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Theres been some conversations started on various sites about the possibility of someone filing a class action suit against Register Fly and ICANN. A suit against Reg Fly has been discussed in the past, but I think now would be the time it might actually happen.

Also I'm not so sure that ICANN would win a suit brought against them for negligence. I think it's safe to say that they've probably received more complaints against Registe Fly than any other registrar. And I'm talking about serious stuff like misrepresentation, double billing, lost domains that were their fault, etc... Not sure ICANN would come out squeaky clean on this one.

WHat do you guys think of the likelihood of this happening?..

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Highly possible on both counts.

I just read an article about ICANN knowing of these problems for more than a year and yet ignoring the issure.

Not to mention that the Registry Fly site has been hacked.

Once you log in, you will see this banner on Special offers: Here is a link to the ICANN issue:

I've been saying all along that ICANN needs to grow some balls and reign in these registrars. With the fiasco recently involving GoDaddy/TDNAM selling domain names that were not even theirs to sell and RegFly debacle, it's time to question where the fees are going for each reg.

This whole matter seems more corrupt than anything I can compare it to...

Comment #1

Yeah it's a real shame that the governing body of the Internet does nothing in the way of governing... Personally I feel that someone needs to kick ICANN in the teeth and put them in their place. They're a sovereign power with no checks and balances, it doesn't get more corrupt than that. They need to be held accountable by someone. I'm just hoping that something good comes out of this whole fiasco...

Comment #2

Not to mention them turning over dot com to Verisign in a no bid, no compete environment and the first thing Verisign announces is a 7% increase. This will be hitting by this summer, I believe...

Comment #3

So far I've been seeing all talk and no action...

Comment #4


Despite DeluxeNames advertising that such was on the horizon nothing ever materialized, and most knew that it wouldn't... A lot goes into a class action, despite pop-TV or the movies trying to convince you it takes 1 guy with passion and a little "uppity-gumption"!.

More importantly, good luck getting a class certified on this one - this isn't a situation that is well suited for a class action (Too many reasons to list), but an individual who had lost something substantial could recover against Registerfly, but you can't bleed a turnip (Is that even a good euphemism here? If not - hopefully you know what I'm getting at.).

Here's a prediction: Nothing happens, again.


Comment #5

Can't bleed a turnip? Just because the business stops operating doesn't mean they dont have money/assets Plus to be honest I'm more interested in a suit against ICANN...

Comment #6

From what we've been reading at, it seems that not only do they not have money, but they are actually in debt up to their eyeballs and have at least one owner who has <allegedly> spent any remaining cash on frivolities. I'm afraid the only assets they may still have are the domain names that ICANN will be reassigning in 10 days.

And a suit against ICANN? Not to say it can't be done (Many have tried, some have succeeded.), but I don't remember any "successful" class action against them (Although that standard is hard to quantify, I think the .biz "lottery" lawsuit was too weak to continue due to the statute they tried to recover under and the geographic limitations (CA might have silicon valley, but it doesn't have most domainers...) of the suit). It is an interesting read, and for any looking to pursue the same course of action, that's your huckleberry.


Comment #7

IMO what we need is not a class action but put the pressure on the DOC so they will seriously review the contract with icann.....

Comment #8

ICANN is as an inept institution that I have ever seen. Class action???.

We need a class act that can regulate an industry and registrars that have gotten out of control and given free reign to do whatever they please.

Much more bad press like the RegFly debacle and it could have effects on the industry as a whole.

There is another registrar that I am seriously worried about. Could be a big fall...

Comment #9

Be careful what you wish for. ICANN may not be perfect, but they're the best we've got right now. What alternative would you want?..

Comment #10

You mean the $40 we'd all get from a typical settlement wouldn't more than make up for the complete destruction of the name assignment system we're all accustomed to ?

Comment #11

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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