Cheap Lean & Green Meal ideas????

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Ok, Hi everyone!.

HELP! We just bought a house and need to cut back on the bills and giving up Medifast isn't an option, but the lean and green meals need to be more cost effective. Cauliflower is out LOL.

Need some ideas Thanks!..

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Cheap picks: Frozen veggies. Eggs. Chicken with bone in it. You can de-bone it. Lean ground beef...

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Walmart food is cheap. Also find coupons at and other websites...

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Taco salad. Ground beef, lettuce, tomato, little sour, peppers, etc...

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We eat a lot of 93/7 ground turkey at my meatloaves, tacos, stuffed peppers..

Also I buy chix breasts in the family pack and break them up and then freeze..

Canned tuna is also good and cheap...there is a recipe on here somewhere that is for tuna patties that were really good...

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I used to only buy frozen vegetables but since Medifast I have realized fresh is the way to go - it is cheaper than frozen or canned. It's more work but the taste & texture are better. I buy fresh cauli, broccoli, and zucchini and chop them up and put them in baggies for the week.

Here is a publication from the usda comparing cost of fresh v. frozen vegetables:.


"The weighted average price for all fresh vegetables was $0.64 per pound. The weighted average price for all fresh vegetables was $0.12 per serving.".

"The weighted average price for all plain/regular frozen vegetables was $1.11 per pound. The weighted average price for all plain/regular frozen vegetables was $0.22 per serving.".

For lean, eggs have to be the cheapest protein out there. Veggie burgers are pretty cheap at wal-mart. I can't speak to meat options tho...

Comment #5

Interesting ideas! Definitely keep them coming. The fresh veggie cost breakdown was interesting Thanks!..

Comment #6

We have a produce outlet near us that sells the 5 lb. bags of salad for $5... if you're a salad person. Maybe you have a place that would sell in bulk for less??..

Comment #7

I love deals. One of the best places to learn how to be frugal is at Bad thing is that there are many deals up there that put temptation in your way because the prices that people find for stuff are really good..

Hidden in SD are some really awesome threads.

Here is a huge compilation of online coupons, organized by item:.


When you go shopping, make your list, and then browse that for possible coupons. Egg Beaters, Kraft cheese, Green Giant frozen veggies, Golden Plump chicken, etc are all listed among many others..

Then look if the store you frequently shop at is listed.

Personally, I love Target. We have SuperTargets here, and they have full grocery stores with produce. Target also puts up coupons on their site, and I watch the SD Target thread for deals..


One coupon that I love finding out is available is their $1 off any produce. I love cheap and free veggies And it was reprintable.

Better yet is their deals when they start putting together coupons. Like Target allows 1 target coupon and 1 manufacturer coupon per item. For a month, I was getting 5 chef boyardee free (hey, the husband will eat it occasionally, and a bunch went to the food shelf :P) because there was a Target coupon that was $1 off, and it was on sale for 97 cents. And then ConAgra put out a coupon that if you bought 5 of their products, you got ground beef for a buck. And you could combine the two deals since one was T, and one was Manufacturer. So I scan the Target thread and let other people find the good deals for me.

It's not L&G suggestions, but I figured it might help.

Also, Costco has ridiculously good produce at half the cost at the grocery store. I tend to do the bulk of my shopping there, and then supplement what they don't carry. They always have nice lettuce blends as well as butter lettuce, baby spinach, mushrooms, cucumbers, and sweet bell peppers...

Comment #8

Today I saw whole Keta salmon at Whole Foods for $3.99 a pound. You could cut or have them cut it into steaks or fillet it and freeze in dinner sized portions. The frozen talapia fillets at Costco are reasonable. They come individually wrapped. One and a half fillets is a 7 oz. portion.

You have to get ricotta and moderate fat mozzarella, a can of Hunts no sugar added Italian Style sauce and egg beaters (Costco brand are reasonable) but then you have a dozen lean and green meals at your fingertips...

Comment #9

Costco. Produce is cheaper, eggbeaters are cheaper, frozen fish and chicken are cheaper. Everything is cheaper...

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I will second costco. I but frozen individually wrapped chicken breast. The cheapest though are the tuna cans. They come in 7oz cans (so you can use one rather than two small cans) and eat that either right on top of lettuce for a salad, or cut up celery and mix with newmans own lighten up ceasar for a tuna salad. Lots of variation really and tuna is cheap.

The recent recipe for cabbage stew is also very economical. On sale ground turkey, broth and cabbage. And you can make a lot at a time and store in the freezer too...

Comment #11

Do you have an Aldi? They have every option we need for L&G. I haven't been able to beat the overall shopping bill from Aldi. I can do a few things here and there for less if I have time to put in the legwork. I feed a family of five that includes 3 men for less than $75/week..

Comment #12

Soup is a great saver, here's a recipe from Freedom.

Quick, Easy and DELICIOUS Cabbage Soup.

Fall is on it's way, and for me that means it's soup season! Soups can be your best friend whether you're trying to lose weight or just looking for a way to get lots of nutrition in your meals. Some people think being a good cook is complicated, but when it comes to soup, you've never had it so easy!.

Here's a very simple, super flexible, EASY recipe for Cabbage Soup. (It's not just for diets anymore!) It can be as basic or as complex as you wish, and as varied as the veggies in your refrigerator. There are no real measurements here, so you can put in more or less of whatever you like. Consider this a lesson in basic healthy soupmaking! The quantities I am listing here are for ONE serving (and this is something you can whip up in less than 30 minutes for lunch or dinner) but you can use more for a big pot..

Meat: For your protein, you need some COOKED meat. I prefer lean ground beef or turkey (browned and drained) but you can also use lean sausage or cooked beans (kidney are my fave). You can omit the meat/beans for a completely veg soup. I used 5 ounces (cooked) of lean ground grass fed local beef..

Liquid: you can use any kind of broth, or just water with a little beef, chicken, or vegetable bouillon added. I used one cup of organic low sodium chicken broth..

Cabbage: Fresh cabbage, chopped in bite-sized pieces. Use as much as you wish, but I think it tastes best to have about twice as much cabbage as other veggies..

Tomatoes: These are essential to flavor the broth. Doesn't matter if they are fresh or canned, just use bite-sized pieces. I used fresh chopped tomatoes from my garden..

Other veggies: You do NOT have to add any other veggies if you don't want to! Believe it or not, the soup is delicious with just cabbage and tomatoes. But, if you like, you can add more veggies. Celery is my favorite. I also like mushrooms, chopped peppers, carrots (if your plan permits them), zucchini, and baby spinach. If you use zucchini or spinach, add it 5-10 minutes from the end of cooking time so it doesn't get mushy..

The TOTAL amount of vegetables including cabbage and tomatoes I used (for one serving) is 2 cups raw. It cooks down to about 1 1/2 cups cooked..

Flavor: A bit of chopped onion gives a lot of flavor. I used onion powder in mine. Fresh minced/pressed garlic is also great; I added a little garlic powder. I also used black pepper and sea salt to taste. Simple is really best with this soup! If you want something different, add some Italian seasonings such as oregano and basil. If you like spice, a dash of cayenne is great.

Put all the stuff in a pot and simmer for about 25 minutes, stirring once in awhile. That's it! Soup's done! And oh my, was it delicious!.

99, it is delicious and low $$$..

Comment #13

Terrific ideas!!! I am making the cabbage soup tomorrow night! Think I'll use ground turkey in it!..

Comment #14

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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