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I recently acquired a type of name from a drop. The company in question is a fairly large retailer.

I was wondering what the current climate is for these types of domains. I did some research before purchasing this name and found out these types of domains are considered Free Speech provided that they: Are not meant to confuse the visitor to the main site Are not meant to generate revenue Express and personal opinion.

This is my goal for the site. I wish to let customers sound off on their grievances and help them figure out the best way to resolve their problems with said company.

Would I still be protected under Free Speech right, or has the climate gotten more hostile to these types of domains? Would I be in the clear provided that I use the name in good faith (relatively speaking)?.

Thanks for your replies...

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If used exactly in the manner you described, it should be fine. I run several -sucks sites myself and don't feel the climate heating up any more for legitimate consumer gripe sites.

Hopefully one of our legal friends will see this thread and comment...

Comment #1

Thanks for your input.

I am actually a fan of the company in general and shop there often, but I do have some little annoyances with certain policies and practices...

Comment #2

I was a fan of Tiger Direct, until they tried to sue me for thousands of dollars for owning TigerDirectSucks_com.

It's not worth the time, money or hassle.

Just don't register those domains!..

Comment #3

Rather than "voicing out" the negatives of a company why not promote your own "positively" as there's no perfect company sooner or later some (if not all) few customers of yours will have some negative feedbacks and when they start such a web site against your company wouldn't you feel about it?.

Just my 2 sense...

Comment #4

Was TigerDirectSucks_com ever developed? Checking yielded nothing other than GoDaddy placeholder pages.

On a related note, it appears the domain has changed hands a few times ... and TigerDirectSucks_com appears to have a "sucks" website on it right now!.

Protest domains when properly utilized are relatively safe from UDRPs / lawsuits.


Comment #5

It is currently developed by the current owner, I sold it after I received the lawsuit, since I had the right to do so...

Comment #6

Did you fully inform the current owner of the lawsuit?...

If not, there's a slight, but real chance, the current owner, if UDRPed and/or sued by TigerDirect, could take legal action against you.


Comment #7

Yes, you are 100% protected against that. I know this because of the following amazing piece on

What you said on your OP sounds fine, as long as you stick to that's you'll be fine If you ever do get a C&D, the e-mails provided on the above link should be an invaluable resource for you...

Comment #8

Not in terms of being sued, though there are indeed some decisions protecting.

Such kinds of sites under limited and specific circumstances...

Comment #9

Of course I did, that's why it went for under $x...

Comment #10

Meh, if you can't generate revenue why bother running your own site. There are plenty of other public places to gripe and be heard with less effort...

Comment #11

It's not 1and1Sucks dotcom, is it?.

I think you are doing a valuable service by warning companies with crappy products and services.

Yes, you don't get the revenue upfront, but getting your reputation built up is just as good, if not better...

Comment #12

You can still be held liable if the company decided to come after you, especially since you sold the domain to someone else (regardless of amount). So if they really wanted to be holes about it, they could come after you under the ACPA and request maximum penalties...

Comment #13

Your right, but this was quite long ago, and they haven't contacted me since...

Comment #14

Lol, I feel bad for the new owner of TigerDirectSucks, just incase he gets sued. But I don't see any legal problem there anyways.....

Comment #15

You are so cautious it seems.

Thanks for that...

Comment #16

You are 100% FINE.

Dan Parisi is the owner of every single (Fortune500Company)

He was sued by Michael Bloomberg over and Parisi won. That is considered the landmark decision that allows you or me to own a "sucks" name.

He also owns John'm curious to see what he does with that one!..

Comment #17

What would happen if, lets say a competitor of the company you have made a suck site to, starts using your site and spread lies?.

If they act like they are a normal customer, but lying about it?.

How do one stay as an owner of such companysuck site?.

Best regards,..

Comment #18

What it comes down to is what can be proven. If any bad faith can be established, then you could lose, if they can't prove it, you could prevail. It comes down to usage...

Comment #19

All sucks-sites clearly show violations in "bad faith" operation, "negative light" portrayal, and names "confusingly similar," etc., a hundred times over.

YET - somehow, in the the late '90s, some ICAAN/WIPO panel judges must have been sneaked some LSD or something, because they started issuing blanket okays to virtually every sucks site in existence!.

I've commented on this often over the months, usually regarding cases where WIPO had hassled some little guys and taken away their domains over this or that minor negative use, yet the same domain owner could have much more easily bought an all-out SUCKS-site instead regarding the same subject, and been totally left alone.

The "consumer free speech" slogan has seemingly been allowed to cover a vast multitude of sins in this area. I have to doubt, however, that the major corporations are just going to sit still for this jazz very much longer, however...

Comment #20

Would putting Adsense ads on a or get you in trouble?..

Comment #21

Yes, because your nolonger just voicing your concerns of said company, but advertising and making money from there name, you could also be advertising there competitors via adwords or whatever, this is a definat no no..

Comment #22

I am the new owner of Unfortunately my life has been hectic lately, so I haven't been able to do much in the way of development. That is definitely something I want to work on in the near future though. There is a basic blog, people can leave comments and such... But as I said when I purchased the domain, I'm not looking to profit from this in any way. I'm not looking for TD to come and make me an offer for the domain, because it's not for sale.

