Can you have ham on Medifast?

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Can you have ham as part of your lean meal? I cannot seem to find on it on the log for lean. How much can you have?..

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Do NOT necessarily heed my advice on this since I honestly dont know the answer from a scientific or diet viewpoint. However, I lost all of my sense of smell and about 2/3 of my taste a few years ago, and thus only taste certain foods. Because of that, one thing I have done since the very beginning of my Medifast journey, has been to add a few cubes (we are talking maybe an ounce or so) of good quality premium TRUE ham to my Medifast scrambled eggs some mornings. For me with my limited taste, it takes that meal from tolerable to something I look forward to mornings. I dont do it every morning, maybe 2-3 times a week. I know this is not On Plan at all.

The second week on I went even further, and once in a great while, usually when I was in a rush and didnt have time to prepare a proper lean and green, I would do a quick and dirty, by dipping into that stash of cubed ham right from the fridge for my lean and open a bag or ice cold sugar snap peas for the green. Ten minutes later I was out the door again. I KNOW that wasnt OP at all, but it is actually one of the few things I deviated from being 100% Medifast plan. Point of all this is that in MY case, I still lost 4-5 lbs a week doing so. Others may react differently depending on your particular makeup and metabolism, and I'm sure there are some OP folks on here that will condemn this big time..

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I know most ham can be very high in sodium, which may be one reason.

@woodshop...I also put ham in my scrambled eggs. I buy that very finely sliced deli ham that is prepackaged and I tear up 1 slice and put it in my eggs. For some reason, it makes me feel like a) I'm cheating the system, but just a little and b) I feel like I'm actually eating "breakfast" if there is ham in my eggs! :-)..

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Yes the sodium content of ham turned me off a little also, which is why I avoid any processed ham deli or other, and get the (pricy but worth it) half inch thick actual slab of ham that has the bone in the middle of it. Less sodium and less fat content than most processed ham. I trim ALL the fat from it and then pop the pieces in the toaster oven 8 min on each side which dries them out a little, broils off a little more of the fat content and cooks them well done as I like it, and then cut into cubes. I usually do 2-3 of those $4-5 slabs at a time, enough for weeks of scrambled egg breakfasts...

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You can go to Registered Dietitians Forum to ask questions of the dietitians (they don't answer posts on Saturdays or Sundays) and if you type your question into the "Search this Forum" box, you will get answers to the same question if it has been asked before..

Here's the skinny about ham copied from that forum:.

Hello there and welcome to the Medifast family! My name is Jessica; I am one of the Registered Dietitians of the Medifast Nutrition Support Team..

Although not found on the list of "lean" options, on occasion, ham (which is a "lean" type of protein) may be incorporate 5 ounces of ham as another "lean" option..

As a reminder, some hams are infused or coated with honey or brown sugar. These will add carbohydrate and should be avoided..

Additionally, ham tends to be much higher in sodium than other leans on the recommended list, so it may be best to incorporate this only occasionally (as higher sodium intake can lead to water retention which may affect "fluid status" within the body. This can sometimes appear as a "weight gain" on the scale (which causes people to often feel disappointed/frustrated) but don't worry, if this seems to happen just know that water retention is only temporary.).

I hope this helps address your questions. Keep up the great work!.


NutritionSupport is offline Reply With Quote..

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THANK you cellis, for confirming that my use of my lean ham cubes for a quick and dirty "lean" part of my L&G wasn't as OP as I had thought. No wonder it didn't seem to damage my ability to lose the weight on the Medifast plan doing that once in a while...

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Try this:

That's what I use. It's actually Turkey, but it tastes like Ham...

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Here are the opinions and recommendations of Nutrition support. This should officially answer any questions you may have...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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