Can you give dogs raw sprats -fish, has my dogs on a raw meat Dukan Diet.?

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Got a quick question: Can you give dogs raw sprats -fish, has my dogs on a raw meat Dukan Diet.? Thanks in advance for any answer. Another quick question... Disclaimer.

, first off, these are not low sugar nor are they higher in protein than the Dukan Diet brownies but they are non-fat and I have recently just discovered I can make these and my son will eat them and not know they are good for him!.

I can NEVER, EVER get him to eat beans, in any shape or form. I don't know why I never thought of it before, but back in my WW days they would tell you this 1 point bean-brownie recipe. I never tried it, but I adapted it a little and decided my 9-year old would be my guinea pig, and guess what, he loved them and he asked for more!.

All you need:.

1 package non-fat brownie mix (I used No-Pudge since it is all natural with no HFCS).

1 (15.5 oz) can of black beans (I used the Low-Sodium).

1/2 cup Egg Beaters.

1 tsp vanilla extract.

Preheat oven to 350. Spray an 8x8 glass baking dish with Pam..

Open the can of beans and drain out the liquid, and fill it back up with water to give them a good rinse, then drain out the water. In a food processor, or blender, put in the beans and blend it for 30 seconds to a minute (you will still see some bean skins). Open the cover and scrape the sides, and pour in the Egg beaters and vanilla. Blend again for another 30-60 seconds (you will not completely pulverize the skins but pretty close and once mixed in the brownies you will not see or taste them)..

Pour the mixture into a large mixing bowl, and pour in the brownie mix. With a spatula or wooden spoon, mix until completely blended..

Pour into prepared baking dish, and bake for 35 minutes (ovens vary, check after 25 minutes)..

Makes 12 brownies..

I gave it to my son with a little scoop of low-fat ice cream as a treat like a little sundae, but I had 1 without anything on it, and I thought they were pretty darn believable..

You could add Soy flour or Any Whey to it to up the protein but I pick higher protein options throughout the day so it doesn't bother me..

The consistency is more thick/cakelike than fudgey..

Stats per brownie:.

144 calories.

0g fat.

33 carbs.

3.3g fiber.

4g protein..

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Yep, but... you might wanna make sure and wait for another person to confirm it as I am on the fence. Better yet, why don't you email the Dukan Diet guys because they can give you an answer better...

Comment #1


You did it again. How could you count this on NS? A dessert? and would I have something else like a slice of FF cheese to increase the protein, or would that be too many calories? 25 cals. a slice I think..

Who would have thought to put beans in brownies? !!! I bet they are soooooo good! Thank you!.


Comment #2

Definately not my idea, but a Weight Watchers one, but you could count it as a dessert, yes. What I do, is pick higher protein items, like Greek yogurt, chicken, tuna, etc, if I was going to have one...

Comment #3

Wow...very interesting.... I"m going to try these out on my family and not tell them a word about it until they eat them!..

Comment #4

I still have not told my son they have beans in them, or else he would never eat them again!! LOL..

Comment #5

I have a 23 year old son JUST like that and he's going to be my guinea pig! of them..

Comment #6

Oooh thank you, this sounds great. I wonder if you can use any type of bean? maybe the black has the mildest flavor? I will definitely pick up the no-pudge mix tomorrow. thanks again!..

Comment #7

I am not sure why it's black bean, I am sure you could use any kind, but I think maybe the black blends in better with the brownie mix? Not sure......

Comment #8

I've made these before. they are excellent and you cannot tell one son saw the can of beans on the counter next to the brownies...thats all he had to brownies..

Comment #9

I've made the full bean brownies and they are awesome. Seriously you cannot even taste bean, it's crazy..

This is a nice variation though!..

Comment #10

5 stars! I'll try this one. I can't get my son to eat healthy. He even refuses the protein pudding with nonfat coolwhip!..

Comment #11

I usually use the cannelini beans because they have a more neutral taste..

Comment #12

HA, I thought of that, I stuck the can in the sink to rinse out for the recycle bin and ripped the label off, LOL...

Comment #13

Really? I will have to try those too. I edited to add the vanilla, but really couldn't taste any bean with the black ones either, don't know if the vanilla helps anyway. Whoever thought of this, is a genius, lol...

Comment #14

You ain't ever lied!.

I have found with the full bean ones, they taste much better cold. When they are warm from the oven, you can taste a faint hint of bean. Cold? Not at all...

Comment #15

I think the black beans probably would blend in better with the color of the brownies..

My family really is a bunch of beaners. We all love beans. But you can never get enough fiber, right? May as well have it in our sweet treats, too!.

I'm going to have to get more No Pudge Fudge...

