to NameMedia, like Epic said, they are in the business do to that very type of deal making, and are very good at it (ethical debate about it aside).

Member snoop made a very valid point that would define most domainer's, atleast when it comes to their business ethics, nothing more than hypocrities. How many deals have you walked away from knowing the other party could have made alot more, but kept your mouth shut? MIR, I'm not trying to disrepect you, as I have little knowledge of your NP "record" and have never delt with you personally. However, before accusing others, we must first "check ourselves in the mirror"; and this is a point I want to share with you.

In addition, berating new members is no way to teach them or to gain their respect (ie: your comment to guarddragon). And, , he was right to begin with..

Comment #8

I disagree with you as well. Virtual Real Estate is only going to get bigger. QUAD Premium LLLLs will no doubt hit the 5-50K mark not long from now. You may disagree or agree... I'm not here to argue.. I know were I stand...

Oh only domainers will buy from each other... I dont care who buys it.. as long as I'm a Domainer... there will be no room for rookies or so called experts to steal my domains for pennies. I'm in the game for the long run..


Virtual Real Estate is no different then Real Estate on EARTH... get one thing straight.... Dragon stating a HostGator is worth on what the opponent says.. it's NONSENSE... I dont care if their is more LLLLs then LLLs.. thats not the point!..

Comment #9

Can we see your QUAD PREMIUM LLLLs that you offer to NM?..

Comment #10

They offered me $25 for an in 06...

Comment #11

"Why does think we are stupid?".

Because even after getting lowballed for 1000 times people are still sending their HostGator lists to so they know there are stupid people out there who know they will get lowballed and yet they are ready to send their list of domains. That is why they think they will get a good deal for sure. That's why thinks we are stupid...

Comment #12

I was aware of this, and assumed this time on NP that they are serious.. since they are requesting for domains on a HostGator forum dominated by Domainers.. man I was dead wrong!..

Comment #13

Regardless of one's opinion on the honesty aspect of lowball offers, they happen. Nobody is forcing you, or anyone else, to accept the offers from

Ideally, honesty and business would go hand in hand, but that rarely occurs...

Comment #14

I agree, I just assumed for once.. a company like them is here to be more fair. Man I was wrong...

Comment #15

Well, the thread is still around without them posting a budget...

Comment #16

This post is spot on!.

I call it complete hypocrisy when it is ok for domainers to buy a name for super cheap but not other domainers or companies.

If they don't offer what you like, move on & go about your business. Screaming about it from the rooftop gets you nothing but a medal in your own mind.

Either find real end users to pay what you want for names or complain about something not worth giving a second thought about.


Comment #17

Not anymore.

I was going to close this thread, but maybe it's best that everybody vent their frustration in one place for the moment, instead of having it carry over to multiple threads. Enjoy yourselves, and let it all out, but be warned... it's only temporary...

Comment #18

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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