Choosing to Take a 3-Day Break from Medifast?

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As some of you know I'm a musical theatre performer and I'm in a show that opened Thursday night. This past week has been HELL trying to stay OP, but I was proud of myself and did very well ... until yesterday. I'm not going to get into a whole ton of details, but let's just say when actors (at least in this company) go to their afterparties, well, there's a lot of bad bad things ... food and drink alike. I was super stressed and needed to unwind ...

I did..

Then I thought about it. All the Medifast meals that I ate yesterday went to waste. Surley the meals I eat on Saturday and Sunday will also do the same. So ... I've made a concious decision to take a three-day break until my show closes tomorrow night. Tomorrow we only have one show, and no after party so truthfully, I may only take a two day break (yesterday and today)..

I know some of you are upset to read this ... but the way I see it, I don't mind getting to my goal two days later KNOWING that I will get there two days later. I don't want to pretend like I just "slipped up" yesterday and today and then weigh in on Monday and be dissappointed. Next week I'll just have to work extra hard to make up for lost time..

Have any of you had a situation like this where you CONCIOUSLY decided to take a couple-day/week/however long break? What was it like to start up again when you were done?..

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Well I have only been doing Medifast for 3 weeks now and I had to travel last week and went off program a little bit but stayed on as much as possible. I think if you stray too far from the program it may be more difficult mentally to get back on track. Plus parties and celebrations with friends will always be a part of your life and it's learning how to incorporate all of that and still make wise food decisions. Maybe continue to stay on program as much as you can in the next few days and just not go too out of control with your portion sizes if you do end up needing to eat something off program. Just my two cents. Their are a lot of more experienced people on these boards who may have better advice. Good luck to you!..

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I think that you should make the decision that is right for you. If you hold yourseld accountable then all should be well. We are all tested in different ways. If you truely believe that you will 100% be back op in 2 days... and in those 2 days you can still make decent choices? In the long run, it may not make much of a difference... but for some...

Not sure I was much help...

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I think you do what you gotta do.. period.. Medifast is not the end all to weight loss. It is simply a marvelous tool..

Musical theater, huh? That's awesome.. I have done a fair share of accompanying (rehearsal and performances,) but we moved out of state, and I haven't found an opportunity since we moved. I miss it...

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"Taking a break" has always been my downfall in previous diets. But everyone is different and if you keep your commitment up, you could do alright...

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One of the things that keeps me in line these days is the knowledge that if I were to drink or eat something that even vaguely resembled my old eating habits, I'd spend a week in the bathroom. My system simply could not handle alcohol or pizza right now.

That probably wouldn't happen after three or four weeks on MF, but after five months it could be a real problem and I'd hate to be on stage when it happened.

Your choice, of course, but if you want to do theatre as a career, then these situations are going to come up all the time and I'm not sure going off plan each time is a great plan. Everybody has stress in their profession, whatever it may be, and learning new skills to deal with it has to be a big part of the program..

Hope the show is going well; have fun with it...

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Hey Sam- I think the point is that you are making a conscious decision regarding food and drink. That's half the battle. Depending on how often you are performing and the intensity of your scenes you may choose to make some healthy adjustments as well after talking with nutritional support. The show must go on and so must your new lifestyle. Break a Leg!..

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There's no reason for anyone to be upset about you taking a break-it's your body, your weight loss, your decision. Going back on plan after can be very difficult for many people and many people would quit at that point. Getting back into ketosis sucks...

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Can I (gently) tell you something?.

First of all, I did theatre and worked at one in college so I understand that part of it. It's like booze and junk food central.

But when you go off plan - in my experience, and i've gone off plan I think 4 times since may - it takes longer than the time you were off plan to balance things out. so it's not just two days, if that makes sense. so say you hop back on the scale monday morning and you've gained 8 pounds. did you ACTUALLY gain 8 pounds? probably not. but it is going to take you more than 2 days to come back down to whatever weight you are now..

And you might feel like crap too. just fyi. when i've gone off before, sometimes it hasn't affected me at all. other times - it's like the worst indigestion of your life times a million..

We're all adults here, and we can make our own decisions. I wish I had never, ever gone off plan once (for me, that first time made it easier to go off the next 3 times) so that's just me.

Economists always consider something called "opportunity cost" - which means not only considering the financial cost, but also time, resources, etc. Assume going off plan for the weekend puts you back a week or two - is that worth the opportunity cost? if so, carry on. if that makes you cringe, i'd try to stay OP as much as possible...

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Sam, You do whatever is right for you. This is your journey and no one can tell you how you should travel it..

Have a wonderful show! Kick butt or break a leg or whatever the proper "you go girl" term is! And when you're done with all the celebrating - jump back on plan and go strong! You can do it!.


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A word of caution........... you may want to read the post by dolphin888 about her mistake. Going off program should be done very carefully...

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Some people can be on medifast get off for a special occasion and get right back on. Other people do this and never get back on or never get back on as successfully as before..

Do you think you will get right back on?..

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Going "temporarily" off plan was the beginning of my 29-pound regain. I thought I could get back on plan!.

Thankfully, when I work now Craft Services is the caterer, and they always have lots of healthy choices because so many actors are much more health conscious these days.

You need to do whatever you think is best for you.and I hope you can handle it successfully and get right back on plan. I know now that going off, even when planned, is something I cannot do - not if I want to get to goal.and stay there.

Best of luck with whatever you choose!..

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Sam I take a break for 2 or 3 days every once in awhile. Dont feel bad, you have to do what is good for u. When I go off plan for a few days it kick starts my wweight loss, so who knows, maybe it will for you too. good luck..

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See eagletrub's blog: how much does going of plan cost. that pretty much sums it up for me...

