Cinnamon Sticks allowed on Medifast?

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Are we allowed to have cinnamon sticks? If so, how many condiments does one stick count as?..

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Medifast has a meal - the cinnamon pretzel sticks...

Comment #1

True ... looking for something to stick in a glass of egg nog. I don't think a pretzel would do the trick, hehee...

Comment #2

Ooh, we can have egg nog? Is there a recipe for it that I somehow missed?..

Comment #3

Cinnamon I'm pretty sure is counted as a condiment. I know I would use them. Maybe you should check with the Nutrition board..

Comment #4

Egg Nog.

Just finished it. Left the cinnamon stick out of it and just used regular cinnamon..

Comment #5

Wow..that recipe is not even close to being op. Your intentions are so good Sam, but you need to check with Nutrition because a lot of your yummy sounding recipes are very off the plan and I am afraid people aren't going to realize that. To the cinnamon stick..cinnamon is on the condiments list. Cinnamon bark is what ground cinnamon is made from. I doubt you would get much cinnamon from a cinnamon stick just sitting in a drink, but why not just use an condiments worth of ground cinnamon?..

Comment #6

Sounds like it is right ON plan to me...two meals.... Am I missing something???.

Did you use a little nutmeg? I always use nutmeg with egg nog. I also just sprinkle a dash on the vanilla pudding or in a vanilla milkshake just to liven it up.....

Comment #7

One TBS cinnamon, 1/2 TBS rum?, and 3 packets splenda? Seems like way over on condiments to me and rum isn't allowed at all. Maybe it was rum extract and I misunderstood. 1/2 tsp cinnamon is one condiment. 3 tsp cinnamon in one TBS..that is 6 condiments right there. We are allowed 3. So the cinnamon alone would use up the condiments for the day. And that is just the cinnamon...

Comment #8

I did use the ground cinnamon..

And the recipe is on point. It makes two servings, so the ingredients are cut in half to make 1 meal and 3 condiments...

Comment #9

Sounds OP to me, if not so much cinnamon....maybe teaspoon, not tablespoon? Can't wait to try it...

Comment #10

Oh you were right about the cinnamon. I meant to write teaspoon, not tablespoon, so I'll change that now. I'll also make it an option of cinnamon or nutmeg, per atransformation's suggestion.

And yes, it was rum or vanilla extract, which are both allowed at least to my knowledge...

Comment #11

I don't see how that is possible. I realize it is two servings because it is what it says. I actually can read that. I am counting condiments. The cinnamon alone is 3 condiments per serving. That is all we are alloted for a day.

That is 6 condiments. I think you need to check the lists. Like I said in my post..that is only the cinnamon. Then there is the vanilla (I won't even touch the rum thing) and the splenda. The recipe is far from "on point"...

Comment #12

Sam the extracts and the splenda are also condiments. 3 packets of Splenda? Why? I am done with this. I can't keep getting frustrated by non op recipes. Everyone should be aware and check the math and the ingredients. Very easy to stray with condiments. Personally, I run my recipes past NS. They are great at catching mistakes and if you post things, people tend to take them as recipes that have been ok'd...

Comment #13

The recipes I post I do not write. I find them online and complie them all in one location for my own reference. I share the site because perhaps others will find something they like too..

Thanks for the input either way...

Comment #14

I found your site and appreciate it alot, as I am starting Medifast next week and want to be able to cook and be creative with it. Everything looks good and sounds yummy...How can we all know when a recipe is OK if you are finding them? Where do you find them? Basically, how do you know they are ok and OP??? I wanna do this right!.


Comment #15

The recipes I put on my site are recipes found through Google searches (typing in "Medifast Recipes") - they have all come from Medifast blogs and websites. None of them, except a few Lean & Grees, have come from sites non-Medifast related..

Just as with any site, double check my ingredients against the lists posted in the Learning Tools section of ... I do it myself before I post a recipe, but as you can see, sometimes I make a typo or miss something. A second look from you before you cook never hurts...

Comment #16

That looks like a yummy recipe. I probably would just use 1 Truvia instead of all that Splenda, and I love nutmeg..

I don't have any shakes right now. Wonder if a vanilla pudding would work instead.. hmmm.. I think I'll give it a try...

Comment #17

Great recipe idea Sam!.

I'm betting a simple sprinkle of cinnamon and/or nutmeg would be enough, rather than the full tsp. and maybe 1 pkt splenda per serving, just to cut back a bit on the condiments..

But that's me, and I haven't even tried it yet..

Love your recipe compilation too, great job!..

Comment #18

Looks good to me Sam. For me, I would cut back on the Splenda. I could probably do with just one.

I think I'll try it today..

Thanks for posting it...

Comment #19

I'm with lesslucy on the splenda, I prob. would only use a sprinkling and one pack of splenda too, just for my personal taste. Am thinking this would make an awesome coffee creamer...wonder how long it would last in the fridge.....hmmmmm!.

Oh, and thanks to sam for getting all the wonderful recipes in one spot!.

(and just an aside for any concerned about recipes being OP-or not: My feeling is that we are adults and therefore accountable for our own decisions. Therefore, if something doesn't look right to you, or for you, then you can choose not to partake.).