It's absolutely amazing though how many people comment about how my site is actually a part of an insidious plot perpetrated by TD. As in, they own the site and are trying to make it look like a legitimate Sucks site. I'm not sure to what end, but hell if that isn't some paranoid thinking. So assuming that TD can make people this crazy, I think theres something there that should be explored through collective means.

Now I just need to actually develop it more...

Comment #23

Hmm, maybe their comments can give you a few ideas how?..

Comment #24

Thanks for your reply.

So, is the purpose of developing a site more for personal reasons as opposed to generating revenue?..

Comment #25

Lets see.

I'm a 16 year old student..

I created, to make fun of Bryan McCabe at the height of the McCabe hate in Toronto..

I got the lead article in the Sunday Toronto Sun, read by about 1.5 million people..

My site spread like wildfire.

And yet, no contact at all from the McCabe Family, or the Toronto Maple Leafs.

I'd assume your small site is alright...

Comment #26

Mine is about the CEO of a major financial institution...

Comment #27

Great, besides TM issues you also have slander to worry about..

Plus even if he has no case he probably still has the resources and motivation to drag your to court and cost you thousands.

Why would you waste time with this?..

Comment #28

Please develop it quickly. I've been burned twice now on their whole "rebate". I've never received any money back, purchased thousands of dollars worth of equipment and have always submitted the rebate card the day I received the shipment.

I've been reading too many horror stories about TD and this information needs to be out there. I'd be honored to share my story on your upcoming site. I'm not the only one being scammed. In fact, it's well known their rebate partner is actually a sister-site of TD. Go figure!..

Comment #29

No TM issues. Slander is SPOKEN. You mean libel, or defamation.

Opinions cannot be deemed true nor false, which means you cannot be found guilty of libel or defamation. Why do people make sites? To tell the world about a crappy experience(s) or to expose them for things they have done...

Comment #30

Yeah, I have a lot of free time lately so I may end up working on that this week. It'll give me something to do if I get bored. I'll probably end up switching it over to Joomla and add forums and all that fun stuff...

Comment #31

Those who comment probably think it's a conspiracy of sorts..

*Say is a fairly large company with many grievances from their customers.

....bad sentiment just floating out there in webspace, waiting to find a "permanent addresss".

* is well aware of the phenomenon..

* knows that it's just a matter of time..

**Why not take this huge potential for consolidated negatives OFF the table?.

Sure someone could create another variation of a company sucks site.

Eg ...but it would never have the same potential for natural traffic..

( appears to be one of the more higher trafficked).

AND yes, people can still complain elsewhere...but why make it easier for them to be an "angry mob" by leaving your there as a VENUE for the disgruntled?.

Especially when you could register it and just let it sit there undeveloped.

NOTE: I am not insinuating that YOU are part of the company or any possible conspiracy...

(Nor do I have any complaint...I've never even dealt with TG myself)..

Comment #32

Good thinking mozeratti, owning their own sucks site would also allow them to do things like post minor complaints to look legit but hide the major complaints.

Ive heard alot about the TD rebate scams for years now, I dont get why people who have been burned keep going back for more...

Comment #33

EXACTLY! Not sure. Do they? If so, perhaps they just give them the benefit of doubt the first time..

For me, it doesn't take getting burned twice...but for instance, when I learned my lesson about 1and1's "re-registration" fees, it was just one event (purchase)...but a huge one!.

That would be enough for me to give them a less than positive review..

I'll admit though, I've never sought out the site...till now, and wouldn't you know says "coming soon"...yep, very soon...since 2006!.


Comment #34

But then again remember as long as you are not generating money you should be fine.

REGFLY would of sued registerflie if they could. Its freedom of speach..

Comment #35

Just wanted to give an update on I have switched it over to Joomla and added forums. The site is still very basic, but the forums should be working at least. I'll try to add more content throughout the week as I get reacquainted with Joomla.

So, if anyone has had any bad experiences with TD, please join the site and post in the forums...

Comment #36

It looks great! Nice work, I'm sure people will start posting soon enough...

Comment #37

Put the forum on the main page so when people arrive they see the discussion, rather than blank space - unless you plan on using that space in the near future, of course.


Comment #38

Nice one Ronald Regging, Im happy to say I don't have anything to contribute because I already heard enough about TD to never shop with them!..

Comment #39

What's the point of owning a site if you can't make money off it?..

Comment #40

To inform other people that the company sucks.. but yeah, might as well make some $ at the same time..

Comment #41

For some people, it is about principle. For those who want to make money, they are squatters. Once you start making money from a "sucks" site, it may no longer be protected as freedom of speach and concidered a commercial venture...

Comment #42

Nicely put Philip.

A question? is it also seem commercial if one put a donation button to cover the hosting expenses?..

Comment #43

The only person that could answer that is the person who would make the decision in a challenge...

Comment #44

I did see a suck site once with donations and they had to remove it, I remember reading something on the paypalsux one about donations, if you have a good look over the site you'll find it there,.

Going to check now.

Its a nice looking site now with some dev, hopefully it gets the traffic so people can share there stories, would be a nice site the same size of paypal lol..

Comment #45

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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