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This is my 4th holiday season with MF. I have seen so many people who were strong on the program get off for just one meal, just one day and it take months for them to get back, frequently they never make it back as strong as they were before. The one day or even one meal doesn't mess with the scale so much as it messes with your mind. Thanksgiving dinner lasts just a little while but the effects and I don't mean the calories can be much longer term. Thanksgiving is a special day but you have had many of them and you will have many more. Take care of your health and give thanks for your blessings, how does eating give thanks anyway?..

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Well, Sam, advice is good, but knowledge is better. I've had dieted my entire adult life and I am now 58. Let me tell you what I have learned. You have to determine what kind of "dieter" you are. I am the alcoholic type of dieter. In other words would ask a reformed alchoholic to have just one drink because it's a special ocassion? More than likely not, as they probably could not handle and may very well be off the wagon until they come to their senses.

Unfortunately, I don't hav that special gene that will allow me to go off a little and jump back on. If you are similar, than my advice is don't do it. But if you truly are, or at least believe you are, someone who can hiatus for a couple of days, suck up the consequences and move on, then that is simply your decision. I always say that most of the success of weight loss takes place above the shoulders. This is simply my experience over a lot of success and failure in my "dieting career".

Good luck..


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Great post Glenbo! I am a different type of dieter-an 'all or nothing' dieter. It's been something I've been working on breaking myself of because once I hit nothing then I quit the diet. On Medifast I've tried to be 100% but I've failed from time to time (that's when my signature shows gains...) but I've made huge personal strides in getting right back on plan. I'm not planning on going off plan ever, but it's really nice to know that if I mess up and have a bad day that I can get right back on the next day or even the next meal...

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GLENBO....I am the same way. I tell people that very thing...I am a sugar-a-holic. So don't tell me that I can eat just one cookie...because I can't just like an alcholic can't have just one beer!..

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Hi Sam, As the rest have said it is your choice and I don't think bad of you for the choice you make.I know I couldn't do it and come back strong,I had a party on friday nite where we had Chinese (my fav) and I made a taco salad,sat nite I had to go to a suprise b-day party with wonderful finger foods ever and I had a cup of salad then ate a piece of salmon with veggie when I got home. I too would love to take a break because I want to eat like "normal" people but until I get to goal I just can't let that happen. it will take more then 2 days to get back on track. I wish you luck with whatever you decide and of course we are always here for you...

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I did 5/1 for about 8.5 months. I did make the decision to go off-plan two, maybe 3 times, during that 8.5 months. I went back strong and wound up losing 94 pounds and it is now 2 years that I have kept the weight off..

But I am one of the few. The VERY few. I've been on these boards for almost 3 years now and it usually doesn't work out so well for people..

Many people told me I couldn't...I couldn't get to goal, I couldn't maintain...but I sure did..

You'll find out soon enough if it was a good or bad decision for you, but it is your decision to make. You can get back on stronger than ever - but you have to want to.

You have to want it in a bad way..

Hope this helps you a little..

I wish you all the best on your journey...

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It has been my experience that off-plan eating is akin to playing Russian Roulette with my resolve and when I do so I choose to forget all of the reasons I decided to lose weight in exchange for an "eat-anything-I-want rebellious free-for-all" because I felt like it.

For me these episodes are a sign of immaturity in my own life because the tension of staying "On Plan" is like having to do what someone else is telling me, and my inner-brat puts it's fist up and says "I'll show you, I'll do what I want!" And it did show me. It showed me, while it laughed and mocked me, all the way from a size 2 back up to a size 26. Boy did it ever show me. I am SO glad I let my inner-brat be in control of my life and my eating for the year and a few months it took for me to regain all of the weight I had lost. No, not really. I am picking up the pieces now and have been picking up the pieces for the last 52 pounds of re-losing the weight.

Don't make my mistakes...

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I too had to go off plan for a few days while I was in New Orleans for a planned vacation. Initially I had thought that I wouldnt even be tempted but ummmm yeahthat didnt work out. I decided once I was there that I wasnt going to stress myself out about it but that I was going to enjoy drinking and eating while I was immersed in this wonderful culture. I do not regret it at all. The amazing thing for me is that I did not in any way spiral out of control and have this be a two week binge...I jumped right back on when I got home and have continued the program as if nothing happened.

I dont plan on doing this often but I do know that I have to be realistic...and in regular maintenance life if I can master the art of eating correctly most of the time and sometimes(rarely) indulging, then I have mastered something Ive been working on for my entire life..

Break a leg!!.


Comment #22

In my experience I had lost about 80lbs on another diet and decided I deserved a break to be "normal" for a few days. I bounced around about 30lbs and didn't get back on till MF...that was a few years ago and could have just been at goal the whole time. I think I was tired and felt so confident that I was different. Now I think at any point during the weight loss phase or transition is NOT the time to test myself..

Its not about getting to goal 2 days later or gaining a few pounds and it even taking an extra month to lose those pounds. On day 4 when you want to get back, life happens. Every day has it's own "good" reason to stay off plan. You might just say "Hey, Thanksgiving is right here..I'll stay off until afterward". Then there's yummy leftovers and upcoming holiday treats that people will bring into your office/school. The parties come and go but none of us can positively say what will happen to our weight unless we firmly decide not to play around anymore for any reason..

It may not be such a difficult situation as it is for me, but most people on Medifast are here because we have a very hard time knowing when enough is enough. Good luck with whatever you choose!..

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This pretty much sums up how I feel about it. It's a lot easier to stay on plan when you stay on plan, if that makes any sense. I'm not a 100% OP zealot I admire those who are but the longer I'm on this diet and these boards, the more I see that, for 99% of the people on this diet, staying 100% is the way to go.

I went off plan for roughly a meal and a half on a business trip. That was planned. But then I came home and ate an extra bar. Then I went out to a bar that only serves beers and had three. That night, I got sick, and spend the next day hungover from the carbs and the alcohol. But nothing compared to the guilt I felt that day the kind of guilt that leads me to binging.

