Coffeecup HTML editor not working with godaddy domain/host. Help?

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Before I begin, I wanna ask: Coffeecup HTML editor not working with godaddy domain/host. Help?.

My next question is: Yes I know there are many sceptics on this board who think these domains are rubbish worthless crap. But network solutions is a pretty big name in the HostGator name field and this will further add to the credibility and visibility of these domains in the future..............

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Your question was: Coffeecup HTML editor not working with godaddy domain/host. Help?.

Correct...owners of land rent or sell out plots of the land they own....does the rented out land have value ?

Comment #1

Sorry, thats not entirely correct.

Technically, registering a "usual" HostGator under .com is nothing else than having a subdomain from the "owner" of .com...

Comment #2

You are aware that your sub-domains will soon become extinct, correct?..

Comment #3


They wanted to charge me $62.50/year for a subdomain... I have a few PREMIUM dotUS names so I figured I would get the subdomain but not at that cost.......

That is crazy......

Comment #4

Don't waste your time or money. NSI is just looking for another product, regardless of it's quality to sell to it's customers...

Comment #5

So what's the deal with ? Still in centranic's hands ?

Comment #6

It's a SUB HostGator - not a real, stand alone domain.

I don't see anyone developing anything serious on a sub domain, consequentially, no big bucks for subdomains in the domainer world..

Comment #7

As I previously said, technically it is a HostGator just as .com. The difference is it is an SLD and no TLD...

Comment #8 is a subdomain. Don't waste your money with this crap..

Comment #9

It is an interesting question though.. I wonder why Network Solutions is offering these subdomains for sale..has it ever offered other subdomains for sale in the past?.. I wonder what makes the,, and subdomains different from other subdomains that have existed in the past.... and why networksolutions would choose to sell them if they are not real domains.. Networksolutions is one of the oldest registrars.. with a pretty good reputation...

It could be a cash grab since the HostGator market is pretty hot right now.. but wouldn't networksolutions have liabilities if the subdomain expired and there were companies with established websites on the subdomains[obviously there could be catastrophic losses to a company who built their business on a subdomain]? Networksolutions has a huge legal department, so I would assume that they have investigated this... I wonder if these particular subdomains are up for a TLD consideration.. or if the company that owns these domains is a rock solid blue chip company (or an affiliate or subsidiary of a rock solid blue chip company) which would make the future existence of these domains guaranteed...

Has this ever happend before? The way people speak about subdomains it seems like Networksolutions has taken a huge risk by even offering these names ... something doesn't make sense here....

Comment #10

Hey quality - did you also get the following email recently saying that the domains will be cancelled shortly ??.


Dear >Me <.

As we communicated on October 3, 2007:.

Effective March 31, 2008, all sub-domain services will be discontinued. As a result, your sub-domains listed below will not be operational after this date.

We would like to provide a special offer to minimize any impacts this change may have on you.

You can get a free HostGator name (ex. blah when you sign up for any of your website hosting, do-it-yourself website plan, or do-it-for-you design services plan. To redeem this offer, contact our sales team and mention the promotional code subdomain. This offer is available until 03/31/2008.

Our sales team is available at 1-800-WEB-HOST (1-800-932-4678), Monday - Friday (8:00am - 10:00pm EST) and Saturday - Sunday (8:00am - 8:00pm EST). Alternatively, you can e-mail us at Customer Support.


Comment #11

Interesting search parameters. I modified it for and it looks as though there are more search results for domains than for's (something like 31,300 versus 123,000).

Intuitively, I would have thought that would have been way more popular than interesting.....

Comment #12

Bump for quality ! well quality....did you also get the email saying that sub domains are to be cancelled (see above) ?????????????????????????????????.


Comment #13

To answer the question if the domains are owned by a rock solid company: yes, they do.

The subdomain services are provided by CentralNIC who have been in the business for 10 years or even longer. They never had any issues with expiring domains, hijacked domains, crashed servers etc. So the subdomain owners never experienced any more threats than with any "real" domains. Personally, I'd consider CentralNIC as solid as the average "real" HostGator registrar, and I would trust it more to register a CentralNIC HostGator than to invest in some obscure ccTLD where policies of foreign registrations may change very soon.

However, the price is a turn off and stops me from buying domains at CentralNIC, even though I do believe extentions like and have potential. But to ask more money for a subdomain than for a real .com or I a few bridges too far for me. The day CentralNIC drop their prices I will probably buy a few subdomains, however I am not willing to pay more than a few euros...

Comment #14

Wait quality what happened to your POKER.WEB.COM. Keep posting and running!!..

Comment #15

I agree that ".US.COM" (and ".WEB.COM") are rubbish, IMHO.


Comment #16

No. It would be totally against ICANN rules and logics. US.COM is just a HostGator where you can get subdomains from, ICANN will never grant it ccTLD status.

But again, nothing against subdomain sales, especially CentralNIC seems to be well lead and very stable. Just the prices are irrational, a subdomain should never cost more than 3 or 4 euro a year.

CentralNIC aren't the only ones though overpricing subdomains:.

.IE.NU = 60 euro per year.

.CO.NI = 60 GBP per year (!).

At least some do it right: a .NL.NU subdomain costs only 1 euro and no renewal fees. That is the way it should be: subdomains for a price lower than real domains...

Comment #17

Yeah, I like that idea (lower priced subdomains). I noticed that there a lot of companies buying CentralNIC's subdomains (, and especially). Have branded companies done this with other subdomains in the past?.

It just strikes me as strange that Networksolutions would be offering subdomains if what most people here are saying about subdomains is true...

Comment #18

In the moment someone else gets his hands on.


Your subdomains may simply disappear.....

Comment #19

Don't believe that for one second. NetSol WAS big. Now it's a defunct registrar that no one gives two hoots about...

Comment #20

Sashas, some very strong words. I'm curious to know how one comes to the conclusion that a registrar is defunct and that 'no one' gives two hoots about it.. I'm not saying you are wrong.. I just need to know how one comes to this conclusion i.e. how to assess the credibility of a registrar.....

Comment #21

I disagree... just because domainers like outselves don't use NetSol for regular transactions doesn't mean businesses and large corporations don't. They've been around for a long time and have a lot of credibility...

Comment #22

I agree, they are BIG but their prices are too steep for domainers compared to most others places.

They are No3 when it comes to the amount of domains they have according to this >

1) Godaddy 22.479% of market - 21,163,142 domains.

(my guess is 70% + are domainers ).

2) Enom 8.503% of market - 8,005,075 domains.

3) 7.097% of market - 6,681,165 domains Oh......and a bump for quality to answer my question !.


Comment #23

Guys, my opinion was completely biased after struggling with their customer support for hours, trying to transfer a name.

And I do believe that their market share owes a lot to the fact that they were the only registrar for a long time. Thats why they have so many high value names regged to them...

Comment #24

Also, what are the other measures of registrar credibility besides market share?..

Comment #25

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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