Hope everyone enjoys this last day of the weekend....I've already been on a rescue call this morning, in the snowstorm! Bed for another 30 mins, then back to work for me!..

Comment #20

Thanks for all your hard work Sam!!! I really appreciate it, and your grace for accepting people's posts about condiment errors. And thank you to those of you who did the 'condiment math'.

You know, people have found errors in the Medifast cookbook! When I read a post from someone yesterday pointing that out I was reminded that we really should look over every recipe we make. Plus, we have to to take in account the other condiments we may have used earlier in the day...

Comment #21

Just an FYI - but Truvia has twice as many calories and carbs as Splenda so you wouldn't really be saving anything by using it..

Sam - As far as I can tell your recipe is right on the money for 2 Medifast meals. Don't understand why that poster is getting so bent out of shape..

As for cinnamon sticks. They infuse cinnamon flavor into hot drinks, but if you don't ingest them, I can't figure how they would give you any calories or carbs from just flavoring a drink with one. I would definitely throw this one out to Nutrisystem though...

Comment #22

Thanks. I've added a suggestion to garnish with a cinnamon stick if desired, but I think most people will simply use the sprinkling of the spice of their choice.

I'll run it by Nutrisystem though to keep people at ease. Is there a specific thread where I'm to post it?..

Comment #23

Over on the Registered Dieticians Support forum. Just start a thread as you would here. It may take them several days to respond. Also, don't "bump" your thread as Nutrisystem responds according to the number of replies. If you bump it, they assume they have already responded...

Comment #24

Thanks! I'll pop right over there and do it now for the Egg Nog recipe. I'll also ask, if they find time, to check out the others at their convienience. They may not, but it's worth asking. At least I can be sure of the one for now..

Comment #25

If I still had any Medifast meals, that's one recipe I would try. I love eggnog!..

Comment #26

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for posting that! Yummers! Yes, you can stick the cinnamon stick in for a garnish, just don't eat it! It is bark after all! (yes, that is what cinnamon is...ground bark!) No worries! And it looks so nice with the stick in...

Comment #27

[quote=dherschberg]Just an FYI - but Truvia has twice as many calories and carbs as Splenda so you wouldn't really be saving anything by using it..

I switched to truvia because splenda was giving me digestive problems. The truvia does have more carbs. 3 per packet but the calories are not higher. Even though it's listed as 0 calories, we know that doesnt mean 0.

Below is from nutrition support about truvia or stevia.

Good question. Truvia/Stevia is enjoyed by many as a non-nutritive sweetener..

We recommend for individuals to count 1 packet of any type of artificial sweetener as 1 condiment option (Splenda/sucralose, NutraTaste, Sweet n'Low, and even Stevia, which has been recently approved as a type of low-calorie sweetener, etc)...

Comment #28

The egg not recipe sounds yummy. Will have to try it..

As far as the sweeteners debate stevia vs splenda Stevia is a natural sweetener and the other "non-nutritive" sweeteners are not. I like the idea of fewer man-made chemicals...

Comment #29

1 vanilla pudding blended with 1 cup cold water, a couple of ice cubes, 1 TBSP Da Vinci SF Eggnog Syrup and a dash of cinnamon makes a pretty good eggnog too : )..

Comment #30

You know things are ok because you've printed out all the PDFs at Success Tools: Eat Right, and you look up the ingredients in a recipe and verify that they fit the plan guidelines. That's the only way to do it!..

Comment #31

Not always. Check out the PAM as a condiment. If you actually followed what was written in their PDF, you could add nearly 200 calories of fat without knowing it...

Comment #32

I stand corrected. Follow the plan guidelines, except where Eagle thinks they're stupid...

Comment #33

Sam, this sounds like a yummy recipe. I'm out of shakes, but I'm going to use vanilla pudding with extra water and see if it works out...

Comment #34

I just made this and loved it. I just did the egg and shake, added just a little ice with the water (I prefer my real nog chilled), and only 1/2 t Splenda and a DASH of cinnamon. I'm not neurotic on condiments, and felt that these were a really good use of them. Thanks Sam!..

Comment #35

I've used them about once a day, cinnamon is actually really good for your health. I use them in my teas, and always add cinnamon to the puddings ... and the oatmeals ... I don't think it has hurt my weight loss... I'd stick to no more then 2 a day though just incase...

Comment #36

What do you think about putting a disclaimer on your recipe site? I read a post or two where one person is worried you may accidentally mislead another dieter with your fabulous recipes not being medifast approved. I dont think your site will do that, but what if you have a disclaimer at top and bottom of your site page?.

Disclaimer: Please ask your Medifast Nutrition Support Team before adding recipes from "Cooking with Medifast" to your current Medifast program..

If you put that on your site it makes the site user responsible for themselves, as they should be. You, then, can concentrate on your fabulous site that so many appreciate!..

Comment #37

That's a good idea. I'm actually in the process of having Nutrition Support check the entire site, and from now on I will be submitting recipes before I post them to the site. I agree entirely that everyone should be responsible for their own intake and do the math and double-checking themselves, especially those that are so concerned, however I want to make sure I appeal to the masses - and I guess this is the way to do it. I dunno..

But I appreciate the suggestion..

Comment #38

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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