One last thing. The people who have maintained here and are still around to prove it are almost all 100%ers. That tells me a lot...

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I have a huge desire to be "normal" and I continue to struggle with the idea that it's "not fair" that I have an obesity problem, and that I have to control my eating. My best days are when I choose me and my health over the momentary sensation of a certain food in my mouth..

Even the experience of camaraderie felt with family and friends while sharing certain special meals or treats is only momentary. Of course, special memories of times with these people can last a lifetime, but the memory of the sensation of eating those foods is truly fleeting..

When I look back on my life, I don't think, wow, I'm sure glad I ate that cheesecake. I think, I'm sure glad I took the time to go visit my Dad. I'm sure glad I spent Christmas day with my cousins. I'm sure glad I went to my best friend's wedding...

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I've been debating whether to say this, as I don't know how it will be received and don't want to be rude. But I thought you might want the perspective? Anyway, take it or leave it, and it's meant with good intentions....

I don't hear anything "conscious" about your choice to go off plan, in the way you described it. You were at an event where there were off plan foods. Without really meaning to, as a way to "unwind," you ate off plan. After that, you rationalized it into a *longer* break in order to call it "conscious." I don't think that adding 2 more days to the off-plan eating makes an oops "conscious.".

Just wanted to suggest that focusing on why you chose to eat off plan, and getting right back on plan, might be a better learning experience than pretending it was planned all along. Ya know?..

Comment #26

I hope I don't offend anyone with this, but going through some of these responses has really upset me and I need to get it off my chest..

I'd like to thank those of you who actually read my post and understood what I was asking. I was asking if anyone had gone off plan for a few days on purpose for an event or whatever and then what it was like for them when they went back on. I was NOT asking those of you who never have gone off plan to, in my opinion, pass judgement..

Every single one of us is taking this journey for the same reasons, but none of us are doing it the exact same way. Yes, for most out there, going off plan for a day or two would be a horrible choice and possibly cause them to go off plan forever..

But I know myself and my habits, and know that tomorrow morning I will be 100% back on plan. And in case that statement wasn't enough, I was back OP today - and I had every intention of keeping this day as a free day as well..

And my choice to take a couple days off WAS a concious one, believe what you will..

Again, to those of you who actually answered my question, I really appreciate your time and encouragement..

I'm not trying to sound bitchy, I just really had to say what I was thinking...

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I haven't had a chance to read through the whole thread. But in my experience it seems like most people on the boards do not like the idea of a cheat (planned or not). I, on the other hand, feel very differently. I've been doing Medifast for 14.5 weeks and I've had 2 planned off days and 1 planned off weekend. For me I had no problem returning back to plan and I was very firm in my mind that I would restart at what ever time I'd chosen. I continued to weigh in regularly and in all 3 instances I still had a loss that week.

Although your off plan time may have started that way it seems like you are taking control of the situation to make a decision that suits you. Just remember you are in control and as long as you make a decision you can live with I say so be it. Good luck...

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I'm not sure what statements in this thread hurt your feelings (hopefully not mine, b/c I did just answer your question I think) but I have to say that this is one of the nicest threads I've seen on Medifast where the OP states they are going to go off-plan. Usually it is far less balanced that the responses you received. Just know going forward... 100% OP vs not being 100% OP is the biggest debate on these forums and it's always a hot topic 24/7. If you bring it up, people may not be very nice..

That said, as someone who has been here over 6 months, I have seen SO MANY people who were my buddies in the beginning just vanish. People that were posting every day, doing really well on the program... they just never come back. Some have reappeared to recommit, some have not. For those of us who have been here a little while, we just want you to know the reality - not everyone makes it to goal, unfortunately. And you're right - we DON'T know you or your food issues/history.

But a big number of us can't. Or really underestimate things. Too many hop off and never return. If everyone responded and said, "You'll be just fine" that wouldn't be the reality when considering a lot of people who have been here before...

Comment #29

I don't want to hurt your feelings, but I guess I don't understand the reason to start a THREAD about: "I have decided to cheat or eat what I want for three days?".

What's the purpose of starting the thread?.

Whatever you do is YOUR Business and yours alone, I support anyone doing what is right for them, that is none of my business.

But what is the purpose of posting on a SUPPORT board designed in MY opinion to help Medifast Dieters STAY ON PLAN, that "I have decided to take three days off and cheat?".

Do you see what I mean?.

I think it's great that you are back on plan, and commend you for that..

Just curious and again, maybe it's just me..

Also, please know, when you post on the boards you will get ALL kinds of opinions, posting alone means, let me know your opinion..

Hope you take this the right way, just sharing what I was thinking.


Comment #30

You wrote, "Whatever you do is YOUR Business and yours alone, I support anyone doing what is right for them, that is none of my business".

Huh? you support what?.

In one sentence you say you support and in the next sentence you needlessly criticize and are condescending in my opinion - the very opposite of supportive.

I don't want to hurt your feelings, but I guess I don't understand the reason to start negative drama. You saw the title of the thread then you, on purpose, clicked and went into the thread that had the title you didn't want to be supportive of then you on purpose posted a whiny, unsupportive post.

She has every right to start this thread, infact just as much (more in my opinion) than you do to start the negative drama.

I can just see you there with nothing to do coming in to criticize..

Holier than thou comes to mind. How did you ever get overweight if you are so perfect?.

Hope you take this the right way, just sharing what I was thinking...

Comment #31

Sorry I have to agree with tom. I don't understand starting the drama..

Sam I admire you for starting the thread. Your questions and the responses from posters are very helpful to me. When you bring up something like this you help a lot of others by letting us read how others manage to stay on the diet! Thank you..

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It is your body, your choice. The real test is when you go off-plan (when you planned to) - did you eat one piece of pizza instead of two, one serving of cookies instead of the whole box, one scoop of ice cream or the entire pint/quart/half-gallon (or whatever your favorite food is).

