Changing my Medifast goals?

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So I feel like, in general, I carry my weight pretty well .. at over 200 pounds not one person even my doctor could tell I did. Granted, I did not look GOOD but I don't think I look like I weighed 200 pounds!!.

Anyway, I have my goal set at 140, which is just in the healthy range of BMI for females my height 5'5"-5'6". However, right now I am about 168-170 and my body is NOT BUDGING. I am doing Medifast pretty religiously and it seems like my body is almost comfortable or something, and to be honest... I feel like I look really good! I can wear size 8's and 10's, my shoe size shrank, I wear 30's in designer jeans and boots go over my calves! I feel great! So much energy... but I feel like I am shorting myself by stopping even though I can tell my looking at myself that 25 more pounds off is going to make my look SICK. I guess the real KICKER here is that everyone I run into says OMG YOU LOOK SO SKINNY and stay the way you are don't lose anymore you'll look so weird! (And these are people not out to sabotage me, trust me).

I was thinking of upping it 10 pounds to 150 but I have mixed feelings. I'm not sure what to do, I have been stuck at the same weight for a little under a month and feel like I can't make up my mind about which way to go. Any advice is helpful!..

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Mine changed three times now I'm maintaining 2 pounds lower than my last goal. LOL You have to go by what looks good, feels good and your body can maintain...

Comment #1

I changed mine as I got to each goal and evaluated how I looked and felt. It's easier to gain than lose, so I'd rather go lower...

Comment #2

I can relate. I too carry my weight pretty well and I do not know what to do about changing my goal either. I have had so many people say they can never tell when I gain or lose, but geez, I have lost 35 lbs and 2 sizes (on my way to three). That seems pretty significant to me. I am kind of feeling like I need to concentrate more on firming up some of the loose stuff. I am pretty happy with how I look (with clothes on) and now that I have purchased new clothes that are already getting loose, I am thinking maybe it is time to slow down.

I mean, I have to face it, things just are not as firm as they used to be. On top of that, I am just plain afraid of going off the plan and gaining back. I have been in that cycle for 30 years and I am done with that. I feel in control right now and I like being there. What to do.................

Comment #3

I agree.. you need to re-evaluate when you get closer! I felt amazing at 155.. and there's a huge difference at 145! Although I'm 5'8".. I think I'm going to lower my goal only 3-4 lbs just to have a little 'give'.

Congrats on your weight loss so far! So happy for you !!..

Comment #4

This has happened to me. When I was heavier, I found a reasonable goal for a healthy adult female based on the BMI charts and set that as my goal weight. As I lost weight, I saw how I looked and realized that if I tried to reach the set goal, then that would be too small for me based on my particular body type. The new goal I chose hovered at the Normal/Overweight line on the BMI chart. I visited my doctor and told her my concerns. After examining me, she agreed with me.

She felt my new goal was healthier for me, even though it wavered "on the line". So, I really think as some people get smaller and feel better, a goal may change...

Comment #5

One thing to remember when people say you're looking too thin is that they are only used to seeing you fat! Not only do we have to change our image of ourself, they have to too!..

Comment #6

I have a couple questions: When you sit down, do you have a roll on your stomach? When your jeans are tight do you have a muffin top? When you look at your back with your bra on and a tight t-shirt do you have "fat back"? If you answered yes to any of these, I would maybe try to lose 5-10 more pounds and then re-evaluate. Your probably just on a plateau right now. Try upping your water intake for a week and staying 100% on plan and see if you lose faster...

Comment #7

Being a guy and looking at the BMI charts Im suppossed to be about 7lbs less than my goal weight. But when I get to 160 lbs Im going to be more than happy so Ill adjust when I get there. I think it all comes down to how you feel and how you feel you look, thats really all that matters anyways - Imo .....

Comment #8

I changed mine too lowered it by 10 then ended up -8 below that after Transition. This is what I think we look thinner then our numbers show because we lost all fat so more bone and muscle is showing now..

