CashParking, selling and making money from GoDaddy?

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My first question is: CashParking, selling and making money from GoDaddy?.

My next question is: The Next New big TLD.

Its been discussion in many threads HostGator Shake-Up shake up internet Shake-up for internet proposed Group considers relaxing Internet naming rules and so on...

Its Time to talk about whats the next new big Tld (Top level Domain)?.

.sex, .shop, .tel, .web, or .other?..

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Your question was: CashParking, selling and making money from GoDaddy?.

So they call it Vanity TLDs (vTLD) ?

Much talk has been had about the new top level domains that were approved by ICANN today in Paris. This ruling will allow companies, groups, and individuals to petition ICANN to create new Vanity TLDs, (term coined by David Castello) which in my opinion will end up creating considerable confusion among consumers and huge costs to companies who need to protect their trademarks. This is good news for people who have been working to pass this in an effort to launch new extensions (renewal fees), and it is also good news for .com owners, as the more extensions are created, the more consumers will navigate back to the familiar .com.

Over the past few years, many new extensions have been created - some of which I hadnt heard of until reading up on this. Included in the list of newer but obviously less-used include .pro, .biz, .travel, .mobi, .asia, .jobs, .museumetc. The entire list of current TLD can be found on ICANNs website. In terms of usage by consumers, I dont think there are any websites with these extensions currently in the top 20,000 websites according to Alexa (correct me if I am wrong). Read more...

Comment #1

I think would be in the Alexa top 20,000 websites. The impact on other extensions is an interesting point. You can argue for lots of different outcomes.

The value of most domainer portfolios is concentrated in .com so they are telling themselves that .com will be helped by having hundreds more gTLD's. I don't believe that, even if one cent of aftermarket cash flows into these new extensions, that's one cent that isn't bidding the price of .coms up.

However, the most likely scenario is that Internet usage carries on growing for the next 20 years, and so any money that does get diverted into other extensions is more than made up by new money flowing into .com from outside the US...

Comment #2

Sex sells, I would expect the winner to be XXX...

Comment #3

The highly brandable .TEL and WEB extensions will garner significant financial interest ... especially from the attention and capital coming over from the failed "dot Mobey" extension!.

Landrush begins Feb. 3rd, 2009 for the highly brandable .TEL.

Find out more here ....



Comment #4

Dilution is dilution and will affect .com valuations no matter what...

Comment #5

Sex sells but dont forget that idea and concept change the way we think, change the internet. Its crucial how they going to brand, present new TLDs. Just take example of upcoming .tel..

Comment #6

.Tel can't make sense since they.

Has no specific guide making.

It work for telepone. It may.

Copy mobi guidelines, and it will.

Only help mobi...

Comment #7

Judging from the way they take over everything else....I think it will be .google.


They have the money to do it and make it work...

Comment #8

Dot tel look so funny from their description , I can use any social network site and have the same features, something like outlook online, or this is the new private extension ???..

Comment #9


1 in 4 searches are porn and sex related...

Comment #10

What do you mean? Do you mean buy any related Google names like blah blah....dont you afraid of trademark issue?.

Or do you mean that when google launches .google then we can own without any trademark issue?.

Please advice!!!..

Comment #11

He might mean buy google shares. Google wont sell to public..

Comment #12

I think .me would be very hot in next days...

Comment #13

.me has personal vanity value but it lacks commercial brandability. If you add big ticket keywords like Casino, Debt, Sex, Travel, it sounds weak.

It works brilliantly with certain keywords like About, Find, Help but you can't build an extension on a couple of great keyword extension fits. This will be the problem that most new gTLD's will face when the market opens up in 2009.

I would strongly advise domainers against regging a .Pro because it's a rip off at $99, there is a very thin aftermarket so the chances of selling anything outside the top 1,000 keywords is virtually nil, you will get no traffic undeveloped, and hardly anybody has heard of it.

However, the word Pro has commercial appeal, e.g. Namepros, Sedo Pro etc and it fits just about every generic keyword you can think of, and trademark registries are littered with the word Pro. The chances of any alternative extension making real headway is slim but if you are going to have a flutter with a 10-20 year time frame in mind you've got to go for something commercial like .pro rather than a vanity home page extension like .me...

Comment #14

I am anxiously waiting for .tel and .web.

Both brand able and useful...

Comment #15

.Tel is for reaching people on their phones, not for making websites. What is with your unhealthy attachment to bashing .mobi anyway? Check out that signature...

Comment #16

Coast is right, a sample of .tel:.

Comment #17

Why are those closest with the fading "dot Mobey" seemingly so defensive when it comes to even mention of the highly brandable .TEL extension?!?.

Here is my exact quote (in addressing - IMHO - "The Next New Big TLD" topic): Thanks for understanding..


Comment #18

If I was google thats waht I'd be up to. starting my own tld! brilliant jk!..

Comment #19

Oh, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff. Moving on to the next topic......

Comment #20 And when we reach the limit of numbers in the IPv6 in next decade?..

Comment #21

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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