I attended a dinner party this weekend and planned to go off-plan (which I did). I am going to do a modified plan until Thanksgiving and then go back strictly on plan for another month or so (Christmas). Don't beat yourself up about it, you worked hard this weekend doing the musical theatre. Sometimes knowing I have a 'planned' off-plan event coming up keeps me on track until then!.

Only you know what is right for you...

Comment #33

First let me say , you didnt even have to post that you were thinking of going OFF PLAN. You could of just did your own thing and none of us would ever know , so my question is WHY DID YOU POST .Were you hoping that everyone would go along with you .Because in the end it's your journey and we dont walk in your shoes , so none of us can judge the decissions you make FOR YOURSELF ..I would rather do something for myself that I choose too do and later have regrets than too not do something I really felt I wanted or needed too do and wish I had of ..We cant turn back time we can only do whats best at the time we make that decission .And hey if you do go of plan , you will see for yourself whats it's like and if it was hard too handle and get back on plan , it might be a lesson you needed too learn yourself and not make the same decission again..I WISH YOU LOTS OF LUCK IN ALL YOU DECIDE TOO DO ......

Comment #34

This is where the limitations of of board communication come in.......Dan has been misunderstood. Dan is one of the most positive, encouraging, caring, supportive people you will ever find on these boards. He has helped countless people reach their goals. I am one of them. Dan knows that for most people being 100% OP is the way to real weight loss success. Many people have never recovered from taking off a few days. I personally have seen many people here that I have cared deeply for who could never get the wheels back under them after going off plan for any occasion...

Comment #35

I see this message board as a place to say what's on my Medifast mind at the moment. I completely understand 100% OP. Personally.I hate the schoolmarm lectures. I know the right answer.I am just coming here to reveal what I am going through right NOW. Maybe a thread should be created for "Right NOW I Feel". I have been OP for two months but have learned to fear posting anything due to the lectures.

Solution? Ideas? Is there another group where I would fit in better with all of this?..

Comment #36

When you started a thread such as this, what did you expect? Maybe you wanted us to tell you it's okay and no problem to get back OP after taking a hiatus. Well, guess what? It isn't that easy for a lot of people. If it is easy for you, and by your last post you seem to imply it is, then why bother asking a bunch of strangers what they think? Obviously you don't want to hear the real opinions of others. Did you expect us to tell you, "Yes, it's easy to get back OP. Make that conscious decision, and make it often," or did you really want helpful input on the scenario you suggest? I don't think you did..

I think you went off the plan unexpectedlyand decided to do a little more damage, and then came here looking for us to tell you it's okay. Then you say you're back OP. I truly hope so, for your sake, but I honestly doubt it. Why do I doubt it? I doubt it because now you've come back all in a tizzy and state you're offended. You're offended by people trying to HELP you.

Put on your big-girl panties and suck it up. You went off plan. You didn't really choose to do it. You say you're back on plan. Great, if you are.

Next time you choose to cheat, just do it. Don't come asking us to help you excuse what you've done.or plan to do.

We're all responsible for our own choices. Some of us benefit from the input of others. Some don't. I think you fit very nicely into the latter category..

Some of us need a kick in the behind sometimes, or to rant and rave.that's okay. We NEED to do that sometimes. But don't slap us around for trying to be helpful.


Comment #37

I think that is a very good idea. I come here for support sometimes, but I've never gotten bent out of shape or offended when I didn't get the answers I wanted. Sometimes what we WANT to hear is not what we really NEED to hear, ya know?.

As far as lectures - on any forum or board you'll get them. We all have an opinion/perspective on everything it seems, but that doesn't mean any of us are wrong. We just look at things differently.


Comment #38

I have read all these posts and I have seen no one be rude or say anything out of line..well with the exception of the person who read Dan the riot act. However, that person has read me the riot act in the chatroom when I was trying to help them get to customer service, so you just can't please all people. I think everyone was gentle in their message to you Sam and no, not everyone supported your decision. Did you not want to hear our opinions? If you don't want opposing opinions, you probably shouldn't post on these "Discussion Boards". I held back because I knew you really didn't want to hear what I had to say. I am, however, very perplexed why you seem to be surprised those who didn't want to see you make a mistake spoke up.

Did you really think 100% of the people who read your post would support you? If you choose to go off the plan, then do it. You don't really need to post about it. Just do it. It's you who will suffer the consequences or not. It's you who will succeed at this or not..

Comment #39

Post the link we all can learn and get better...

Comment #40

Find a reply from Eagle, right click his name, go to his blog, search for the post. Now you know how to find blog posts on your own...

Comment #41

You will find it on his profile. It isn't a thread it's one of his blogs...

Comment #42

Yes.she DOES need to post about it. She is looking for support and understanding. I'd like to encourage all others to hang out in the 100% OP board and not here...

Comment #43

She was looking for opinions. I also think she was looking for someone to support her rationalizations. Not everyone is going to do that. We all have to learn how to avoid temptation. This isn't one of those things that we do only when in the weight loss phase. It's something we have to do through transition and maintenance or we won't be successful. True Fax...

Comment #44

I recently took off ten days due to a family death. During that period, I tried to adhere to a "maintenance" caloric level. I was not always successful. The few times I went "hog wild" (which in total calories was probably nowhere near what I would have done before Medifast) didn't do any damage. I guess either my capacity for consumption shrunk after 6 months or so on program, or I was more "careful" than I imagined.

I managed to get back on program with little effort. BUT and this is a big "but" my weight problem began due to severe stress due to life circumstances that have now drastically changed. Had these conditions not altered, I may have had some problems.

It's been my experience that there are two different issues to consider. One is "stress" the other is whether or not you're a "foodie". I define the latter as someone who (like a dear friend of mine) couldn't bear to think of drinking skim milk because it wasn't "frothy" enough. People who are "into" tastes and textures have more difficulty going off program and getting back on than someone like me who can diet indefinitely unless they get emotionally worked up about something..

