Cheese during Medifast?

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I had avoided having any cheese other than string cheese and cream cheese, because I was worried about it being too gosh darned tempting. Well, after almost 5 months OP, I no longer fear the cheese-trigger will make me eat more than I should..

Off I went to my favorite market with a lovely upscale cheese department. Oh. My. God. Why did you people not TELL ME about all the different kinds of cheese with 6 grams of fat or less per ounce? I spent $40 on cheese. I couldn't help it!.

So here are the ones I came home with: basil goat cheese (a creamy spreadable thing), RF gouda, RF cheddar, feta, ricotta salata (a hard cheese), and myzithra. Holy cow!.

Today I'm doing a Very Bad Thing with cheese. For L&G I'm having roasted bell peppers with a little canned green chilis, 3 ounces of chicken breast, and 2 ounces of Cabot cheddar melted all over it. I'm a little excited..

Then I'm cooking frittatas with the feta, spinach, mushrooms, and egg beaters. YUM!.

Anyone care to discuss their own adventures with OP cheese?..

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I didn't know there WAS cheese that is OP!!!! Tell me more! Feta is ok? how much???..

Comment #1

Hope - all the cheese information is at Success Tools: Eat Right. It's generally good to print out all the PDFs so you have them handy..

Here is where the cheese lurks:.

- "Meatless Options" - as part or all of your lean.

- Condiments - parmesan, LF cream cheese.

- Healthy fats (listed on the Condiments guide) - full fat cream cheese.


Comment #2

I haven't used a lot of cheese yet, but the he time I have, it's really enhanced my meal. Sometimes I'll use a little RF grated cheddar on my salads. Also, if I'm cooking a chicken breast, I'll use a TB of cream cheese as my fat for the day. I just spread it on top. There's absolutely no way to go wrong with that!.

Freya - I hadn't thought about goat cheese, but there are so many uses for that, too. What was the fat content per ounce of the one you bought? It's amazing how a little something like cheese can make a basic meal seem like a special treat!.


Comment #3

Lauren - I too randomly spread cream cheese on things - yum! Love it with scrambled eggs, or any muffins. Haven't topped steak with it yet, but I remember doing that with monterrey jack or feta.

Soignon Couturier Basil goat cheese: 6g.

Athenos Traditional feta: 6g.

Sheep's milk also had a couple options:.

Frescolina Ricotta Salata - 5g.

Greek Myzithra: 3g!!!.

And my lunch was the best meal ever. I can't imagine dim sum or a hollandaise sauce tasting better than those 2 ounces of melted RF cheddar...

Comment #4

I often had Caprese stacks for my L&G this summer with lovely tomatoes from my garden on OP fresh mozzarella. SO tasty. ("recipe" and pictures on my blog, here: Caprese stacks)..

Comment #5

I love cheese for my lean - have been eating feta with spinach for awhile now......

Comment #6

Frittatas are made to eat for the week. I can't believe how much food these are. I used 9x13 pyrex bake dishes and each one only held four L&Gs. FOUR! Each L&G is about 18 ounces!.

Version 1 (makes 4 full L&Gs):.

6C roasted bell peppers and canned green chilis.

2 pints egg beaters.

8 oz feta.

Salt, pepper, garlic powder.

Version 2 (4 full L&Gs):.

6 cups cooked mushrooms, spinach, and summer squash.

12 ounces grilled chicken breast.

1 pint egg beaters.

4 oz grated reduced fat gouda.

Salt, pepper, garlic powder.

Both versions: add one healthy fat for your day..

Bake at 350 until no longer liquid in the middle, let cool somewhat. Cut in 4ths!..

Comment #7

I use the grated reduced fat 3 cheese blend from Trader Joe's. I'll put a little in my scrambled eggs...

Comment #8

I know what I'm going to be eating for L&G!..

Comment #9

Wow, thanks for this! I did not realize that cheeses could be OP! Fresh mozzarella, how I have missed thee!..

Comment #10

Just be careful cheese heads, cheese is higher in carbs. You need to watch your carb count if you're doing all cheese for your L&G. It's best to do like Freya did and mix it with other leans...

Comment #11

Just a note MT. Cheese is only higher in carbs if you are buying the prepackaged pre-shredded cheese as it has potato starch and cellulose in it so it doesn't stick and clump. Regular, chunk cheese could have no carbs. However, it IS high in saturated fat so that's something else to keep in mind, especially if you are watching your cholesterol levels. I definitely agree that it should be mixed in with another protein and not just serve as your entire lean on a regular basis...

Comment #12

Of the 6 cheeses I bought on Friday, 5 had zero or <1 carbs per ounce, and 1 had 1 carb/ounce. Based on this sample carbs are not a significant factor...

Comment #13

You go girl! sounds like you are inspired to make a healthy and tasty meal OP! Good for you! Let us know how it works out!..

Comment #14

I found a recipe with goat cheese but I have never had it before. how is it? I love does is compare to that? thanx!..

Comment #15

I like a Little cream cheese in my chili or beef stew to make it more tasty!..

Comment #16

OMGosh!!!! I <3 CHEESE!!!!!!!! Fo shizzle, my nizzle! YUM!..

Comment #17

I recently found a Trader Joe's light gouda in my fridge that I had forgotten about. It fit the plan specs and was terrific! I grated two ounces, and had a two-egg omelette with the cheese and a ton of sauteed mushrooms. I also had a salad of field greens (which you get 65 grams of for one serving, according to an old Nutrisystem post I found that is a LOT of field greens). I'm normally a big old carnivore, but that lean and green was so good I had it two weeks in a row. I have to go back to Trader Joe's for more of that yummy cheese...

Comment #18

Shiritaki noodles cooked and rubbed dry, then sprayed with ICCINB and tossed with myzithra is one of my favorite, favorite things...

Comment #19

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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