Many of my clients doctors tell them not to go below a ??? for them and they work with that. I think you have to find your happy spot and it may change as you get closer..

Most people still lose some in Transition so that gives you a few LBS to play with...

Comment #9

I have been *exactly* where you are. At 5'5" and 165 I wore anything from a 4/6/8 on top to an 8/10 on bottom. And my shoe size shrank too (from 8-8.5 to a 7.5-8). I felt obligated to get down to a "weight chart approved" 155 lbs. and was therefore never happy at 165. It also became so hard to lose weight (it took 3 weeks to get from 165 to 164, and then I shot back up to 166 and stayed there after one weekend of overeating)..

Now, having regained 15 lbs., I look back and wish I had just decided to maintain at 165 for a while and enjoy it! I am hoping to get back there, and if my weight loss is still steady at that point keep aiming for 155, but if it stalls for more than 3 weeks I am going to just try to maintain at 165 for 6 months or so and see how I feel..

I find that some plateaus will break if you tweak enough, and some are a sign to just maintain for a while so that your metabolism can recover a bit. If you have been 100% OP, using the metabolism boost products, adding extra exercise, and basically doing everything you can to break the plateau and it's not working - you have to decide what the point of still trying to lose right now is..

Just my .02..

Comment #10

I upped my goal weight after getting a body fat percentage test done. I was stalled out at 215 and frustrated beyond belief. I found out that at 6' and my goal weight of 185 (BMI of 25.1) I would be only 15% body fat thanks to my large lean mass of 156lbs. I'm athletic but curvy and carry a LOT of weight in my chest. Acceptable body fat percentage for women is 21-31%, which for me, without increasing muscle, is 197-226. So my weight of 215 was actually a healthy weight with only 27% body fat! No wonder I couldn't lose any more weight, my body was rebeling!.


When you gain a lot of weight, your bones and muscles grow stronger to support your larger body. When you lose weight, you may find that you are wearing a size at a larger weight than you were in the past. This is because while your weight is the same as it was, your body composition has changed. I HIGHLY recommend getting a body fat percentage test done. Most gyms offer them, or there is a way to calculate it using your measurements. BMI, while good for setting guidelines, is not a one-size-fits-all...

Comment #11

I say trust yourself and how you feel. The number you first thought of as your goal is an artificial number you pulled out of thin air, basically. BMI charts are not quite the "one size fits all" they pretend to be..

If you feel good, transition! Enjoy your success and your new healthy body!..

Comment #12

I moved my goal up based on a body comp analysis and some advice from my doctor. That is still about 8 pounds from the healthy weight range. I will reevaluate how I feel at that weight once I get there. I don't want to be at a weight that I have to constantly struggle to maintain either...

Comment #13

Dont feel bad Im in the same boat as you are..but my first goal weight is to get to 200 pounds then make it to 180 and so forth...but right now I'm just focusing on getting to 200 pounds!..

Comment #14

Sometimes people aren't kidding or jealous when they say you look too skinny. You might look kind of unhealthy. How is your muscle tone? Find someone you REALLY trust and ask them what they think...

Comment #15

This, times 10. When I was in high school and weighed what I do now I was 2-3 sizes bigger because I wasn't as muscular. My mother weighs 25 lbs. less than I do but wears a bigger size than me, and you can see from just looking at us that we have very different body compositions. I lift heavy weights and she doesn't and age is also a big factor (there's 40+ years between us after all)...

Comment #16

I agree with the "not everyone is jealous" my friend has lost alot on Medifast and she is older and now she has nothing left to plump her wrinkles so the more she loses it really ages her. I think goal is very personal and you will know when it feels right and maintainable...

Comment #17

I upped my goal to 125 from 115 very recently. The 115 was set arbitrarily, and at 125 I was within my healthy bmi range (I know that range is bunk for some people but it seemed okay for me), felt I was satisfied with that weight, and ready to concentrate more on fitness..

Sorry I don't have any real advice - but I did want to share that I went through a similar decision making process to the one you are facing now. Good luck in whatever you decide!..