Comment #16

Loredana, I am not surprised at all. I've been recently to Korea, and there are lots of desserts with black beans or kidney beans; one can get them even in similar place to starbucks. The red bean slushy. Sounded gross at first, but tastes actually very good. And, hey, a lot healthier than most desserts...

Comment #17

It's easy to up the protein in these just by adding some AnyWhey protein powder! And maybe an extra "squirt" of sf chocolate syrup...

Comment #18

Indeed - red bean ice cream is huge. anytime you go into a japanese restaurant, that and green tea ice cream are the only ones you'll see on the menu..

Comment #19

I have had Japanese many times, but never saw red bean ice cream, lol. Green tea, yes, YUM. Ginger... that's it. I will try it though if I ever do.....

Comment #20

Next time you go for sushi, ask if they offer it! it's definitely a different flavor - mild and sweet...

Comment #21

Doesn't really matter. Whether you use brownie mix like in this recipe or cocoa powder like in the full bean recipe, the beans have no problem blending no matter which kind you use...

Comment #22

I have never heard of red bean ice-cream at the Japanese restaurants I've gone to, either. But I did see a TV show once that said Hawaiians tend to use beans in their desserts. They're usually at the bottom of their snow cones..

Maybe the recipe calls for black beans since I've heard they're the healthiest of all the beans? I think I read that in Prevention magazine. My preference, though, is for pinto...

Comment #23

I had not seen it in the US either, so I was surprised at the thought of red beans in dessert. But it is naturally sweet, a mild taste, creamy texture, and it is low glycemic, and almost no sugar necessary. An exotic taste!.

Here is a pict..

Hey, but I do not want to hijack your thread. The brownies sound worth a try!..

Comment #24

Would this recipe work with a metal baking pan? I only have a larger glass baking dish. Actually, I also have a corningware that might work... What do you think? Thanks for any/all input!..

Comment #25

I think that would be fine.... just check on it after 20 minutes or so, I think metal cooks faster...

Comment #26

WOW, Loredana!!! This sound TOO good!!! Thanks for sharing!..

Comment #27

Jenn...would you be able to post the full bean recipe that you mention...please...thank you.

Loredana, Thank you for this recipe.....I'm going to make these as a "special treat" for my non-vegetable/fiber eating grandson. Pretty sad, but if this is the only way to get some fiber into him I'll do it. Suz..

Comment #28


It sounds so good and I want to try it, but I have never see the no pudge brownie mix, where did you get yours? - any place that I could get it on line? Waldenfarms? Like you and someone else posted, no one in my house can know there are beans in there or they will avoid it like the plague..

Out of sight out of mind..



Comment #29

I think they are pretty well established in stores, I've seen them at grocery stores, Walmart, Target....try for a locator...

Comment #30

Thanks my daughter loves brownies and so do I. I have to make them. I've been learning alot on Dukan Diet even thought I never liked to cook before...

Comment #31

Any idea how to work the beans into a regular brownie recipe? I've not seen brownie mix at the store, but then again never actually looked for it...

Comment #32

You can use it with any brownie mix, or replace all the wet ingredients in homemade brownies...

Comment #33

I love the No Pudge brownies, I will try this.



Comment #34


If you do a search there are web sites that show all kinds of recipes that you can sneak heathy foods intoso the kids won't know. I seen it on rachal ray show too....

Comment #35

Are no pudge brownies Sugar Free ? or just fat free...

Comment #36

Here is the site. Look around and there is information on them. I think I saw them at Walmart..


Comment #37

Fat free, that is why I put the disclaimer that these are not low GI...

Comment #38

I made these today and they taste real good but they turned out a bit dry. Any suggestions for making them more moist for next time?..

Comment #39

I don't know, if you made it the same way? Mine came out very moist like a thick cake... it actually stuck to the roof of our mouths, lol...

Comment #40

My local stores didn't have No Pudge so I used another FF brand. When you make it with the No Pudge brand do you prepare the mix like it says on the box before adding in the other ingredients?..

Comment #41

No... you do not add the yogurt or anything else that is on the box..

The only thing you are adding is the drained can of beans, the egg beaters, and vanilla.... that substitutes for any wet ingredients the box calls for..

It shouldn't make any difference on what brand you use...

Comment #42

Well I'll just have to try again then. But not any time soon. Having a whole pan full of brownies in the house is too tempting for me. LOL..

Comment #43

I know me too... but the thought of the beans gives me portion control, LOL!..

Comment #44

Hi Loredana,.

I want to try your recipe on my unsuspecting family tonite, but I don't have any eggbeaters. Do you know how many regular eggs (or egg whites) would equal your portion of eggbeaters?.

Thanks so much,.


Comment #45

Hi, Debbie! 1/2 cup egg beaters = 2 eggs...

Comment #46

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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