Costco has Nutrisystem for sale?

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I'm curious...I am wondering why I shouldn't cancel my auto ship and order through Costco. I could save myself $20 a month. Can anybody give me the pros and cons. I'd really appreciate the help. I want to be loyal because I've lost 42 pounds since March 26, which is awesome; but my husband may be losing his job and I could really use the extra $20 some dollars a month! Help!..

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Your question was: Costco has Nutrisystem for sale?.

Every thing I've read about this says you order the food that you want...just like if you order from NS. So I don't understand what the "catch" is...

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You can't apply buddy bucks coupons to the Costco orders. I've seen some posts that the price goes up after 2 months, but I'm not sure if that was a glitch in some people's accounts or what actually happens. There are two lengthy threads on the Costco plan that would have the most up to date information. Try and search for them (use Advanced Search/select Titles Only/Show Threads (at the bottom) and search on key word "Costco")...

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I'm on the Costco system. I get 35 days of food completely customized. I ordered the card from Costco online when it was on sale. I went to the Nutrisystem url for the Costco program and signed up for auto delivery and customized my meals. Because I got the card on sale, I paid $244 for the 35 days of customized food with free delivery. The normal price for women is $269.99.

I'm flexing now so the 35 days of customized meals lasts two months at an average cost of $130 a month using the $259+ as the basis; less when using discounts. I've saved enough from eating out and going through the drive thru and junk food in the supermarket to almost pay for the Nutrisystem food. I track my expenses so I have a basis for comparison..

What is the catch? None! All of the food comes from Nutrisystem as you order from Nutrisystem using a special Nutrisystem url. Nutrisystem might offer a free week of food as an incentive to order via it's promotions but that food cannot be customized. With NS, you can customize all 35 days with free shipping...

Comment #3

Ditto the above, my first order was via a Nutrisystem/Costco link and I customized all 35 meals and snacks. Husband did it too. Paid $245 for the first order ($275 for the men's) and after that one, it automatically switched to a regular auto order where I customized the 35 meals again on my account page on Nutrisystem's website. Second order and all remaining will be $259 from what they told me, and $270 for my husband. Frankly, the men's deal is way better, he gets 35 more snacks/desserts for only $10 more!..

Comment #4

Read your contract for auto deliv. I heard there was a minimum amount of months before you can cancel with no penalty- or call NS. Some people have nightmares with auto deliv. I reasearched alot and decided Costco and NEVER auto deliv. I can order what I want, get it real fast, and if I have a problem I trust Coscto will help me- they are very good in that respect. So yes- read other postings- there is alot about it. In the long run for me it might cost $10-20 more but well worth it and not the nightmares you might be unlucky to get...

Comment #5

With the AD from NS, if you cancel your second shipment or delay the second shipment more than 30 days, then Nutrisystem will charge you the cost of the shipping and the AD discount (10% on Nutrisystem direct orders) on the first order. After that, there are no issues. With AD you get free shipping and the discount increases after the third shipment to 15% (not for Costco orders). I don't know what the specifics are with Costco and the discounts clearly it is a better plan overall, but many of us have had no issues with auto delivery...

Comment #6

Not true, unless something changed during this past month. I applied one to my June order...

Comment #7

I changed to the Costco plan after my first two AD orders. I had two free weeks so I had to fulfill that commitment. Since changing over to Costco, I have been able to apply Buddy Bucks & 50 Clicks discounts with no problem. My plan is for 35 days & I pay $259 per order as the regular price. I have delayed my AD orders 30 days & have never been charged for shipping. I didn't have to start a new account & I select all my meals. The Costco plan has worked out very well for me...

Comment #8

I use Buddy Buck & 50 Clicks on my 35 day Auto Delivery plan with NS. I originally got my 35 Day Nutrisystem Costco card and ordered online from NS; also signed up for Auto Delivery at the same time..

I think the confusion is that you can't use Buddy Buck on the original 35 Day Costco plan order. But if you sign up for the 35 day Auto Delivery (base price still at Costco price of $259 for women) then you can use the Buddy Bucks & 50 Click on those subsequent orders..

I got $40 off my last order ($30 BB & $10 50 Clicks). Oh, and delivery is also free. Hope this made some sense...

Comment #9

>>If you cant be a good example, be a horrible warning.<<.

LOL, Dororthy. Love your sig line...

