Care to share any Godaddy promo codes for renewal in 2011?

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My question is: Care to share any Godaddy promo codes for renewal in 2011?.

My 2nd question is: Dude paid me $150 US or something close to that, almost a year ago and never responded back to my 20 PM's and 10 emails.... time is coming up and the domains are going to expire...

I want to renew the domains and keep them for myself.. what is the right thing to do here?.

I'm not trying to take advantage of the drop, but rahter want to keep the domains for future development....

Your opinion is important.....

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Your question was: Care to share any Godaddy promo codes for renewal in 2011?.

Thank you for the input. I have tried numerous times, and no luck.... ill just renew the domains in the last 24 hours, so the record shows I waited...

Comment #1

Thanks for the nudge, I actually need to try one last time to push a couple domains that folks here bought from me some time ago, I think there are 2 that never completed the transaction from their side, even though they paid me...

Comment #2

I just dont get it, were not talking about pennies here, you pay someone and then what? you decide you dont want it! and dont reply back... that is just silly ... I just dont get it.....

Comment #3

Here is what I would do in the this situation. Since you plan on renewing the names anyway, go ahead and renew them. I would give the person a month to claim the names. If he decides to claim the names then he also needs to cover your renewal fees...

Comment #4

Just sent money back, with paypal fee. I do it..

Comment #5

I agree with this. I'd also send a 'last notice to claim these by' note, and then consider the $150 or whatever ... as pennies from heaven!.

I'd also keep and print out all correspondence you've sent to them 'for future reference!'..

Comment #6

Maybe the guy died after sent you the money? Did he still log in here?..

Comment #7

Renew, one year is crazy. Domains are yours. Even if he contacts I would say he I had to renew, what should we do about renewal fees? He should be responsible for those IMO...

Comment #8

Legally sound you should let them expire. Technically they are not your domains and renewing them would be like the person renewing them. What if the guy has records that he has and decides one day to pop up and want the domains?.

I had the same thing happen to me and I have not touched the HostGator that is still in my account since the guy paid for it. Tried contacting him but with no answer. I dont even let it resolve.

When the time comes I will let it drop. After that it's all on the persons shoulders because technically that is what the person paid for was the HostGator and the time left till it expires.

If I wanted the HostGator I would let it drop and try to catch it. Sounds silly but it keeps your nose clean and avoids any future trouble...

Comment #9

I say, send him a PM and an email once more. If still no response, renew them...

Comment #10

Possession is 9/10th's of the law they say so until something changes hands it's yours. In my opinion letting them drop and them putting them in someone else's hands only compounds the issue. I don't think either of guys have anything to worry about but if dropped and someone else uses then the buyer comes knocking, I say that sounds potentially messier.

Like I mentioned, I believe the buyer is responsible for the renewal fees if he doesn't pay those, then he doesn't own the domains...

Comment #11

Thats why you let them drop. Once they drop it's fair game. The buyer paid for the names and the reg that was left on them. If they fail to claim the names and let them drop thats their fault.

You can claim that the person never claimed the names but what happens if you sell them to someone else and the first person tries to claim the names then. Seems way messier this way...

Comment #12

You should renew them. If he was serious about this transaction he would have responded to your messages. Just make sure you cover all of your bases so if he does come back you can show him that you tried to get the domains to him...

Comment #13

The payment he provided was for the domains until the original expiration date. Once the domains expire unclaimed, he loses the right to them. When you renew the names it is no different than letting them expire, then buying them back from a drop list.

However, in a show of good faith, I would give him one final chance. After that I would consider these domains yours.

There is no way if he hasn't contacted you a in a year, he is going to come back and take legal action over $150...

Comment #14

I don't see how anyone can claim that the amount paid only covers a year's worth of registration. If you renew them & he comes around asking for them, in my opinion they are honestly his as he did pay for them. He would rightfully owe you a refund on renewal costs of course. The amount he paid is not good for only a year.

If this was happening to me & I did not hear from the buyer, I would let them drop. When they become available again, I would then re-register them. In renewing them you are keeping them alive which in my opinion entitles them to take it when they are ready. If you let them drop, you can then claim it was not your responsibility to renew them if you no longer owned them. In that case it would be on the buyer's hands as to why they wasted their money...

Comment #15

When the payment was made, the HostGator was purchased as is, which includes the current expiration date. If he doesn't take possession of the HostGator to maintain the registration, it is not the seller's responsibility to do it for him...

Comment #16

When a HostGator hits that first expiration date it's typically has about 70 days to be renewed at aditional fees of course. Not to mention the only person that can renew the HostGator is the person that had control of it when it expired. So in a sense domains do not "expire" on the expiration date.


Another thing to look out for is that if you renew the domains and the buyer comes back and you refuse to give them back he may seek the money. If it's through paypal and he has records more than likely paypal will side with him...

Comment #17

In my opinion of the seller renews the name, it can be taken as a possible sign of bad faith in keeping something they were paid for. If the names drop, it would become fair game for the original owner & anyone else for that matter. Some might judge it how I see it & others might see your point which has some validity to it. I would rather play it safe & re-register it after it drops...

Comment #18

I've had this happen to me a couple times in the past....simply renew them....if he shows up within the next year,tell him he owes you renewal fees...if he doesn't show up....keep the names...

Comment #19

I honestly dont see the bad faith. If anything, it's good faith, in that, the seller can say that he didnt know what the deal was, and he renewed in case the buyer was still interested.

So like I said, I would say, give him a few more notifications, then keep em. And if he comes back around, have him pay you the renewal fee, and ship the names..