Some people have either one of the two problems. Some people have both. The issue here is whether you know how these two concepts relate to your own weight history..

Regardless of what you decide, it is your decision to make. You have my support no matter what you decide to do..

Know also that these are support boards for everyone and you have every right to ask any question or express any opinion. You pay the same amount for your products as anyone else...

Comment #45

Everyone here can choose where they will "hang out," but thank you for the encouragement..

I've never claimed to be the perfect MF'er, but I do my best, just like most everyone else here does. Sure, she may post where and what she wants, just an anyone else may, but she will get responses that she may not like and may offend her. Big whoop-dee-doo. So what? You ask questions, you get answers. You make statements, you get opinions. You want support, you'll get it.and maybe in a way you don't expect...

Comment #46

Actually, what I meant is if she doesn't want to hear everyone's opinions then don't post. Everyone is encouraged to post and to say what they feel, but by golly, be ready to hear something you may not be looking for. If I decide for whatever reason, to go off this program for a moment, 3 days or 3 weeks, well you can believe I will expect to hear everything from "oh it's'll get back on" to "you silly twit..why throw away what you've gained". I will pull my big girl panties up and carry on. If you chose to post, then be ready to hear many different opinions. I don't think anyone has been out of line.

We also know the one that works for us is the one we will be most passionate about...

Comment #47

First of all, there is no Medifast prison, and you will not go to Hell for going off plan. KNOWING what you are doing, and why you are doing it, and making a conscious decision ahead of time is very different than whining about how when you drove through the fast food joint to feed your kids the fries smelled so good you ate them AND a burger!.

I went 17 weeks and 47 pounds before I deviated from plan. I then had the week of all weeks...and chose (THAT is the key...CHOSE) to go off plan. I had to stay with my mom in an Alzheimer's assisted living facility. Eat three meals a day there, and then go out with my dad after she had surgery. The schedule was nuts, and there was so much going on, and the stress level was so high that I knew chocolate and cookies would get me through. And they did.

How was it? I felt like crap (physically) from eating junk. I gained a few pounds. But...I got over it quickly. Going back on plan? no problem.

The consequence? I had a two week set back...essentially because at 18 weeks, I weighed 3 pounds more than I did at 17. At the end of week 19, I am back to where I was at 17. Do I regret it? Not at all. Will I do it again? Yes, for a few days at Christmas, when we are spending time with the family, and on New Year's as we are having a huge party and celebrating hubby's retirement. Will I get right back on plan? You bet. And then no foreseeable deviation...(When I started in July, I said I was taking the entire month of December off...and I think it is pretty amazing that I now I have planned for less than a week!).

IF you want to lose this weight more than anything else in the world, you can do it.

Have fun at the parties!..

Comment #48

Dan- I completely agree with you and got pretty much the same responses when I asked a similar question once. Doesn't matter that you asked a question, some will always take it wrong. No worries!! You got me to goal as well with your kind, gentle nudging to stay OP!.

Maintained for a year as well following your advice!! Thanks Dan!..

Comment #49

Well said! Those of us that are very passionate and have taken the pledge to stay 100% (so to speak) wonder why others want to find a short cut or whatever. It's no big to us most of us are at goal...we just try to advise those going through the struggle we've already been through. Not being mean, just trying to say...try not to do it if you can help it. That's all I have to say on this...good luck everyone! Oh, BTW, I'm not a health coach or anything, just hang around to keep myself grounded and to occasionally help someone else. We are ALL here to support each other, right? Hope so anyway...

Comment #50

I'm sorry, but this is called enabling, not support. I'm with Dan on this one. We see these posts all the time where people choose/plan to go off plan and then want us to tell them that we support their decision and it's ok. I don't support that decision and I acknowledge that the poster(s) has the right to make that decision, just as I have the right to disagree with it. But this is a weight loss support group, and as Dan said, our goal here is to support each other in losing weight, not justifying wrong decisions or choices. If you plan on cheating or taking a break, what is the point really of posting? Why not just do it? Slip ups happen and those should be supported and understood. Planned cheats/off plan eating is a CHOICE and members who make these choices need to be prepared to read posts from those who do not agree with that choice...

Comment #51

Well that is just snarky if I ever saw snarky. I have a better idea, then why don't we have a "50% or 75% OP board" that we can send YOU all off to? No. This is a community and we are all welcome...

Comment #52


1) I posted this thread, ONCE AGAIN, to get the personal experiences of those who HAVE gone off plan so that I could be familiar with the struggle, or non-struggle, ahead of me at the end of the weekend. I did NOT post this thread with any intention of getting posts from those who have never gone off plan. This thread was not meant for those peolpe to even respond to, if that's a rude thing to say then I'm sorry, but it's true..

2) I find it interesting that so many of you have suggested the reasons why I went off plan when you know absolutely nothing about me and my weightloss history. Why would I lie to a group of people that I have never met!? Even if you didn't believe me, which is silly in and of itself, you could have easily kept it to yourself - once again, that was not the purpose of this thread..

3) I never said that any of the posts offended me. I simply said that some things did not need to be said because they were not opinions I was looking for. If some of you were doing it as cautionary advice, I'm sorry to get defensive with you - however it did not read through as that..

4) To those of you who say I don't have the right to post this ... I really don't understand that at all! You are then suggesting that none of us are ever allowed to slip up or go off plan. And if that's true, why the hell is this forum even here!? I was looking for advice about when I got back on track. Call me crazy to think that would be something that would not only benefit me, but others too afraid to post it - FOR THIS VERY REASON!.

5) This is going to be the last thing I say in this thread (which I now regret posting) ... Being 100% OP in a very hard thing to do, and we ALL have self control issues and moments of weakness or we wouldn't be here in the first place. So I'm still not seeing why this thread was ever questioned. I guess from now on when I have an issue with staying on track with the diet or anything like that I will take my problems somewhere else....