Comment #10

Hi...I'm a newbie and I have no idea what 50 clicks is...could someone inform me please..



Comment #11

Go to the Daily Dose and click the banner: Do that 50 times and Nutrisystem will e-mail a discount code for $10 off..

I'm almost to my first discount!..

Comment #12

That is very interesting because I was unable to apply any codes when using the Costco card. I switched over to the Costco auto delivery and it costs 259.99 plus I got a $13 discount for switching and now I can apply my $50 clicks code. I have 2 codes I can use. For now it is cheaper. If the Costco card goes on sale, then I will go back to that. Whatever is cheaper...

Comment #13

Thanks! Sadly I have to admit it was a tag line from an ad for Roman Meal Bread. I'm just not sure why they thought that sentiment would sell bread...

Comment #14

The lowest I have seen the Costco card on sale was $244.99 when I got mine and went on auto delivery for the Costco plan. I'm flexing so the 35 days of meals actually lasts me two months. I can rack up a $10 discount in that time just for Daily Dose, which brings it down to $249.99. My next order is $225 because of a discount for Daily Dose and a discount for doing a survey...

Comment #15

Wow, guys, thanks for all the money saving tips!..

Comment #16

Thanks to everyone who replied to my original post. I feel now like I have enough info to make my decision to switch. You guys rock!!!..

Comment #17

I am contemplating cancelling my AD order and signing up through Costco as well. We don't have one located nearby, but it sounds like you would either have to purchase a membership or pay a 5% surcharge. Does anyone know if that 5% surcharge would be added every month to the AD cost of 269.99 or if it is a one time fee at checkout? Also, if someone ends up being on the Nutrisystem program for more than one year, does anyone know if you would have to renew your membership yearly in order to continue if you sign up for AD under Costco? Lastly, does anyone know if you are able to sign-up on the plan if you were to find someone that has a Costco membership number they are willing to share?..

Comment #18

You pay the surcharge on the original purchase price of $269.99 if not a Costco member but not on any subsequent AD orders. And you will receive 5% off your first AD order so it will be $246.99 minus any 50 clicks or buddy bucks discounts you might have. But keep close watch on your account. My 5% initial AD order discount was automatically there until about a week before it was to ship then it magically disappeared. I had to call and get a rep. to manually add it to my account. I have heard of other discounts disappearing from peoples account so it pays to keep watch on your account...

Comment #19

There is no Costco in my area. I ordered online and paid the non-member surcharge which didn't amount to much especially when the card was on sale. The non-member surcharge is for the initial card. Once you get that card and you log in to Nutrisystem with the url on the card and the code, your business with Costco is over. It is now strictly between you and NS. You will be given the opportunity when you log on using that Nutrisystem Costco link to sign up for auto delivery and to select your items...

Comment #20

OK, I've been reading these posts and I think this is what I'm going to do also. I started with QVC, the flex plan, and it was only $139.00 so that cinched it for me. But you can't customize, so I think I'll go the Costco way. My question is, my dad is a Costco member, so is there a better price for the Nutrisystem card than if you're a non-member?.


Comment #21

A member doesnt pay the initial surcharge on the Nutrisystem card...

Comment #22

You should cancel and get the Costco card. I have it for 3 months now. I love it, and you get 35 meals everytime. I save tons of $$..

Comment #23

Does anyone know if you can still use your health insurer discount if you use the Costco card? I have Humana anyone else?..

Comment #24

When buying from Costco, you are just buying a "gift card" so there is no future obligations. After you redeem the card, Nutrisystem will offer AD for 35 day plan. I'm on my second shipment and the offer is set for my next shipment, too. I don't know if that runs out or not. I hope that answers some of your questions...

Comment #25

Thank you Gottalose, since I don't know much about this yet, I assume that means 5% of what the card will cost, correct?..

Comment #26

No. Non members have a surcharge added to their order. Not sure how much as I am a member and just pay the listed member cost. I purchased my card along with the membership online. I didnt realize that I could just pay the surcharge or I would not have paid the $50 for membership...

Comment #27

Is the 5% discount just off the first order or all auto-deliveries? Also, math is not my best friend, so help me out in understanding how $246.99 is the first month's cost. Wouldn't it be 256.49?..