Comment #18

Or you don't know how to select clothing that fits appropriately..

But to the original question, everyone's body is slightly different and your goal might change because your frame is on the larger side. Some people are genuinely big boned, as in they'll look like skin and bones at a higher weight than someone who is smaller boned. Two people with two different frames can look completely different at the exact same weight. Over all, you need to do what is right for you, and if that means increasing your goal then so be it. Numbers are obviously important, but if you're operating at a weight where you truly feel healthy at, if the BMI indicates it's slightly higher than you initially were aiming for, so be it...

Comment #19

I have been considering moving my goal to 145, I think I might look too thin at 135. I am.

5'7" and 51 years old. I am currently wearing a size 8, but can't fit into my size 10 suits that are more than 10 years old. I'd like to wear those suits, but I think I'd have to be 120. The last time I wore those suits, I weighed 140-145. So my body shape has really changed over the years...

Comment #20

I'm only just past 50% of goal, but I really LIKE the way I look now. That isn't to say I'd like to see LESS fat... but I would be okay if finances dictated that I had to stop now..

I'm the same height as you and only a few pounds more it looks - so I TOTALLY get what you're saying. I'm in a loose size 12 right now..

The kicker for me is that I'd feel like I was a quitter - AND I am still losing - 3 lbs. this week in fact. So, while it's still so easy, I'll keep chugging toward 140. But, I don't necessarily believe in the way that the medicos dictate "healthy weight"..

My main goal was to be off BP meds. I took 2 twice daily before. I now take half of one, every other day. That is SOOOOO awesome to say. But, I really want to be OFF meds - and so that is motivating me more than the mirror these days...

Comment #21

Thanks for all the input guys! Seriously. I upped my goal 5 pounds to 145 and I'll see if I can get close to that... I am hugely comfortable but I suppose it wouldn't hurt to try. I want to be wearing a 6/8 and have always wanted that so why not at least make an attempt at something I have wanted. Hopefully I get there! To be fair, I have NOT been 100% OP which I think relates back to the fact that I am comfortable in my skin so I think I can now just do whatever so I really need to fix that mentality to move forth!..

Comment #22

I can also relate to your situation. I'm almost 5'7", but back in my 20's, I weighed 145/150 and wore a size 6. I have German heritage, and we are all "big-boned", LOL, in my family. We kind of just weigh a lot no matter what. So, even if we are very thin, our weight is usually deceiving to most. I, like you, carry my weight well.

I could probably stand to lose those 10 lbs after that to get into those size 6's again. But, we'll have to wait and see. When I complain about the scale to my doctor, he always tells me that blood work is a much better indicator of health than the BMI and/or scale. Sounds like you have made tremendous progress. Congratulations!..

Comment #23

When I signed up, Medifast suggested a goal of 132 for me. I am also 5' 5.5". I thought their suggestion was too little. I discussed it with my doctor (the one who recommended MF), and he agreed with me that 140 was low enough. It is squarely within the healthy BMI range. He also said he would be perfectly happy with me being 154.

Health and fitness are the real goals, not a number..

Also, how much muscle mass have you built up? Remember that muscle is much more dense than fat, so the more muscle you have will increase your actual weight while still looking smaller. Not to mention it's so much healthier and will aid in keeping the weight off due to the higher metabolism it requires to maintain..

By the way, the last time I wore a size 8 was as a freshman in college, when I LOST 20 pounds to be around 120 and was not at my full height yet (5'4" at the time - the women in my family tend to grow another 1-2 inches in their late teens/early twenties). I can't imagine being my current height and body shape (I have hips now, didn't then) and getting into something that small!.

Anyway, my suggestion is to discuss it with your doctor...

Comment #24

I'm 5' 5.5" too; small boned (wrist is 6" around) and right now I'm in VERY OLD levis' size 12s...but new stuff are 10s...have the sizes really gotten that out of whack?? And, yeah, I have a bit more hips now since I've a daughter, but I've no muffin top, I've a lap, I've no back fat....and my goal is 145...and I don't think I've weighed that since 1986!..