...not a help and support forum for weightloss..

One last thing: I recieved a LOT of responses through my inbox from people who were too afraid to post here because they did not want to be attacked for giving me the advice I was seeking. What does that tell you? ... A little while back I read a thread by a user who didn't want to post on the forums anymore because of the drama. I didn't know what she was talking about...

Comment #53

To point out the obvious the above statement was actually the question the poster wanted someone to answer. Please note that only someone who had done so would be able to realistically answer. Unless you have actually attempted to take a "hiatus", any commentary would be, by definition conjecture.

Oddly, the 100% adherent crowd do think they're being "helpful". They are viewing the situation from the perspective of their own "food issues". And they are telling the truth when they say that "they" probably would not be able to do this and get back on program..

There are "food issues" and everyone has a "food history". Although each of us gained weight none of us did so for the same reasons. That's the point that's overlooked on this constant debate over whether or not one must remain 100% on program all of the time..

Somehow I don't believe a brass band is going to appear and a 21 gun salute will be given in honor of those who are 100% on program all of the time. What they will receive is getting to their goal a little "faster". I imagine if you have a health problem that might be a more pressing issue than losing weight for the purpose of fitting into smaller size jeans. Other than that, I fail to see the reason (perhaps other than economic) for "racing"..

I originally gave myself a three year window to lose the weight I wanted to lose. I'm not only on schedule but ahead of my plan. Sometimes, I find myself wanting to rush along because I become "influenced" by the speed of the 100% people. Then I remember that if I fall victim to "all or nothing" thinking it has, in the past caused significant depression and consequently weight gain..

In the final analysis, my personal opinion (for what it's worth) is that Medifast should be a tool. It shouldn't be a crutch. Ultimately we will ALL have to learn to deal with "real food" in the "real world". Whether this takes place in "transition" or an occasional "hiatus" (for personal reasons) is really a moot point...

Comment #54

I think I answered her original question pretty well. Took a 1 yr "hiatus". Yep it was a conscious decision. Yep I gained 140 pounds back. That's my story, it is a direct answer to her question, but I have a feeling my post was one of the ones she was "upset" over. You can't win on these boards, honestly you can't.

She is looking for a particular answer to her particular question...

Comment #55

Yes kb1968 ... you did in fact answer my thread the way I intended. Yours was a helpful one as well. Because I too have had diets in the past that I took a week off, and then never went back on. Your post was one of the few that actually helped me get back OP a day earlier than I originally intended...

Comment #56

Thank you, I appreciate the feedback. I honestly don't want my story to be wasted (so to speak) on me alone but I also don't want to tell it if it isn't going to help anyone, so thank you for letting me know...

Comment #57

To answer your question, starting up again sucks-in some ways I think it's harder than when you are first starting Medifast because the newness and excitement about the possibility of losing weight has worn off. The two weeks that show gains in my signature are weeks that I cheated-it was really hard to get back on plan and I don't recommend it. The cravings are brutal, the weight loss stall sucks, and feeling physically crappy from the off plan foods suck. This is most definitely NOT a plan that works at all with cheating. Freaking cough drops threw me off plan last week!!.

What I've learned in my many, many years of dieting is there are always special occasions that will have food. I myself am a musician so I completely understand the after parties and the stress of performing. I'm trying to be a 100%er and plan to stay on plan when I go to Hawaii in a couple of months. But you know what? If I were going to Italy I'd totally take the week off of Medifast and enjoy the food because that's a huge part of the foreign culture, and I take trips like that every 2-10 years. Christmas, birthday, etc parties here in my hometown are not, neither is my Hawaii trip, or anything else in the US-that's all part of normal, everyday life.

When you come to these boards and ask for advice you're going to get some that you'll like and some that you won't, and you're going to get people who don't answer your question and instead give you unsolicited advice. On the boards there are enablers, 90%ers, 100%ers, and Medi-drill sergeants, and people have their own opinion about what people fall into what group. What I will say about the posters who gave a little tough love is that they've all lost A LOT of weight and have been on these boards for some time and have seen many, many people drop off the boards and quit after taking a planned day, or two, or three off. There have been an amazing number of posters lately writing about how they've cheated, purposely gone off plan, etc. I've had some issues with a few people's snarkiness and passive aggressive posts, but man, I really appreciate people like Cellis, Freya, and Dan who are just upfront that this diet doesn't work with cheating...

Comment #58

I can't help you on your choice, that is yours to make, but I won't judge you either for it. I don't see where anyone here was doing that though, and I have to agree with dej's post as to wondering what you were really needing here. But since I have taken the plunge to answer here,,and I am an old timer, and you know us old people say whatever the h3ll we wanna, whenever we wanna,,,.

As an almost 4 yr maintainer,,i can tell you right now that I believe wholeheartedly in 100%,,both for 5/1 and transition. These are learning times for you, things you learn now will be of the greatest help to you in maintenance. 5/1 is the easy part, maintenance is tough..

I know I can NEVER allow ceetain things into my diet again. I know now what makes me crave,,,,i don't like the feeling of craving,,,,so I avoid those things. I learned this through losing weight and transition. If I had chosen to ever take a break, I am sure I would not be maintaining now. And I have,,and I will,,,even through back surgery and being a chemo patient,,,I am worth this, and NO food is worth me slipping..

Some of my friends here will tell you, they have recieved the same advice from me over the years, but they ARE still my friends, as they realize my comments to them are NOT judgement, they are simply true caring in hoping they meet their goals, and the long term goal of maintenance. some of them don't take my advice,,,,but they will tell you, they are NOT afraid to tell me so, and when they slip, I am always here to push them back into the right direction..