Comment #20

Thanks all for your feedback...

The hard thing for me is, knowing that I pm this member on another forum and never responded..... even though he or she logged in over 40 times, yet failed to respond back... my guess would be, he or she either is trying to cause an issue in the near future with some claim that I never contacted him, or he posted sold and realized he made a mistake... either way... this person logged in over 40 times in the last year alone.... and continued to ignore my PM's.

It is safe to say, that this person is an idiot. Who is playing mind games! Either way, my choice 90% will be to let it drop.... if I decide to renew it, I will give this person 1 year from renwal to recover the domains.

It is very unprofessional for anyone to act like this in any transaction.

Let this be a lesson for all of us.

View Poll Results:.

What should I do?.

Let the Domains Expire! 5.88%.

Renew it ! 88.24%.

None of the above! 5.88%..

Comment #21

So did the person actually give you money or did they just post sold in a thread?..

Comment #22

Payment was made with in 48 hours by paypal...

Comment #23

The first post said that he was paid $150...

Comment #24

I did not provide a price, 150 was someone elses assumption..

Comment #25

"20 PM's and 10 emails.... ".

You've got better things to do than worry about this person..

Forget him, he obviously doesn't want the domains.

Keep them and move on!..

Comment #26

Yup, you can't say you did'nt go out you way to contact the guy, maybe he just found a better name and decided to use that instead ??.

If he chooses to ignore you then it's his own fault, nothing unfair about that IMO.

Keep it ...but keep proof of all your attempts to contact him just in case he turns up later.


Comment #27

? So you got paid $150, or you did not get paid $150 ?

Comment #28

Who cares, either way it's not penies... maybe to he or she it is... point is, if your going to purchase a HostGator and decide that you made a mistake, let the other domainer know about your decission... this just shows how ignorant and selfish this individual is... no answer... leaves you in the dark......

Comment #29

Its his fault. Why do you sound like your loosing sleep over it? If he doesent want the money or the name, let it be. Let it drop, renew, whatever. But it's his fault, so you shouldnt let it get to you like it sounds like you are...

Comment #30

I sold a HostGator for $3500 via a long time ago, payment received but the buyer never responded (this is also why I don't trust I have sent a lot of emails plus voice mail, still no reply yet. The name is expiring now. I will renew it and wait the buyer to contact me someday...

Comment #31

Wow, $3500 and no push... maybe the buyer was - very possible!..

Comment #32

Thats nuck and futz. $3500 and no response??? Crazy stuff...

Comment #33

The buyer owns many top premium .com domains, maybe he just forgot this purchase, pocket money...

Comment #34

So what happens in this case, dude pays.. and then escrow keeps the name?..

Comment #35

One person here suggested refunding the buyer. That's worth consideration..

Comment #36

He asks me to change the whois info to his. I did so. Then we started the escrow process. When escrow notifying me they have secured the payment and ask me to transfer the name to the buyer, he got lost. I emailed that I can't reach the buyer, then escrow checked the whois and released the payment to me after 2 days. Well, the HostGator is still in my godaddy account.

If anyone knows him, please help me to contact him to complete this transaction.

The buyer is the owner of,, hundreds of and a lot of other premium .com domains...

Comment #37

I think the process is fairly simple.

If you are paid a fair amount more than the registration fee, renew and assume you will "hold" the product. You can still develop on it or make any changes you wish.

If this person ever shows up and decides they want their product, give it to them. You must be reimbursed for any work you performed plus additional fees. Two lawyers in a room would even agree on this point.

If he ever tries to claim you owe him money and you have the domains you can always say "take them". Just don't assume they are permanently your property.

Unfortunately domains are a much greyer area than most products, but I have known people to buy 100k+ sports cars only to leave them where they found them and never accept delivery. Since the money is in pocket and the product is still on hand ready for shipping with additional costs, it is very hard to prove in a court that you didn't do your job.

You can still drive the car while you're waiting (you just can't sell it twice). I doubt a HostGator drop and pickup will be legally legitimate for "washing your hands". Stick to the renewal idea...

Comment #38

Is this a premium domain? I would renew it if it is a good one. Otherwise let it drop, it is not worth the trouble..

Comment #39

Weird that you deny something you wrote???.

I talked about a similar situation out with some other domainers, the general consensus was 'offer a last chance' or 'drop them'.

Ethically it's a real fine line once you've been paid, the HostGator is theirs, they need to renew it. Though if you renew it, you are liable to hand over the HostGator anytime in the future against payment of renewal fees...

Comment #40

If he paid you...and you initiated the push and he didn't take a YEAR later, renew them and keep them. He's had more than a few reminders...

Edit: Or just let them expire then re-reg them..

Comment #41

I did not say 150 did I .. it was BOB..

Comment #42

Thats what I was wondering before hand and you said no no..

Comment #43

I have decided to drop the HostGator and place a backorder... if it suceeds.. great if not, then I'm not going to renew a HostGator to benefit the buyer........

Comment #44

The domains are yours. You have made more than a fair attempt to locate the buyer. The buyer feel asleep, his name is RIP!.


Comment #45

Oops! Just I should read all the way to the end!.



Comment #46

This same thing happened to me twice. I've also had a few sales that we're obvious end user sales, yet in most cases, the buyers never did anything with the domain. In some cases, they never even change the name servers.

All I can say is that I wish I had enough money that I could throw down $xxx-x,xxx and then just completely forget about it...

Comment #47

I sold one a while ago... still never changed nameservers! HA..

Comment #48

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