Comment #25

Go Lower!.

This has happened to me! I spent most of my life under 130lbs and just a few years ago I blimped up. Then I spent time since then recycling yo-yo dieting. And with each diet I discovered there were weight-decades where my body would just slow down the weight loss and it would be a battle to lose even 1 lb. I swear it's true! The 220's and the 180' my body thinks it's OK to be in those weight ranges! NO WAY! Heading for 130 and possibly 127. I say get tough and go lower! you can always gain weight! Don't we all know that!.

But P.S. at 5'5" the Overweight line is 150? I'm 5'5". whatever you do, make this your last diet ever so choose a weight not to close to that 150!..

Comment #26

Right now my goal is 160 lbs.. My height is 5'5" and I do (for real) have a larger bone structure. I did 150 lbs when I was on Weight Watchers and, although my BMI was finally in the healthy range I couldn't maintain that weight and everyone said I was nothing but "skin and bones". Looking back at what I looked like then I have to agree with them - they were right. I may adjust my goal down another 5 lbs to 155 lbs but I don't think 150 lbs is do-able for me in the long run. Medifast says my goal should be something like 135 lbs and, based on my history, I really don't think that's possible but who knows. I think it's all relative to many factors, highly individualized, and a healthy weight for one person is unhealthy for another - on either side of the equation...

Comment #27

Where do you get your body fat tested? By a doctor? That seems like a better individual measure than a generic table. I just picked a number off of the chart for my goal, but I fully intend to adjust the number when I get closer to goal. I've been fat for so long, I don't know how I'll look at the lower weight. I imagine it'll be something I'll talk to my doctor about when the time comes..

If you feel good and your doctor agrees you're healthy, then why not transition and maintain? It isn't as if you can't change your mind later and go back on the plan to lose more...

Comment #28

I'm going to be a little contrarian here. I raised my goal and was sorry later that I did..

Your friends aren't the only ones used to seeing you fat. YOU are used to it too, and in comparison with just a few months ago, you look and feel so much better! And because you lost weight pretty quickly, you're a little drawn looking. And you're so excited about your success, and so ready to stop eating space food. I understand that - been there, done that..

But don't let impatience and lack of perspective stop you before you get to the right weight. The "right" weight is going to be individual, yes, but get some help figuring it out..

Talk to your doc. If you don't trust your doc, get a second opinion..

Make yourself a trusted friends list. Don't ask fat people. Don't ask skinny people who have eating disorders or crappy eating habits. Find people who are a healthy weight and have healthy habits and get their honest opinions..

Look at yourself in the mirror. You look great compared to just a few months ago, but are you REALLY thin? Or do you just look better than before? Look for back fat, hips, etc. You know the difference between loose skin and fat..

Get a body composition test..

There are all kinds of things you can do to assess your health and help you get some perspective. Do them. Don't let feeling good in comparison change your mind until you've verified independently that it's as good as you COULD feel!..

Comment #29

I would have to echo what Corbie says. I worked closely with my doctor on my goal weight. She and I went back a few times until we were both happy. It was well worth it because I'm easily maintaining my weight for about 2 months now...

Comment #30

I'm votin' on Corbie's advice as well..

If you go on down and don't look good, as someone else said, you can always put a little back on...BUT take it from a 'been there done that' person...if you NEVER get to what your REAL lower goal is, you'll beat yourself up mentally forever...don't stop short of goal..

Press on. You will get used to the thinner you and so will the others. I got stuck in that mental state that I look soooooooooooooo much better than I did before that it became nearly impossible to stick to the program. Once you hit goal you can stick your flag on top of your own personal Mt. Everest and say I did you may not choose to live at the peak of Mt. Everest but come back to an altitude that you can live with.

The discontent is about to drive me insane!!!.

Now will someone please kick my fat rear and help me get back on track so I can go on down?!!??!!?..

Comment #31

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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