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Hi, I just bought because it has a 5,400 Exact global search every month. I then found out that there's a domain and upon looking to it, in the footer there's a statement that 'Chubb' is a trademark name.

So my question is, am I facing a trademark issue here with my domain ""?.

I appreciate fast reply so I can have a refund in this domain.



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Yes. Probably. I haven't searched... but I immediately recognize Chubb as making locks...

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First of all, get rid of your avatar, it is even worse than mine!! lol.

Never heard of "chubb" as a locksmith/security/etc/manufacturer but that doesn't mean anything and defaultuser heard of it so.....your problem boils down to have the"safe" in the would be a different game if you could use the "chubb" as in "chubby"...but than, the only thing I could think of is "chubby safe"...and who would put someone "chubby" in a safe? lol.



Comment #2

@defaultuser, I am from the Philippines and I haven't heard of Chubb and any of my friend =]].

@LiquidCherry, LOL, that's me making faces infront of a camera =]].

@Defaultuser and LiquidCherry:.

So what's your judgement on this should I give this domain up or I could flip it or develop it? My first time to have a "POSSIBLE" Trademarked domain names.



Comment #3

Its a very well known brand in the UK and I suppose throughout parts of Europe. Now that you know that it's a TM, developing it or flipping it makes you guilty of intentionally profiting from a TM. Whether you and your friends have heard of the TM or not doesn't matter. Ignorance is no excuse when it comes to them suing you or taking you for a legal ride.

IMO if you can get a refund - do it.. if not consider requesting a delete and take a small loss. Holding it can be risky, selling it can be riskier (not to mention unethical).

And yeah, I prefer LiquidCherry's avatar than yours! lol..

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Thank you, probably I'll ask my registrar to have a refund and delete the domain.

Thanks Guys..

Comment #5

Pretty clear that the name has TM issues. It's not generic and is confusingly similar to the brand owner's name (singular vs plural)..

Grace delete...

Comment #6

...and what did you think those people were looking for?..

Comment #7

I am not familiar with Chubb brand though I thought Chubb is some sort of synonym words for some safe vault or something.

Anyway. I got a grace delete and a refund.

Thanks for your answers =]..

Comment #8

Clear TM issue. The second word actually makes it far more confusingly similar.


Comment #9

I am confused as to why you skipped over an essential step in the research such as typing "chubb" into Google and seeing that nearly 3 million pages come up full of trademarked or copyrighted goodness?.

Anyways, once you walk away from this one remember to keep away from anything that could be construed as Yale too, they make up the other half of the major security and locking brands in England...though they mainly manufacture deadbolt locks..

Comment #10

Like what I've said, I thought Chubb is some sort of a word, "not brandname".

Anyhow, lesson learned guys, I got my refund and grace delete the domain.



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