GoDaddy user reviews : Recommend I pay for GoDaddy?? Conflict with GoDaddy

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Registered domain with GoDaddy.

Made free-for-all short URL redirection service there - like

Some idiot used shortened URL in spam e-mail.

Recipient reported my domain as spam sender.

GoDaddy wants $200 to "pardon" my domain.

There are "medium neutrality" laws which means building /img/avatar9.jpg cannot be prosecuted for offensive graffiti on building's walls drawn by strangers.

Then asked GoDaddy to investigate this situation - got letters like "if you are disagree to pay we'll close your account" which look like they written by auto-responder. I have about 30 domains with them so I totally f*** if they decide to close my account.

Please advice - what to do? I think I have like 12 hours to act before they shut down my whole account...

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Pardon me - what is "T&C"? I'm "slightly" disoriented at the moment...

Comment #1

Maybe sdsinc means Terms and Conditions.

I remembered I paid U.S.$199 for this, you have no other option but to pay that fees it's their removal fees passed to them by spam blockers sites to have their ip removed from it's database otherwise their ip address (used by you) will be blocked forever...

Comment #2

Be glad the redirection was only used as a link in spam email and for not something worse, such as in a phish attack.

As you've found out the hard way, offering a redirection service (same goes for free email / anonymizer proxies) can be risky. It only takes a few, or even one, abusive users to cause big trouble.

In my view, best thing to do is pay the $200 and chalk it up as a lesson learned - and then depending on the quality of the domain, use it for something else / sell it ... or if it's not too good, delete out it's name servers so it has none, and let it expire.


Comment #3

Agreed, especially if one values their time and doesn't want to go through a.

Supervisor or so over potentially violating their agreement...

Comment #4

I've seen this happen with other shortened URL sites. the bad guys use 'em and the registrar takes the domain hostage. not a good business to go into...

Comment #5

Cannot transfer first b4 action taken? I recommend and

Comment #6

Unfortunately, no. Anytime you're seen to violate the registrar's agreement,.

They'll lock you out...

Comment #7

Yeah, maybe it's easier to just pay the $200 ransom, but there's something fundamentally wrong about this whole process...or rather lack of a process...

Comment #8

After few more letters GoDaddy abuse team said they shut down only this certain domain if I refuse to pay - not whole account. I'd say "thanks, god-daddy, for saving $200!"...

Most insane part is I've found domain was reported as spam advertiser for e-mail confirmation letters generated by users! Just 200 letters during 3 months (there were 200 registrations). So I'd say GoDaddy domains aren't compatible with any interactive service which requires registration: I guess every e-mail generated by site can be considered spam - registration, password remind, e-mail confirmation etc.

So I've desided not to pay their fees as I didn't do anything bad and I don't want to mess with the domain/site/service anymore: too much troubles for just 2 thousands visitors and 100k redirects monthly - despite fact the service was featured everythere as it is most advanced thing around.

Good lesson to never ever offer free services without being backed up by "spare" money...

So I'm closing registrations, password reminders, e-mail confirmations, "send to friend" interfaces, "report broken link/image/file", "contact webmaster" pages on all my sites which backed up by GoDaddy's domains to prevent sites being "reported for spam". And, of course, I'm looking for new domain registar as I have plenty domains to save from idiots.....

Comment #9

Any registrar will have to step in if your names are misused/hijacked. The difference is that godaddy likes to charge you for these 'incidents'. You get a spam issue, gd charges $199. You get URDPed on a name, gd charges you $29 (refundable)... you get the point... gd wants to charge you. In any event you are bound by the terms of service...

Comment #10

It's the real price of "cheap" serices. Realized this too late and scared to hell: now I'm looking for domain registar and hosting in EU...

Comment #11

I had to close mine a few months back because of spam.

Only diff I had it on my own server and got around 20 spam complaints a day from my hosting provider where I had 24 hours to take care of and remove the links or they lock the whole server. At some point my registar got 1 complaint about spam and I had to sign a letter that the domain will never be used for spam or anything illegal.

It's not worth the trouble...

Comment #12



Comment #13

Most interesting part - last step in this conflict:.

1) I've been told to pay $200 - said "why?!".

2) GoDaddy staff offered to pay $75 and transfer domain elsethere in 24 hours or else my domain will be "killed";.

3) after few hours I answered "I don't want to have that troublemaking service anymore (+ I want to save 75 bucks and about +10 for trasfer fee and few hours of my time for transfer massive database)";.

4) after 40 hours as I didn't pay anything GoDaddy's abuse team said "never mind then - but next time we'll ask $200 or close your site for sure".

5) nothing happened despite I didn't pay neithter $200 nor $75.

So probably those who paid $200 or $75 in similar situations shouldn't do it.....

Comment #14


I am thinking the only safe way for these kind of sites is a bullet proof domain name and bullet proof hosting,.

Just a thought..

Comment #15

Try accessing it online or logging in within 24-48 hours. Let's see by then. There is no such thing, especially if you don't fully control them both...

Comment #16

Heard it first time here does it happen anywhere else?..

Comment #17

Go and buy a server and setup your own hosting company. You can always buy Godaddy or Dynadot for registrar.

Though a resellar is much more affordable. Hei.. I think thats not too bad.

Server ~ $500.

Directi Reseller ~ $500.

$1k - You have a bullet proof website...

Comment #18

You have a bullet proof server until your ip gets blocked for spamming... then you have to pay $200 to get it delisted.

I don't think there is a such thing as a bullet proof setup when it comes to these types of sites. The more bullet proof it is, the more spammers will use the site and attract bad results.


Comment #19

Godaddy is just a terrible registrar with terrible policies and until people get that straight GD will continue with it's policies. I have as few names there as possible. I only have names there I buy from others then I transfer them away asap.

Godaddy has policies in place that basically screw you big time. ANYONE can complain to them and're on the hook for some serious money and they can close your account, steal your domains, or whatever they want. You probably have a lot of crappy domains they can't sell at TDnam and feel if you aren't going to pay then oh well.

Leave Godaddy asap. My advice to everyone...

Comment #20

Two things here - sometimes automated scripts on websites to generate passwords, contact forms etc can be used to send spam if they are not secure. On the other hand, if yours was not used in such a manner, and was only generating emails to those that requested them and that constituted 'spam' in the eyes of godaddy that's a problem. Just about every website today has some type of email reply for a host of reasons...

Comment #21

Seems a lot here are missing the obvious....

"shorten your URL" sites are commonly used by spammers to mask the actual target URL in the SPAM... Because the intermediary URL was on this domain, this domain is complicant with the spammer, hence the valid complaint.

I doubt very much that this had anything to do with someone recieving thier password or the like... and I'll bet you anything that there are a lot more than those "200 emails" out there with some version of the URL on them...

This is what makes these types of services popular... and why they get shut down...

Comment #22

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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