GoDaddy review : Suggest I sign up for GoDaddy?? Canadian TM searches? I think!

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Is there a place or does someone have the ability.

To check on Canadian TM's? At least I think it's a TM check??.

I own and our news station in BC is CHBC(.com).

I was hoping there is a way to check if these letters.

Are "owned" by them..

Not sure if I'm asking it right, but basically I want to.

Approach them about the possible purchase of my

But before I do, I want to be sure their not going to say,.

It's legally theirs anyway!.

Anyone know where I can check this?.


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Registered TM or not, you are probably biting off more than you can chew...

That being said, thread moved to Legal Issues, as it could soon become one.



Comment #1

Not a good idea to approach them. That could be construed as bad faith registration.

There could be a potential problem here. Go Here:

To search in the TM DB. Type in CHBC and it gives three results and first two results related to CHBC television. First result shows they have some control on CHBC, HBC, BC,CH.

Good luck,.


Comment #2

Very helpful, thanks alot.

Doesn't really have to be construed as bad faith as I do have a use for it.

Just haven't developed it yet Thanks for moving it - I don't think it will become.

A legal issue as the TM is not on CHBC.

It's on their slogan and design..

According to the links I just viewed provided by gamehouse..

If I'm reading it correctly Thank you sir..

Comment #3

Don't let a lack of a registered TM fool you into thinking you're in the clear.

Google is still the better search for any common-law trademark:

And the first, and pretty much only, results should be telling enough...


Comment #4

So bottom line - should I contact them and tell them I have it,.

Or develop it into something else completely unrelated?.

Like "Celiac House in BC" or something (I don't want to get myself in trouble) and I don't understand these laws and TM rules...

Comment #5

Can't tell you what to do or what not to do, but I try to provide information that you should take into consideration. For example: not having a registered TM does not mean that an entity does not have an effective TM to protect their intellectual property - in this case their name and identity.

Every action in this arena requires a balancing of the potential benefits and risks, and there is the very real risk that they will at some point want the domain and either offer to buy it from you, or seek other means to obtain it (ie: legal, wipo, c&d, etc.). Only you can weigh your own potential risk/reward profile to decide what makes the best sense...

Comment #6

I second that opinion. Also the site presently is developed based on news feeds from CBC. I believe CBC owns CHBC, I may be wrong.

So basically, when I go to your site, there are bright chances that I feel that CHCB.TV is being run by CBC. Thats not good. Atleast a good disclaimer is needed. The best turn it into a complete different website, IMO.


Comment #7

From what I understand, CBC does own CHBC or something to that effect - under their umbrella anyway..

And I am a CBC affiliate for their news feeds, that's why I have it on there.

At the moment, they approved it.

But I was reading the threads on TM's and that prompted this thread..

I don't want to dig myself in a hole.

Thanks for all the information though, it is definetly something.

I need to read thoroughly! The information has been extremely helpful.

Maybe I'll just let them know I have it and see what they say,.

If their gonna take it, I prefer it be now, before I develop it into.

Something else...

Thanks for your help..

Comment #8

Are you looking for legal opinions or to learn the ways of cybersquatting???.

Depending on which one you want would detemine which help I can or cannot give. But I will give a hint, Allan said a mouthful...

BTW- usage plays an important part of determining bad faith, it could be argued that you are using it in bad faith. So it would not matter what "plans" you had for it if they took a screenshot of your site as it is right now...

Comment #9

Nope, not looking to learn cyber squatting.....

Just wasn't sure what I could or couldn't do.

I have removed what was up there.

Now I have a new project to do..

Comment #10

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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