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First of all Cooks who are on Nutrisystem or have family members on Nutrisystem? Hoping for any response. My other question... Did real well here going from 205 to 175 but gained it all back and then some with the job change and a bunch of other bad excuses..

Now i'm 220 and the heaviest I have ever been and looking to get back to my 165 weight..

I was 10 lbs away and now I feel like Im carrying another person with me...

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably know..

Comment #1

Welcome back, guys! A good time for new beginnings..


Comment #2

Welcome back. You can now name that extra person anything but Marty and kick his butt to the curb!..

Comment #3

Thanks for the encouragement. Looking forward to getting myself in shape for my sons baseball season. Gotta show up the young guys but dont want to look like rex ryan!!..

Comment #4

Gosh I wish I weighed 220 again..

Congratz on the skinny decision!..

Comment #5

I dont feel all alone in my failure to maintain/lose...

Comment #6

Nope, don't. Right here with ya, still tryin' to lose again and make it stick this time. There are others too. Bright side: At least we're back here again...

Comment #7

Yep, Here we go again! I know we can do it!..

Comment #8

Welcome back. I'm on the rebound too, but I got started mid-December..

Alnit, good luck with the baseball. I managed my kids from the time they were in t-ball until my youngest was 20. It was the experience of a lifetime and it was exercise, of some sort. After my kids were done I filled the void by becoming a certified umpire. I work Rockland county, NY..

The one thing that I'm dreading right now is that I'm going to have to shell out for new uniforms this spring. By then I should be down to XL!..

Comment #9

Wow, the old crew back..

It's a good thing and Not..

Day two of 100% for me. (little steps).

I'm practing "mind over lard".

Good luck to us all!..

Comment #10

Holy Shiznit!!!.

Glad to see you again, Tom...wish it was better circumstances. Hell, look at me, can't walk or drive for another 2 weeks!..

Comment #11

I just can't understand it..

I started to measure my food portions again to see if I still had the KNACK of getting it perfect..

WELL, all of a sudden, PORTIONS have shrunk to a THIRD of what they use to be!.

Must be the curvature of the earth and the position of the moon...

Comment #12

Welcome back - time to quit the excuses and make it happen! Good luck!..

Comment #13

Hey guys, Am a new oldie gettin back myself. Was on plan a couple of years back and it helped me reach a major milestone in my life beside the weight loss. Unfortunately I did not follow the eating habits I learned and due to a few 'breaks' (bcuz of my passion) extra weight crept on and I decided to fight back yet again so here I am! I know what works and how to do it so lets get it done...

Comment #14

Welcome back guys. I am back full time. Betweeen an intestinal problem and Christmas I am 228. I never left, but there is no way I am going back to 250. We can all ride the wave back down together...

Comment #15

I'm back in the game now too... Took way too long off, and didn't make any progress trying to do things on my own and in my own way. Then cheated like crazy for the past month....

Today is day 1 for me and I'm going to go at it like I did on Jan 15th, 2010....

Just did 3.6 miles (11,500 steps) with Wii Walk It Out to get my day off on the right foot. Really going to try to make extra time in my mornings to get in an hour of walking if at all possible (and if not possible, then I'll get at least 30 minutes in sometime later in the day)....

As the Bud Light commercials say... "Here we go!"..

Comment #16

MFRAZZZ!!! What's shakin' man??!! I was wondering what happened to you. I'm still eating my "Sausage McFrazzz" sandwiches nearly every morning. Maybe you can introduce yourself to the newbs by showing them how to make that protein-powered Nutrisystem friendly creation of yours?..

Comment #17

Hey Tom! Welcome back!.

Fraz, Daoneth, Muleman... Feels like a high school reunion. Hail - Hail, the gangs all here!.


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