Comment #28

The card cost $269.99 and that is the cost of the initial order but once you sign up for AD the 35 day plan will be $259.99. 5%($13.00) off only the first AD order leaves $246.99 for that order. Subsequent AD orders will be $259.99 minus any discounts you have earned...

Comment #29

Why not just order from the nutrisystem site directly and get the first 4 weeks free? I seen it on the front page, might be gone now, I dunno...

Comment #30

Because with costco you are getting 5 weeks for $260 all the time not just for 4 months. It's a better deal than what's on the front page...

Comment #31

Gotcha. I didn't realize there was a $10 discount for signing up for AD. Thanks! I'm definitely going to do this!!!!..

Comment #32

You get to customize all of the food so you get want you want. With the free week, you get either America's favorites or whatever is available. I like having a choice. Also, after the free week offer runs out, you have the 28 days of food. With Costco, you have 35 days of food as long as you stay on auto delivery.....and you can choose your food for each of those days and change preferences. If you look at the prices of the entrees on your page where you can order a la carte, you will see pretty fast that on the freebie week, you will likely get mostly the cheaper items. I was on the QVC program at one time, and most of the entrees ended up being the cheaper ones...

Comment #33

After reading all the threads about Nutrisystem through Costo I have decided to switch over when I re-start the program. I still have a couple questions, though. I have seen some people get the bears and some not. Are you still entitled to them? Or were they just accidentally left out of the shipment?.

Also, any clue as to how often the cards go on sale? Last posts I saw about were from April, but I may have missed one. My guess is maybe once a month?.

Thanks for all your help, and all those that have contributed information about I can afford to finally start again!..

Comment #34

Question #1 I am a Costco newbie. Do I have to run out and buy another card from Costco to get the 35 days and reduced price? Question #2 What are Buddie Bucks?..

Comment #35

No, you only buy the first card and then you can sign up for auto delivery at 259.99 a month (the first month you get a 5% discount of of that so it is 246.99).

The buddy bucks will save you 30.00 off your first order, but you can't use them with Costco at least I wasn't able to. They are only for the 28 day plan. Not sure if that would make it a better deal for the first month or not with the current promotion. If you want one you can PM me with your email address and I will send you one...

Comment #36

Yep just made this transition myself. The mens plan is about 284. Much cheaper than I was paying previously with autodelivery and I get more food...

Comment #37

I used the Costco card and was able to order custom order from the list and you get the same lower price in the future without having to reorder the card from costco...

Comment #38

When you get your Costco card and go to the website to register the card via the website on back of the card, you are asked at that time if you would like to sign up for auto delivery. I did that, selected my foods and everything has worked perfectly. There is no need to buy another card..

I'm not sure but I think you can earn Buddy Bucks by giving a coupon to others who have not placed their first order. You just can't use one on your first order. You can also earn a discount by clicking through on The Daily Dose when you read it..

My next Costco order will cost me $225 through discounts. Since I flex, this order will last me two months at an average cost of $113 a month. If I didn't have the discounts, the average cost would be $130 a month or $259+ for the 35 days of food. It is a great plan!!!..

Comment #39

I just started with Nutrisystem July 1st. My second shipment is on it's way now. Can I switch over to the Costco plan after my fourth month on NS? Right now I'm getting the extra weeks' worth of food and shipping free so I'd like to wait...

Comment #40

I'm not sure how exactly all that works, but I don't believe there are any penalties for cancelling one to swap to the other. Just check your agreement to be sure there isn't anything saying you need to stay a certain amount of time, and if so just fulfill that part before swapping to make sure there aren't any issues. I'm sure they monitor to make sure people don't signup for the free stuff, cancel, and re-signup, so swapping to another plan might be considered that if they are offering something free...

Comment #41

Thanks ShortPlump, I'm not really sure how this all works either. I just received my second shipment yesterday and I found out that was my first order with the free week (even though I thought it started with the first shipment). So it looks like I have to stay with this method for 3 more months if I want to get the free weeks. :-)..

Comment #42

I am on the auto ship program. However My wife and I have been looking on Craigslist, for people, in our area, who have reached their goals and want to resale their left over NS. So far we have Done well by doing this. And picked up some great deals. But if you do this make sure to check the expiration dates, on the foods. As far as Cosco goes, I am not sure if you can substitute, and or pick and choose your meals each month. If you can, I don't see the problem with going with the Cosco offer...

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