I don't see where anyone judged you here,,,sometimes when the advice we get isn't what we want to hear, it is easy to turn it into criticism. We are all guilty of this in our lives at some point,,me included..

So please try to rethink your intentions to take these breaks from time to time. right now, you were strong enough to hop back OP, but it only takes that one time where you can't, to send you down that slippery slope. Best wishes to you on whatever choices you make..

I have said it many times, NO ONE should be afraid to post what they feel on these boards, but we have to give the same respect to those who will give us their own personal opinions. As long as it is not a personal attack, but only shared advice, please take what you need and leave the rest..

You are worth the effort it takes for you to succeed!..

Comment #59

When I read dej353's post my immediate thought was he was trying to start up a negative drama thread. I also thought his post sounded like he wanted to be judgemental and rude but wanted to hide it behind "hope you dont take this the wrong way" and "not trying to be rude" talk. to me his post was very passive aggressive and real catty.

Now this is only what I got when I read his post yesterday...

Comment #60

This forum (despite the issues with this thread) is something I really depend on. I spend almost my entire work-day going through the posts and getting inspiration and support..

I really want this thread to disappear and fade into the double-digit pages of threads-past. Everytime I see it bumped I get stressed. I've been commenting like crazy on other threads trying to get rid of this one..

I don't want drama on this board, and I DEFINITELY do not want to be the cause of it.

Even if you agree with me, I'd rather it not be posted. I truthfully believe everyone is here to help one another, even if it came off differently. I will admit that I was a bit frustrated when I wrote my last comment, and for that I apologise, but ....

... can't we all just love each other like a fat kid - and all of us, - loves cake!..

Comment #61

That they should learn to block the users that they don't want to receive feedback from and should give their input on threads so that others might learn from their experiences, whatever those experiences might be...

Comment #62

I love the thread/ input from sam. I hope she keeps creating posts that she feels are important to her, because, I guarantee they will be helpful to someone else along the way..

I hope she stands by her thread and can have confidence that she created it out of her needs, which are important...

Comment #63

"Somehow I don't believe a brass band is going to appear and a 21 gun salute will be given in honor of those who are 100% on program all of the time. ".

Actually, this is exactly what happened to me this morning. Boy, was I surprised!.

Come on folks~Let's lighten up a bit. We have many blessings to remember to be thankful for...

Comment #64

I miss the little smilie that had his hands over his ears and was yelling "eeekkkk!!!" He was so appropriate sometimes...

Comment #65

Holy cow! This was better than TV. "The Real Losers of MF". I came for support and to help where I can. I never expected entertainment in the process!..

Comment #66

Sam wrote: This is going to be the last thing I say in this thread (which I now regret posting) ... Being 100% OP in a very hard thing to do, and we ALL have self control issues and moments of weakness or we wouldn't be here in the first place. So I'm still not seeing why this thread was ever questioned. I guess from now on when I have an issue with staying on track with the diet or anything like that I will take my problems somewhere else...".

In my opinion that is exactly the opposite of what you should do. You cant go away because there are opposing posts. Your support needs are valid and should not be backed away from just because of opposition..

Stand up for the original meaning of your post. Always stand up for your views, even if you are the only one who sees it. Don't let others opinions thwart you from being here, or from ever starting a thread..

When another poster writes on here and you don't agree do you expect them to go away?.

Be bold and confident. You started that post for a reason and the reason is as valid as ANY other thread on here..

Never feel shame for your thread, this one or any other..

I hope to see many more threads from you whether or not I agree with the content...

Comment #67

That statement was a sarcastic one - it meant to read as, "Well I guess since I can't comment about weightloss in a weightloss forum I'll just have to find another place to do so.".

I intend on posting on here as much as I have been lately - it's become something that gets me through the work day - I'll just make sure from now on that I am very careful about what I ask and say. I don't feel like I should have to do this, but I'm going to - if only to keep peace on these boards. Again, I never intended to cause a fuss. This thread got way out of hand...

Comment #68

No no no I am so sorry. I must have written something wrong. that was a totally sincere and sweet post.....

I meant that from my heart and took a long time to write it..

I swear I did.

I dont see where you can get the sarcastic remark out of my post, but I must have worded something wrong. I tried so hard to write a nice one.

Every word in the post is sincere.

I dont know what else to say to make you believe this.

I have reread it four times and cant see where I wrote anything that can be taken as sarcasam. I was as sincere as I could be..

Comment #69

No, I meant MY comment in the post you quoted was sarcastic. I'm sorry for the confusion <3..

Comment #70



All I well.


Comment #71

Boy, I hope so! Getting a hug out of you people is exhausting!..

Comment #72

You are great west gal.

Hugs to you and happy thanksgiving..

Comment #73

YAY!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you BOTH!!!! I feel the love!!!.

Come on, all the rest of you.hugs are good for the soul!..

Comment #74

Is everyone all set for Thanksgiving day? We're going out to a restaurant where my daughter is working, so at least I don't have leftovers to worry about. I'm having the special of the day.modified - turkey and lots and lots of veggies!.

Is everyone planning to stay on plan? I went off a few years ago and really never got totally back on, even though I had planned to get back OP the very next day...

Comment #75

Yes, I am planning to stay on plan period. There is no way I am going to risk everything for one meal (even if it is Thanksgiving)...

Comment #76

I so agree. Every single time I've fallen off the plan for a significant amount of time started with just one planned cheat day. Look at my numbers below. That ten pound gain started with "just one day" off plan...

Comment #77

Sam, I hope you are not still feeling bad about your post. I just now read through it all. Please stick around and keep posting honestly...

Comment #78

I think it is akin to just giving up and quitting the plan. But good luck...

Comment #79

I said I wouldn't post again on this thread, but I'm sorry - I've just had enough..

