Configuring exchange 2003 and FQDN with godaddy domain name.?

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My first question is: Configuring exchange 2003 and FQDN with godaddy domain name.?.

My next question is: After reading Rudys blog at on a possible new trend called "Backwording" I decided I'd play around on godaddy and see what was available. I was able to register the following domains.

DractiderC.COM - Creditcard.

EsiurC.COM - Cruise.

SthgilF.COM - Flights.

I'm happy with these 3.

Heres a short list of developed backwords domains. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

For a real kicker, check out McDonalds at

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Your question was: Configuring exchange 2003 and FQDN with godaddy domain name.?.

Very limited resale value Some of the shorter words might have a chance. I'm (pleasantly) surprised there are a handful of developed sites, but a bunch those look little more than novelties. Show me a lot more developed sites and I might change my mind..

A hyphenated name is far faster and easier to type than a than a "backwords" name..

If you were to develop these names, you would need to spend a load of money on marketing for the site to have a chance to take off.

I had a different idea a while ago, working with the hyphen key and generic words. (again) I think those are far more viable than a backwards name, and yes I got a lukewarm reply.

Of course, I think it's perfectly healthy to pick out one or two carefully selected, cream-of-the-crop names in any niche that's just starting out and which may or may not pan out. You'll reap the rewards for the early birds the idea actually takes off and not lose much if the ship never comes in.

Good luck...

Comment #1

I honestly dont see them going anywhere at all.....

Comment #2

I believe people like simple. And if the average person has to "think" it makes them move on pretty quickly. I believe w-o-r-d-s would be better as it is very easy to see what the site would be about eg- g-o-l-d instead of d-l-o-g. Good luck though and post any sales.


Comment #3

The only way I can see this succeeding is through development, but again, with development, you can even start a site on

The s'dlanoDcM one is interesting enough though...

Comment #4

Sounds interesting, but I doubt it will make money for you...

Comment #5

I think this is a bit desperate as well... could you imagine the television adverts telling people to type the HostGator name in backwards? It's almost impossible to brand easily... and street-signs, forget about it...

It's definitely an interesting idea alright, but I wouldn't be wasting even a penny on it.. even a premium word...

Comment #6

Here's one that isn't too terrible.

Desrever, esrever, denrut and rorrim are taken. is available. Only 5 letters, pronounceable, sorta makes sense!..

Comment #7

I dont type/write backward.....>.< and I do wonder how many people type backword...

Comment #8

There was a backword Search Engine for a while: The Chinese were using it to do searches on Freedom and Democracy. I think Google shut them down and now they own the HostGator name.

Here's the new link:

You can read about it at

Comment #9

^ for our ch-1-knees friends we should be talking about 3-dom and dam-ox-racie..

Comment #10

Just trying to let the words in your post get past the ch1nese s3cret poh-l1ce fill-ters (i'm not doing a very good job obviously!)..

Comment #11

And i'm like the loser spy from dropout school..

Comment #12

In my country is very popular adult site called "xes" (I will not give the link because it's adult site )..

Comment #13

I kinda agree.. nice novelty but unlikely for typeins and as you suggest, I think without extensive branding or a gimmick, most people will pass them up.

But then, I didn't think multiple hyphenated names would catch on either!..

Comment #14

Fractionated domains:.

I tried a few backwards domains like:. but they were all taken. can't figure it out. Dammit, I'm mad.


Comment #15


I know that many years ago when I regged

Do you know why I regged it, and what is the word?..

Comment #16

I would guess it was anck, the Egyptian Sun Goddess.

Any way...make sure you read my " damn it I'm mad " backwards.

Some may have missed that.


Comment #17

Lol, as if a hyphen is not enough, let's make it real hard for users to ever find you website again...

Comment #18

Not anck, and the hyphen has a very important purpose. You need the hyphen for the word to make sense. Fear my creativity. Only the mastermind will know what is!..

Comment #19

I can only assume it is a poor rendition of the word link, If so, I would not worry about ANYONE figuring out OR ever wanting to buy this domain.


Comment #20

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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