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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: Care to share some GoDaddy offer codes?.

My 2nd question is: .cc is seen by some as a failed extension do you agree with that?.

Personally I don't as I have sold a couple of .cc domains that have fetched me some ok bucks,.

The question is do you consider .cc domains a good investment?.

Will appreciate your ever helpful opinions...

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Your question was: Care to share some GoDaddy offer codes?.

TBH I am not into .cc but I know that's not an extension you will see often in the dnjournal charts (same goes for .ws and other 'exotic' TLDs). I assume that most sales are not reported because they are under the $2000 threshold....

Now, if you are making sales why not... Just factor how much time and effort you put into your sales to figure out whether it's worthwhile. It's probably safe to assume it's not the extension that is easiest to pitch to end users especially if you aim for big $$$..

You say you sold a few but do you have any that are resting on your hands....

As usual diversification is a good thing but the mainstream extensions are more liquid - portfolio liquidity is important too..

Good luck..

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Yeah I do agree with you, diversification is a great thing and I do have domains with other extensions..

Comment #2


What makes cc any different to the other crappy ccTLD's that aren't worth anything either?..

Comment #3

Unfortunately .cc is valueless for several reasons. Most domainers avoid the ccTLD like the plague AND "end-users" just dont exist for this ccTLD. No consumers are even aware of an extension called .cc.

Its a poor investment if you ask me, with no foreseeable return.


Comment #4

Hi spade.

How my Is it good for HostGator investment or development site..

It like 2000cc auto or else.....

Hope that you can give me some pro opinions..


Comment #5

I just saw a window magnet the other day on a car advertising a business with a .cc name... yes, I was just as shocked. As more business want to get online with the understanding of what a quality name is, the more (I hope) alternative extensions will be sought.....

Comment #6

TBH I never see any advertising for a .cc To me it's just another vanity extension but I hear that they sell sometimes. Maybe there is a (tiny) market for it and some people here know things I don't.

As I said with the right marketing pitch you can sell everything, just make sure the time and effort you put into anything is worthwhile...

Comment #7

OK, I guess I got a little over-excited, because I own WindowMagnets dot com..

Comment #8

While .cc is nowhere near popular (yet), I do see it gaining some ground. is the official site of Trillian, which has a pretty large user base. There are also a slew of churches that are opting for the .cc extension because the .com/net/org are taken. One example is NewSpring Church in South Carolina (, which has 8,000+ people in attendance on any given weekend.

I also think this is a good time to plug the official .cc hype thread over in ccTLD Discussion..

Comment #9

I agree with you sparkplug, .cc seems to be gaining ground at least among other cctlds,.

With sales like $7,204 just recently on sedo.

And $1,820 also on Sedo,.

I think there is hope for the extension..

Comment #10

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Comment #11

You can pull premium keyword HostGator sales from any extension, it doesn't necessarily mean it is good to invest in, quite the contrary, if these are the only sales you can find where does that leave the average domain?..

Comment #12

Was that a fake reported sale? Because no other sales come anywhere near that price...

Comment #13

I get your point VirtualT and I agree that average domains wont do much with .cc for now. But when you consider selling domains with keywords compared to others very expensive extensions like fm tm is an easy investment..

Comment #14

No. I think .cc are bad investments. But I think, it could improve...

Comment #15

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