I absolutely regret starting this thread. If I had known the hostility I would receive by some MFers, believe me I would have taken my concerns elsewhere. The difference of opinion on this topic obviously can not be discussed so openly on these boards, which is upsetting. I've heard from many people who wrote into my Inbox that arguments like this happen every month or so, and usually about this topic. I do NOT want to be part of drama on these boards, and I do NOT want to be the cause..

I have asked repeatedly that this thread be ignored from now on to prevent any further drama. Even those of you who agree with me, I would really appreciate if you would not comment anymore and allow it to vanish. It did end up on page three for a few days (thanks to a very sweet MFer, who shall remain nameless) ... to see it back again really frustrates me..

Every single one of us has a different way of losing weight - and yes, for some, the utter mention of my inquiry was insane because they would never consider going off plan, knowing themselves well enough to know that they'd never return. I am NOT like that, and was easily able to recommit this week. Again, my inquiry was directed at the other MFers out there who HAVE gone off plan so they could share their experiences..

I continue to get Inbox comments regarding this post. Part of me wishes all these people would speak up in this thread - maybe it would be proof that the non-100%ers are many, strong, and just as capable of losing weight..

I again will say that I truly believe even the high-and-mighty comments were made out of kindness, and I still respect these MFers for many reasons and would like to continue to do so. To stir this post up anymore is only going to keep a cloud over this community and it's not needed.

Please please please let this thread die!..

Comment #80

Sam, why in the world would you start a thread about how HARD it is for you to follow the plan and that you already need a break from it and then get hysterical at people for responding to it? Some of us are taking this business of losing weight very seriously and have strong opinions about how to be successful...

Comment #81

A) I'm not getting hysterical..

B) That was not what the post was about, but I'm not going to waste my time explaining myself..

C) That last comment proves my point 100% ... how dare you state that because I took two days away from the plan I'm not serious about losing weight and will not be successful. You know NOTHING about me or my eating habits, OR what I did to go off plan..

You know what?.

This isn't worth it..

I am so sick of defending myself to those of you who think you are so much better than me..

Think whatever the hell you want!.

I'm not opening this thread anymore. It's not worth my engery. I'm done with it...

Comment #82

We all have the right to express our opinions, and just because you've "had enough" does not mean there will not be further comments. How dare we say what we think? Come on, now. When opinions differ, or advice is given that is not what one wants to hear, so what?.

Some of us are dedicated to staying 100% OP, some are not, and many are somewhere in between. If you want mollycoddling, you may have to talk to yourself in the mirror. There are real people on these forums, and there are people here who take the program very seriously. They have every right to say what they think, just as you do. However, nobody has the right to tell others to stop commenting and/or expressing their thoughts on any given topic, including that of this thread. The only way to avoid receiving such is to never ask for input - which is exactly what you got here.

As my dear grandma used to say when one of her grandchildren threw a hissy, "Get over yourself.".

I hope you're doing well now and are back OP. Good luck!..

Comment #83

Sam....I just saw your original post and thought "I can really relate to this right now". I haven't read the ten pages in this thread, but I still wanted to respond. I hadn't been off plan for nearly five months until five days ago. My brother-in-law passed away and we had to travel out of state for the funeral. We stayed with my sister-in-law (the widow) and ate whatever was there (that whole side of the family does not eat vegetables, NONE). I had every intention of staying OP but did not.

We took our daughter and her family out for Thanksgiving dinner yesterday. I ate a traditional turkey dinner and enjoyed every bite. The consequences?........I weigh 2.4 pounds more than I did last Saturday morning. Today I'm right back OP and will be back into ketosis in a few days. This is the way I figure it......I had a "dress rehearsal" for what it's going to be like for me during maintenence.

If nothing else, Medifast teaches us that if we do slip up, it's not very hard to get right back OP. I forgive myself......looking forward to reaching goal right along with you...

Comment #84

Hey there. One, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your brother-in-law. I know we've all had loss in our lives in one way or another...and hugs go out to you!.

It's a great attitude to have if that works for you. For me, that wouldn't be a dress rehearsal for maintenance, it would be a dress rehearsal for what I've done every single other time I've lost weight...gaining it back. I know there are times when staying OP is hard...or there are times when you just want to eat...whether it be stress or celebrating or just bad timing. However, I've learned in maintenance those are the instances I need to pay attention most. If I am not vigilant then...those have been the times in maintenance when I have not been in control of my weight, etc.

We are all different...however, I do think that staying OP...for many of us...definitely for the stepping stone...the building blocks...for a successful maintenance post MF. I truly and honestly believe I would not be successfully maintaining right now if I had not stayed matter what.

Hugs again,.


Comment #85

Taking a break is how I gained back most of the 40 lbs I lost! For me I don't really consider myself on a "diet", I consider myself choosing a new way of life to be the size I choose to be. It's all about choices.... When I went off in the past to take a break, 3 days turned into 3 yrs and I was pretty much right back where I started. It was soooo hard for me to get back on. If you can do it after 3 days and get right back on, that would be awesome! I truly hope you can...

Comment #86

Sam, I have absolutely not seen anyone become harsh with you or express their opinions in a rude manner. Nobody has said you wouldn't be successful. This is a discussion board and once you start a thread, you have no control over what people say. It is a public forum. Accept it and if you don't want people's opinions, don't look at them. Take what is valuable and move on.

I have said things that people don't agree with. I am so okay with that. If I wasn't, I would not be interested in posting at all or following threads...

Comment #87

Its simple. You're either on the plan, or you're not. If you cheat or "decide to take a 3 day, 3 week, 3 month break" stop spending your money on the program and just eat whatever the hell you want then. This program is about change. Some are strong enough to make that life change to better themselves and others just dont care enough to change. And people can say whatever they want about it.

Nobody needs a pity party about "stress" or anything else. Excuses, excuses. Just do it. Jeez...

Comment #88


I am a 100% Medifast dieter and to me you sound like a fool..

I hope you are judged through the eyes you are judging with and you will be...

Comment #89

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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